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  1. New single and what a tune...
  2. New song from the forthcoming Escape EP...
  3. The ADSR is a synthwave band based out of South L.A who's sound specializes in flashy bright synths and warm pads reminicent of 80's classic pop. Consisting of Luke Blankshain (songwriter and producer from Huntington Beach CA) and singer songwriter Jesse Rodriguez (singer,songwriter from L.A.)
  4. Really like this guy,fantastic stuff...
  5. It's good aint it , it's used on the Hot Heels - Never Let Me Go thread below and when i seen it i thought " i need that picture"
  6. Best synthwave album so far this year, superb stuff...
  7. Mr.AOR

    At 1980

    Album out now...fantastic stuff.
  8. Yep, nice westcoast album.
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