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  1. Scorpions - Winds of Change Steelheart - Sheila Mötley Crüe - Without You
  2. "From Death to Destiny" is still a tremendous album!
  3. I have tickets for H.E.A.T in Hamburg, first date was i May 2020, then December 2020, then November 2021, and now it's May 2022, still looking forward to it though. I've also got tickets for Baest in Denmark on September 9th, should be fun, since all Covid restrictions are abolished here.
  4. These guys always get plenty of airplay on the radio here, so eventually the singles tend to grow on me. When I'm at work and the radio are playing contemporary pop hits, it's nice when a song like "Wait a Minute My Girl" suddenly blasts out between Katy Perry and Rihanna.
  5. New single from H.E.R.O dropped a couple of months ago:
  6. Since the response to this thread has been overwhelming, I thought I'd post the prober video for "Wait a Minute My Girl":
  7. YES! Denmark Through to the quarter finals
  8. Bad City Saints & Sinners Greenhouze Crash N' Burn Katmandu War Babies Steadlür Hot Leg Skin N' Bones Dirty White Boy Radio Active Cats The Lazys (is there a follow-up in the works?)
  9. Came across this one the other day, apparently they never released an album, but they sure sound good though.
  10. Oh yes, I follow the tournament. my picks for the final are Italy vs. Belgium.
  11. Couple of new singles dropped from Volbeat, this week.
  12. Good ol' Paulo Fernandes introduced me to these guys back in the golden ICQ days. Love this song!
  13. Often come back to this one:
  14. With how many restrictions? Here concerts opens on May 6th, you must wear a mask when not sitting down, and bars closes at 10pm. You must also have a negative covid test not older than 72 hours, or completed a full vaccination, or if you've had covid, that will also get you in.
  15. This pretty boy, is kind of a love or hate thing here, but there's no denying his talent:
  16. I wish there were karaoke bars like this where I live:
  17. Did a search for these guys here on the forum, since I always wondered what had become of them, and found this old thread. I had never heard of Rick Hughes' former band The Sword, until I saw them mentioned in this thread, then found this on youtube: That's really good!
  18. Still listen to "One Good Reason", "Hard Times" and "Badlands" regularly, great songs.
  19. I have no idea what movies many of these songs come from. I wish they would do a cover of Clout - "Substitute", I always thought that some heavy guitars would suit that song quite nicely, I'm not sure it was ever featured in a movie though, but who cares anyway, seems like a silly way to confine such a fine project.
  20. Apollo - "Birds Playing Guitar" A Kid Hereafter - Circuits of Your Mind" Nekromantix - "Always & Never"
  21. All the songs can be heard here https://www.dr.dk/musik/kendte-navne-nye-stjerner-og-et-vildt-comeback-hoer-alle-sangene-i-dansk-melodi-grand-prix
  22. A couple of 'one hitters' that I still enjoy every now and then:
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