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  1. Excited. Very happy to know the Vega twins are involved.
  2. Essentially an electropop artist but this one borders on synthwave.
  3. Love this band. This is my fave..
  4. Ya it's better than 'Real'. 'Frequency of love' is another killer.
  5. Very very nice album. This and Wolfclub the best i have heard this year.
  6. The first single 'Magic trick' is probably one of the best songs in the last few years imo. Simply phenomenal. The other singles that followed never matched the first. Will give this album a listen tonight. But one thing's certain, Magic trick will end up in my 2021 top 3 best songs regardless of how the album fares in the long run.
  7. Yup.. It is awesome. The first half in particular is brilliant.
  8. I'll do my top 30 1. Vega - How we live 2. Palace - Way up here 3. Platforms - Go all night 4. Palace - Eleonora 5. The Strike - Miles ahead 6. Seaway - Mrs. David 7. Wildness - Cold Words 8. The Midnight -Last train 9. Framing Hanley - Counterfeit 10. Platforms - Sweetness 11. Broadside - Heavenly 12. Harem Scarem - In the unknown 13. Broad
  9. Another Limewire user here.
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