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    AOR/Pomp/Westcoast/Rock and Blues.

    Guitar playing, singing, rockin'. Asian girls and fapping.

    Band: Stormburst
    Label: AOR Heaven

    Influences: Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Lynott, Michael Schenker, Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmore, John Norum, Toy Caldwell and Duane Allman.

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    UFO, Thin Lizzy, Survivor, MSG
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  1. It's like listening to Eurovision song contest with a low in the mix distorted guitar. I like it! ; )
  2. Work Of Art Artwork 2008 (CD) Revolution Saints Rise 2020 (CD) Revolution Saints Light in the dark 2017 (CD) Work Of Art In progress 2011 (CD) Only Child Only Child 1988 (Rem) (CD)
  3. Diamond In The Rough / Diamond In The Rough (AHV 00213) Brother Firetribe / Feel The Burn AOR / Next Stop L.A.
  4. Perfect Plan - Time For A MiracleSimon Says - Spin ThisScorpions - Paris '79 with Michael Schenker (bootleg)
  5. Fantastic band name, best one I've heard in a long time!
  6. Nirvana - Smells Like Grunge Garbage. Just joking, it's: Planet 3 featuring Jay Graydon - Music From The Planet.
  7. Perfect Plan - Time For A Miracle Simon Says - Spin This Briana Banks - Looking For Love
  8. Sounds good and nice band name/album title by the way. ; )
  9. Cheesetimes - S/T! Sorry, I mean Raintimes - S/T. Hope there will be another album.
  10. The Lonely Island Band - Jizz In My Pants
  11. Can't find the OBI so I had to buy another one with original OBI. ; ) John O' Banion - Danger (1st Press Japan CD, AMCY-6141 with OBI)
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