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  1. Ponen

    Super Monaco EP

    Hey Stevo, there's already a thread on Super Monaco under AOR and HARD ROCK. Here it is..
  2. Ponen

    Track list of the year

    Yup..my kind of tune, specially the chorus is delicious.
  3. Ponen

    Track list of the year

    Couple of changes... 1. Imperium - Beyond the stars 2. Lebrock - Only the brave 3. The Midnight - Lost Boy 4. Vega - Gravity 5. Super Monaco - Second Sight 6. Blessthefall - Sleepless in Phoenix 7. Ted Poley - Time 8. Midnite City - Give Me Love 9. No Sleep For Lucy - Don't Let Go 10. As It Is - The Fire, The Dark (Thanks Geoff)
  4. Ponen

    Super Monaco EP

    Any news on this one, guys?
  5. Ponen

    Care Of Night - Love Equals War

    That's a very bad artwork.
  6. Ponen

    Ollie Wride - Overcome

    That's 100 times better than the first single. Really really nice!
  7. Ponen

    7th Heaven - Color In Motion

    I don't mind poppy tunes if they are catchy. Can't wait to hear this...
  8. Ponen

    The Midnight

    Just finished listening the whole album. Yup..it's a nice album. Was expecting atleast a couple of tracks to be as good as or better than Lost Boy(one of my faves this year) but sadly the rest all fell a tad short. America 2, Explorers and Lost Boy are my picks.
  9. Ponen

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    It's a good album. The Devil to my angel, Running for the light, Gypsy at heart and the highlight of the album 'Time' are all gems. And the rest aren't bad either. So for me, not the album of the year but definitely a very good album.
  10. Ponen

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    Picking up right where he let off. I thought his last album was very nice although all the songs were pretty much one dimensional. This new song is nice. Love the guitars. Not one of his best songs but really appreciate the fact that his type of synthwave is very much guitar oriented. Hope the rest of the album is excellent.
  11. Ponen

    White Widdow - Victory

    Yup..I thought the same after listening to the samples.

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