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  1. It's a good album. As mentioned by everyone, a good run of 4 songs and one two good ones in the second half. But its not just TMF, none of the heavyweights has blown me away with their new releases. I know we should be happy in this day and age that we are getting to enjoy our kind of songs that we grew up listening to, but how I wish these great bands would once again recreate the magic of their earlier albums. Speaking of which, I think HEAT was about as closest as possible but was ultimately letdown by a few fillers. If I have to rate all the albums from the heavyweights this year then it would be somewhat like this - Harem Scarem>HEAT>TMF>Vega>One Desire. Haven't heard Revolution Saints yet.
  2. Ok now that I have listened to it several times, this is my favourite song and it's a beauty. The last track on the album 'Last Train'. You get the vibe of Los Angeles and Sunset in one song. One of the best songs I have heard so far in 2020.
  3. After a couple of listens, I think it's a very nice album. But you don't expect The Midnight to deliver below par albums. Though none of the songs are on par with their earlier masterpieces like Lost Boy or Sunset or Synthetic, but as an album it's better than their last two releases, with more songs and more songs with vocals on this one. Love it.
  4. 1. All My Bridges Are Burning - Warrant 2. Guilty - Def Leppard 3. Top Secret - Ratt 4. This Time - Sleeze Beez 5. Don't Break My Heart Again(Paul Laine) - Danger Danger 6. In A Darkened Room - Skid Row 7. Fighter - Kane Roberts 8. Everytime You Cry - Strangeways 9. Lucky This Time - Mr. Big 10. Stranger Than Love - Harem Scarem
  5. Asbolute grower. Saw Glen mentioned about this band on another thread a week back, so decided to give the entire album a listen. Man now am in love with this song! When I heard it the first time last year i found it to be quite catchy, but nothing great. One of those songs that you totally ignore at first and falls in love the second time round. One of my faves of 2020.
  6. Oh ya Platforms...will check it out soon.
  7. Ponen

    At 1980

    Imo, the best synthwave album so far this year.
  8. 'Automatic Call' is the highlight.
  9. 'Electricity' and 'Running Away' are gems.
  10. Yep sounds like HEAT. Nice.
  11. You didn't seem to like them earlier . So don't know whether you ll dig them or not, but here's few of their songs that I enjoy. And the song which propelled them to stardom, Mr. Brightside.
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