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  1. I dig this a lot, only "Battlefield of Love" and "Killer Queen" didn't do much for me, but the rest are top notch imo. "Through the Fire" is a bomb, sounds like a mixture of two amazing songs "Son of a Loaded Gun" and "Dry County" I'm sure this will hold up nicely to the outstanding debut. I'm Happy!
  2. Yup, They are from Denmark, I don't have any of their albums, cause they all suck.
  3. Sons of Angels Greenhouze Rude Bitch's Brue Radio Active Cats
  4. Electrik Katmandu Crash N' Burn Wet Paint Dirty Blonde Finster Baby Slyboyz Steadl├╝r American Pearl
  5. Wow, that's quite a task, why do you want to do that? Bad City, Sateria and Zoser Mez comes to mind. 21 Guns released more than one album.
  6. I did, directly from the band, they even included a signed postcard :-)
  7. Okay, I haven't read through all 13 pages of this thread, so forgive me if I might point out something, that has already been mentioned. I love this record, imo it's on par with Address the Nation. My favorite songs are Dangerous Ground (sounds like it was written for Kenny), Come Clean, Victory, Rise, Nothing To Say and One By One which are all near perfect to these ears. The rest are well above average as well, with We Are Gods probably being my least favorite (it sounds like a leftover from the Into the Great Unknown record). Rock Your Body reminds me of Firehouse. Definitely a strong contester for album of the year.
  8. Sad news, how old was he? I remember doing lots of trades with him back in the early 00's. R.I.P.
  9. This might be good fun for only 8 euros: https://sleazeroxx.com/eclipse-to-stream-concert-dubbed-live-from-the-quarantine-on-april-1st/
  10. I had no idea, what a waste of talent.
  11. Josh Caddy you mean :-) But why is he in jail, what did he do?
  12. Bad City, what a shame they only ever released one album.
  13. Green Day - American Eulogy: Mass Hysteria/Modern World
  14. Yup, they are pretty good at what they do, check above for more songs by them, "Dangerous" is a favourite of mine.
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