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  1. "Nasty Bit 'O Business", from a cool little album :-)
  2. Update from Ronnie yesterday: As promised a week ago here’s a little update on my current health situation. I’m not gonna go into details, but just state that unfortunately I’m still battling cancer!! After some pain issues and following a scan just before Easter this year I was told that the cancer had spread and I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which in principle means incurable! Now there were two paths I could go by! I could sit down in a corner and feel pity for myself (which I guess I did for a while) or I could try to carry on living and do what I d
  3. "With a little Help From my Friends", the Joe Cocker version, it doesn't much better than that for me, never listened to much music from the sixties though.
  4. Marilyn Manson - "Personal Jesus", "Tainted Love", "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  5. Gun - "Word Up" Pretty Maids - "Please Don't Leave Me"
  6. One could argue that White Lion had bigger hits than "Radar Love", for instance "Wait", "Little Fighter" and "When the Children Cry" I never knew "Once Bitten Twice Shy" was a cover, I love that song. Limp Bizkit - "Behind Blue Eyes" Presidents of the united states of america - "Video Killed the Radio Star" Alien Ant Farm - "Smooth Criminal"
  7. Oh the horror, but: Aqua - Barbie Girl Would be more interesting, to hear about songs that everyone in your country knows, but only few foreigners know about.
  8. Really? I love that song, I had it as number 4 on my top 10, in the top Bon Jovi Songs thread.
  9. I want to make a playlist entirely with songs about girls. So please bring me your suggestions, only songs about multible girls are allowed, here's some exambles: Eyes - Calling All Girls Skin n' Bones - All the Girls in the World D-A-D - Girl Nation Shameless - Steal the Girlz
  10. H.E.A.T - Dangerous Ground Van Halen - Hot for teacher
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