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  1. Kristian

    Hard Rock Covers of Pop Songs

    This (again )
  2. Kristian

    Black Oak County - S/T

    New song, and hopefully a new album in the near future.
  3. Kristian

    Junkyard Drive - Sin & Tonic

    New album out from these Danish lads, here's the first few singles:
  4. Kristian


    I rarely go to concerts these days, BUT, I just bought two tickets for me wife and I to H.E.A.T in Hamburg, on Dec 16th. Support acts are Shiraz Lane and One Desire, so it should be a tremendous night ?
  5. Kristian

    Songs with countries in the title

    Well not a country, but nevertheless:
  6. Kristian

    Norwegian favorites

    Yup, definitely Tindrum Also Wig Wam TNT Sons of angels Aina And more recently The Magnificent.
  7. Kristian

    Shinedown - Devil

    Love this new album, way better than the last one.
  8. Kristian

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    My Diligent Future - "The Third Face", great e.p. :-)
  9. Kristian

    Songs with countries in the title

    Michael Monroe - Dead Hearts on Denmark Street Skagarack - Somewhere in France
  10. Kristian

    Shinedown - Devil

    When I first heard Imagine Dragons' "Believer" on the radio, I actually thought it was Shinedown. Now when I heard "Devil", I instantly thought of "Believer" Anyway, good song!
  11. One of the coolest album covers I've ever seen:
  12. Kristian

    Art Nation - Infected

    Excellent, love it as much as the first two albums :-)
  13. Kristian

    My Diligent Future

    Thanks for the info on these guys, really dig the E.P., great stuff. "Until we crawl" is the weakest track, the other 4 are simply superb.

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