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  1. What So Not - Not All the Beautiful Things Black Midi - Hellfire Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy (Remaster) Aerosmith - Nine Lives Evermore - Oil & Water EP Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring EP Pet Shop Boys - Disco 3 Various - Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
  2. I have that album. I like it. It's hard to find any info about it or the band though.
  3. What no stories about jizz or something related to this name? C'mon Coastline!
  4. I guess it is cryptic in that I don't get anything anymore? Good thread before NY Oilers and Doggie killed it!!!!
  5. I read somewhere once they got paid millions by the record company NOT to release the third album. Must have had a great contract. But seems like bad business from the company end whichever way you look at it.
  6. Bands change. I like their new proggy stuff. Do I like it as much as their 80s albums? No, of course not. But there are very few bands that I like their new stuff as much as their classic material. I can't think of any. Iron Maiden still rule!
  7. Pleased to meet you Swampie. Also, what's WSOU?
  8. Dye your hair and beard red?
  9. Seems a bit shady to play a gig like a week after CJ died...
  10. $16 shipping to Australia 😞. Pity cause I would have liked that disc.
  11. Let It Rock You Give Love A Bad Name Livin' On A Prayer Social Disease Wanted Dead Or Alive Raise Your Hands Without Love I'd Die For You Never Say Goodbye Wild In The Streets Wanted Dead Or Alive (Edit) Single Version Shot Through The Heart (Wanted DOA b-side) Borderline (You Give Love A Bad Name b-side) Hardest Part Is The Night (Live) Let it Rock b-side Burning For Love (Live) Let it Rock b-side Shot Through The Heart (Live) Never Say Goodbye b-side Edge Of A Broken Heart (from Disorderlies soundtrack)
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