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  1. Hey I know this band. I remember checking out some of their songs on YouTube last summer but I guess I somehow completely missed this one out. Very cool tune. Really nice.
  2. [from left] Jukka Backlund, Spencer Sotelo and Mike Dawes. Dawes says you could call it “alternative synth-laden pop-rock,” but, he admits, that “doesn’t really have a ring to it. So we call it ‘Popwave.’ It’s sort of sun-tinged retro pop music from the Eighties. Synthwave in part, but pop in essence.” I discovered this band early last year but wasn't too keen on making a thread for them but I guess they do deserve a place here since we do have quite a few fans of synthwave or synthwave kind of music so here it is. Plus, love the guitar solos. When(2018 EP) :
  3. Ya I agree..so many good songs here. Might possibly be the best modern rock album of 2020 imo.
  4. How I wish I don't see this name Alessandro Del Veechio, in any Melodic rock releases this year.
  5. Love Super Deluxe. What a cool song! One of the best modern rock songs of 2020.
  6. Really really love that!
  7. Ponen


    Get well soon mate!
  8. Yeah her vocals are not great but it never really bothered me. Will look forward to this one. Crossfire was magnificent.
  9. Pretty late to the party but hey, better late than never
  10. Well thanks,I wasn't paying any attention and was least bothered about the genres. Just googled. "Rockism is the belief that rock music is dependent on values such as authenticity and artfulness, and that such values elevate the genre over other forms of popular music.[2] A rockist may also be someone who regards rock music as the normative state of popular music[3] or who promotes the artifices stereotyped with the genre.[4][2] Poptimism (or popism[1]) is the belief that pop music is as worthy of professional critique and interest as rock music.[5] Detractors of poptimism describe
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