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  1. Matt Webb ( ex- Marianas Trench) Joan : Matt Nathanson : My Little Dog China : Cherry Pools : Rihanna : David Archuleta : Richie Kotzen : Binocular : Kane Brown : nevermind the country type vocals. The choruses are simply awesome.
  2. Very tough but ll give it a try. 1. Dry County 2. Lie to me 3. Livin' on a prayer 4. Born to be my baby 5. Shot through your heart 6. I Want You 7. Without Love 8. Dirty little secret 9. Hearts breaking even 10. Mystery train 11. Never say goodbye 12. Always 13. One step closer 14. She don't know me 15. I ll be there for you
  3. I ll do 25. 1. The Defiants - Hollywood In Headlights 2. The Night Hour - Be Alright 3. The LRW Project - Day By Day 4. To The Rats And Wolves - True 5. The Defiants - It Goes Fast 6. FM 84 - Bend And Break 7. Muna - Who 8. Awaken I Am - The Stages Of Grief 9. Nightly - Twenty Something 10. The LRW Project - Hard To Love 11. The LRW Project - Hell & Back 12. The Defiants - Falling For You 13. Degreed - Summer Of Love 14. The New Roses - The Bullet 15. First Signal - Here With You 16. Muna - Pink Light 17. Toby Hitchcock - Queen Untouchable 18. Work Of Art - What You Want From Me 19. First Signal - Tonight We Are The Only 20. The Defiants - You X'D My Heart 21. The New Roses - Down By The River 22. Crazy Lixx - Never Die 23. Muna - Taken 24. Joan - Drive All Night 25. Nitrate - Shot In The Dark
  4. 1. Photograph 2. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) 3. Guilty 4. Gods Of War 5. Women 6. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad 7. Torn To Shreds 8. Stage Fright 9. When Love & Hate Collide 10. Ring Of Fire
  5. 1. The Defiants - Zokusho 2. The LRW Project - To love, Repeat & Wonder? For most part of the year, I thought this one gonna be my number 1 album of 2019. Not even a single filler on this one. The Defiants album finally edged over this one by a percent, courtesy to monster songs like Hollywood in Headlights and Falling For You. 3. Muna - Saves The World 4. Degreed - Lost Generation 5. Nitrate - Open Wide 6. To The Rats And Wolves - Cheap Love 7. Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild 8. Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning 9. Work Of Art - Exhibits 10. Find Me - Angels In Blue
  6. My top 8 are - 1. Hollywood in Headlights 2. That's when I ll stop loving you 3. Falling for you 4. It goes fast 5. Take me back 6. U X'd my heart 7. Save me tonight 8. Underneath the stars
  7. Very true. Especially this time of the year with Christmas and New year just around the corner, we need to be extra careful because here in my state, night carnivals n concerts are everyday events and thousands throng to these places, eat, get drunk and hit the roads. So if you re unlucky you might end up with a bad experience. Anyway speaking of which, one dent and one scratch in my car in two months lol. It's really annoying.
  8. Here in my part of the world, it's not animals that we have to deal with, it's people on two wheelers! They ride their bikes like morons. No one bothers about the traffic rules. They come from left, right, front, up. I generally lose my cool almost everytime i am driving.
  9. Thank you Marie for all the wonderful songs.
  10. Aahhh that's very sad! One of the finest pop rock groups. So many memorable tunes. Rip 
  11. Their following album Empire is another classic imo. So many memorable songs like the Grammy nominated Silent Lucidity, Jet City Woman, Another Rainy Night etc. But if I have to compare between the two, Operation Mindcrime, I believe, is better than Empire. Have always admired Chris DeGarmo. This guy is a genius and the person responsible for most of the band's success during their prime years.
  12. What an album!! I think this and Warrant's Dog Eat Dog were two of my favourite discs in the 90s. Though this album was released in the late 80's I only heard it few years after its release. Blew me away the first time I heard it. Classic.
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