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  1. Completely Shattered. My idol, the reason I picked up the guitar when I was a kid. Will miss you Eddie. R.I.P.
  2. Me 4 times already. Loving it!! Simple tune but so nicely done. One of the best so far.
  3. Sorry but got two as joint winners
  4. It's become quite a common issue of songs being dropped by Spotify from our playlists without informing us. Has it happened to you also? Last week I had created a playlist comprising of 100+ songs and two days later I found out more than 25 songs had disappeared from the list. I read in their community site that it could be that licencing agreements with the artist/label, or ownership of rights must have changed or some other issues. Ok but what I don't understand is if they have removed a song from my playlist due to one of the reasons mentioned, then why is it that the song still exist
  5. Yep, pales in comparison to their other albums. Their debut, What The Hell and Stereo Messiah are the best imo.
  6. If you liked this then you should check out the rest of their discography. You won't be disappointed. Awesome band.
  7. Fave song off the album. What a song!!
  8. That's very nice. This album might possibly turn out to be the real giant killer haha. Personally, I thought most of the albums from the heavyweights didn't quite live up to expectations this year so am really looking forward to this one.
  9. This is what I could find on the internet.. 2020-Present: Dog YearsEdit On May 18, 2020, The Night Game announced a record project called "Dog Years" that would be released in eleven singles. The first, "Magic Trick," was released May 29, 2020, and its music video debuted on YouTube on June 23, 2020. The second single, "One Phone Call," reached the airwaves on July 10, 2020.
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