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  1. Mr.AOR

    The Night Hour - Be Alright

    New band and debut single as far as i know.
  2. Delicious... https://thenighthour.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.instagram.com/thenighthourofficial/
  3. Mr.AOR

    Viana - Forever Free

    Pretty average...
  4. Mr.AOR

    Lebrock - Real Thing [EP] 2018

    That will be the best album of 2019 taken care of then.
  5. Mr.AOR

    Tommy Von Voight

    First single " Could Have Been A Star" from his forthcoming album Invincible...
  6. Shame,was hoping for a new track...
  7. New music video coming 12-20-18
  8. Mr.AOR

    Song of the Day

  9. Love this and totally missed it when it was released last year,this track is from their st album which you can pick up digitally for 5 euros,bargin... https://massface.bandcamp.com/
  10. Mr.AOR

    Lightfall - Rose Gold

    New single from this lot and a cracker it is,if you like this check out their Uncharted EP they released last year.
  11. He's back and what an awesome track, this guy along with LeBrock are leading the way in this genre...

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