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  1. Mr.AOR


    Mask wearing in our airport was not being enforced lots of people not wearing them BUT you won't be allowed on the plane without one but the minute we took off they started serving food and drink so I had no mask on the majority of the flight. As for arriving home you go straight back to work and you won't know if you have it until your day 2 result comes back, so you could be spreading it if you are positive. That said I had it back in February and I was completely asymptomatic not a fucking thing did I have, this has to be the least deadly pandemic in history As for masks I fucking hate them, never wore one at home and never will, unfortunately I had too to get on the plane but it's a price I'm prepared to pay to travel.
  2. Mr.AOR


    I am currently in Crete on holiday and this is the situation flying from the UK If you are double jabbed you don't need to do a PCR test before departure and you don't need to quarantine on your return. You need to have proof of your vacination status,in the UK we have covid certificates but no one checked them when we landed in Crete, also you must complete a passenger locator form for entry to the country you are traveling to and one for your return home. 48 hrs prior to your departure home you must do an antigen test at a cost of 24 euros and do a home test on day 2 when you get back at a cost of £43. Masks are mandatory in the airport and on the flight apart from when you are eating and drinking. So just keep ordering drinks and you don't have to wear your mask 🍺🍺🍺😁 Apart from that it's really no different here than it was pre covid BTW I flew out of Belfast and we only have a population of 1.8 million in N.Ireland and are covid rates are the third highest in the world.
  3. I am, I'm in Crete, was listening to the Babe Blu album this morning by the pool.
  4. Ok, so bags packed and heading to the airport in an hour to go to Crete to lie on a beach for a week
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