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Favourite non-HH album of 2022


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Anyone out there with tastes that expand outside typical HH fare, whether into the pop, urban or extreme fields etc.

What is your favourite album that doesn't appear in Heavy Harmonies in 2022?

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If synthwave and “alternate rock” / post-hardcore stuff are non-HH I think my current entire top 10 falls into this category. 

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Stand Atlantic - F.E.A.R. (female led pop-punk with several bangers)

Molly Tuttle – Crooked Tree (she's classed as bluegrass. "noted for her flatpicking, clawhammer, and crosspicking guitar prowess". I saw a comment once that stuck with me : "Molly Tuttle's fingers move so quickly, she could pick your pocket without breaking stride."

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Best of the lot, but the list is long-

Eric Dalton     -    Playing Favorites
Paul Bartolome     -    Reflections, Pt. 2
All The Damn Vampires     -    Synth City
Friday Night Firefight     -    Somewhere Nowhere
The Midnight     -    Heroes
Ultraboss     -    Yachtmaster
Nerv     -    We're All Patients Here
Josh Dally     -    Speak Your Mind
Project Vela     -    Elsewhere
We Came As Romans     -    Darkbloom
Rain City Drive     -    Rain City Drive
Coldrain     -    Nonnegative
Short Stack     -    Maybe There's No Heaven
Fame on Fire     -    Welcome to the Chaos
Memphis May Fire     -    Remade In Misery

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All The Damn Vampires - Synth City

The Midnight - Heroes

Josh Daly - Speak You Mind

Lazerpunk - Synthicate

Timecop1983 - Multiverse (short but still classed as an album over at Bandcamp :) )

Max Cruise - City Lights

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Collective Soul - Vibrating

Kid Rock - Bad Reputation 

Dirkschneider & the Old Gang - Arising


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Here they are… they’re all telling us how many feet tall UDO is 😜


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47 minutes ago, auslander said:

Is this them?


Pretty sure that's just six photos of Udo stitched together. 

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Coldrain - NonNegative

Fame on Fire - Welcome to the Chaos

Electric Callboy - Tekkno

Deaf Havana - The Present is a foreign Land

Destroy Rebuild until God Shows - Destroy Rebuild

Secrets - The Collapse

Stone Broken - Revelation

Wolves at the Gate - Eulogies

H.E.R.O - Alternate Realities

Breathe Atlantis - Overdrive

Bad Omens - The Death of Peace of mind

Setyoursails -Nightfall

Sleeping with Sirens - The Collapse

Thousand Thoughts - Better than Never

The Lone Wolf - Grand Theft Audio

Fozzy - Boombox

Battle Beast - Circle of Doom




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Loads of great releases this year including


Poets Of The Fall - Ghostlight

The Birthday Massacre - Fascination

The Midnight - Heroes

xPropaganda - The Heart Is Strange

Muse - Will Of The People

Young Gun Silver Fox - Ticket To Shangri-La


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Still giving my 2022 list time to marinate (I'll report back at the end of the year) but there have not been many standouts in Eric3 land. 

This one, however...

Lumenette - All Around My Head

Is fucking awesome. Beautiful shoegaze.


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In no particular order...

Max Cruise - City Lights

The Motion Epic - Deep In The Heart Of America

The Strike - The Lost Years

Beckett - Caller On The Line

Thrillchaser - It Was Always Gonna To Be Like This

NeverMann - True Mann

Heart Of Gold - Beautiful Dangerous

All The Damn Vampires - Synth City

The Midnight - Heroes

Friday Night Firefight - Somewhere Nowhere

Crozet - Suburbia

Josh Dally - Speak Your Mind

85 Rewind - Magic Hour

Loveless - End Of An Era

Rain City Drive - ST

Outline In Color - Coast Is Clear

Stand Atlantic - f.e.a.r

Phangs - I Love Everything You Hate About Yourself

YATTE - One Good Symphony

Kidburn - Love In The Times Of Death (Deluxe Version)

Ultraboss - Yacht Master

La Pore - ST

Foxes - The Kick

HOLOFLASH - Fusionwave

Betty Who - BIG!

Ben Macklin - By The Way

Medsound - Times Gone By

Floya- Weaver 

Primo The Alien - Heart On The Run (Deluxe Edition) 

Future Palace - Run 

The 1975 - Being Funny In a Foreign Language

Carly Rae Jepson - The Loneliest Time 

The Summer Set - Blossom



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