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  1. "The Red and the Black" is phenomenal.
  2. R.I.P. Love those first two albums. I always wondered why their third album and even Good Acoustics was released on a major label, when all other hair bands were dumped from the big labels by that time. Did he ever do anything outside of Firehouse?
  3. Glad I got to see them with Erik in front. All the best to him, definitely looking forward to his future outings when he is fully recovered. Would be cool to see him form his own band, where he could take control, and play around in different genres, from full on metal, to soothing AOR, the guy is so versatile.
  4. Not on par with the best songs off the last record, but a solid tune anyway, anticipating the album like crazy, is there a release date yet?
  5. New single "Victorious" will be released March 26th, Yay
  6. Great album, sounding more and more like Dynazty, but I'm not one to complain about that at all.
  7. New single "The Animal" dropped today, not bad at all:
  8. Good news, I really like Confess :-)
  9. This one is not hard to guess, but still funny, again with the balls From: Geoff Date: December 28, 2004 at 4:04 'Resurrection time' is killer!!! A riff with balls so large they'd not fit through the door. Absolutely killer and some of Johns best work ever! Oh, just before I go... the rest of the album is a stinking pile of shit, IMO. This is where it all started to go downhill for the very talented Mr Norum... but 'Resurrection time' is still a killer track! Amazing solo too...
  10. Cool. I thought the new intro to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" were made for the "Vault" album, but it says official music video in the clip above? I remember buying the "Vault" record and thought the intro to the song were soooo much cooler than the one on Hysteria. It's one of the best songs in the world btw.
  11. First single from their upcoming first full length album entitled Bred in Captivity: I also heard a snippet of the next single "The Animal" (release date February 23rd) which sounded very promising.
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