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  1. I was in a band back when I was 16/17 and this was one of the songs we played in our first gig. Thank you for all the memories. You'll be missed.
  2. Yes this one's not bad. Have added to my playlist.
  3. Yep, totally pumped for this one. Gonna give it a listen tonight. Been super busy the last couple of months, have to catch up on a lot which I ll do so not before long.
  4. Saw this video this morning for the first time. Now completely in love with the tune.
  5. Include me as well. At one point, they were my favorite death metal band. Still listen to some of their hits to this day.
  6. True but there are some exceptions. One good example is Mercury's Down by Toby Hitchcock. Love that album more than any of the seven Pride Of Lions albums.
  7. Haha, yeah would love to check out the reaction videos on YouTube. Yes, your point about bands with excellent debut albums going on to deliver a follow up album with a massive shift in style but just as good or even better than the previous album is a valid point. Speaking of the two bands, Cauterize did exactly that. Man, as I write this, just realising there will never be another Cauterize as far as their genre is concerned. They were soooo good!! As for The Broken View, I agree in some months time, will know wether they are really a class apart from the pack or gonna be an anti climax lol. But yes, production wise, vocals wise - better than Cauterize.
  8. Totally agree with you on the evolution thing. Warrant's Dog Eat Dog is one fine example. That album took me by surprise. Was already a huge fan of Jani Lane and Warrant after DRSFR and Cherry Pie, so when I heard DED the first time, I couldn't tell whether I should be excited or disappointed. It just sounded so different. But with time, it gradually became my favorite Warrant album and one of my all time fave albums. Anyways, good to know an album is on the horizon. Will definitely look forward to it. The running story idea is very interesting and quite uncommon at the same time. Lol, I have watched all their videos but had no clue that they were all just one story. Even concept album idea is very interesting. Operation Mindcrime was the introduction for me. Still love that album to this day. Just out of curiosity. What if Cauterize had dropped their debut album only around the beginning of this year lol.. Still, The Broken View takes the trophy? 😂
  9. I was listening to a band on Spotify and was just randomly going through the band's playlist and there was the song Famous Last words. Had never heard of them before. Loved it from first listen. So did a little research work and found out that their debut album came out in 2021. Haven't checked that out yet.
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