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  1. Sad news. I have a few LNJ discs and man he could get some big name guests!
  2. "You take Van Halen, The Beatles and Cheap Trick, put them all in a blender, and you've got Enuff Z'Nuff." Chip Z'Nuff (1990)
  3. Solo outing from the legendary Bjorn Stigsson of Leviticus in 1987. This track has Sonny Larsson on vocals.
  4. We like 'em. It's just that they fuck their sheep, that's all.
  5. I'd love it if Chris Isaak fronted Motley Crue.
  6. Cool AOR from Mylon & Broken Heart in 1990. This is the rockin' title track.
  7. auslander


    If you are an Aussie still looking for an easy to get vaccine, heaps of pharmacies are now giving the best vaccine (Moderna) as a walk in. My teenage kids both got it last week.
  8. Reddit has the greatest collection of leftist assholes on the Web. Even more than Twitter.
  9. "If I wanna plaster lipstick on my face and use a whole can of hairspray, that's what I'm gonna do!" Davy Vain (Vain) 1989
  10. Apparently it's gone to #1 again... there must be some people left in the world who don't have a copy already...
  11. Even though Empire is my personal favourite I have to admit that Operation: Mindcrime is the better album. It's probably in the top ten of all concept albums of ANY genre. Those two albums will always be in my favourites and I can't do without them.
  12. Whiteheart get a little metallic on the opening track to their AOR masterpiece album Freedom from 1989.
  13. This is the amount of times Crazy Lixx have disappointed me with an album: A big, fat ZERO.
  14. That's a well written review and I agree he should've reached out to Rob Rock. Still... I didn't buy it when it came out cause I'm not an instrumental guitar-shred fan. But, now that it is free...
  15. One of the greatest ballads ever written. Also my favourite album. I think it had the following singles: Jet City Woman, Empire, Silent Lucidity, Best I Can and Another Rainy Night Without You. Silent Lucidity was the big hit. If I remember right they played it live at the Grammy's the next year. Still an amazing album and incredible song.
  16. Killed By Cain had an interesting Hard Acoustic style, if that's a thing. But it works on this track. Released back in 1993, this has a real Bride sound to it. An undiscovered gem.
  17. I like it, it's that punkier side that GNR show sometimes. Probably a Duff McKagan influence and tbh his bass is the real highlight of the song.
  18. "If you don't get a hard-on listening to us, you'd better go see a doctor." Roxy Petrucci (Vixen) 1991
  19. Michael Sweet went solo in the early 90s and on this 1992 track he has Tony Palacios of Guardian helping out on guitar.
  20. Def Leppard - Yeah Icon - Icon (HR/HM Japan) Pseudo Echo - Race
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