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  1. One of the best ballads of all time.
  2. Line-up: John Dallas - Vocals and Rythm Guitars Tom Angeles - Lead Guitar Black Sam Francisco - Bass Andy Philadelphia - Drums and Keyboards There fixed it.
  3. Very surprised about the results of this poll.
  4. Is this stuff still going on in the US? I am surprised.
  5. Is there any benefit to giving out likes to someone or is it just like virtual reacharound?
  6. I find Utopia Records in Sydney stock some of their releases and is a cheaper way to get them in Australia.
  7. This is what I thought I read until I re-read your comment. I thought you'd lost your mind.
  8. Here's what she should have said: I was a kid. Leave me alone, you psychos.
  9. Do you get the feeling this will be one of those one-and-done projects ala Frontiers frequent all-star bands, or is this a real band?
  10. auslander


    I left Facebook 3 years ago, Twitter two years ago. I feel free. Never going back into those cesspits.
  11. Maybe, but knocking someone's teeth out with a snowboard might have been an overreaction... still, I did chuckle when the victim said he now is fearful whenever he sees or hears anything to do with Star Wars. And not just the recent atrocious Disney Star Wars, ALL Star Wars!
  12. Social media ruins so many lives. I am glad I had my teen years without it, though I am fearful for my kids. These creeps who trawl through years of posts just to find dirt on someone - what is wrong with them? They are the true evil. In a different generation they would have been Stasi or secret police.
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