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  1. Slaves are back with their new single "Heavier" and their new singer Matt McAndrew following the departure of Johnny Craig. The new album is in preproduction and going by this first single I can't wait to hear it.
  2. Southern Sons have got back together for a few shows down under in Nov and Dec, check below for dates. https://www.jackjonesmusic.com.au/southernsons/
  3. Richard Marx is set to release a new album "Limitless" on Feb 7th 2020 and this is the first single from it "Another One Down" co written with his son Lucas.
  4. New Brisbane based pop/rock duo WNVR WTVR (Whatever Whenever) consisting of former Adventure Land front man Sam Baxter and Josh Burton. Two tracks released so far and both are fantastic,lets hope a full album follows shortly.
  5. Looking forward to this but that Blue Virgin Isles song is
  6. That's 2 for 2 for me,look forward to the album.
  7. Dirty Loops are Back!!!....with new single Next To You, 8.21 mins of sheer class.
  8. I really like this,his new pop direction doesn't bother me.
  9. Don't know what i would have played at my funeral if any, but two songs i love and i think would be appropriate would be...
  10. Listened to this today in work on Spotify and have to say this is shite, just sounds like one long boring song.
  11. Nice, really like that, better than the first track.
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