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  1. Created this livery in Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 as a tribute.
  2. But Michael has to have a new album of some sort released every two weeks ... it gives him more to insult people over when they say they don't like it.
  3. From FaceBook: Michael Sweet I’m in the studio now tracking vocals for the @sun_bomb album. Once I’m done with that in a few weeks, I’ll be working on a project that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. I’ll be heading into the studio to add some guitar solos and some vocals to the original, solo version of “Reborn”. We’ll also be remixing and remastering as well. It originally was a solo album that became a Stryper album. I’ve always wanted to release it in its original form and now is a great time to get
  4. Hard pass on both of those. The vocals on both versions do not suit this song.
  5. JOHN DIVA & The Rockets Of Love release their new single and video today. The song "Bling Bling Marilyn" is taken from the upcoming studio album "American Amadeus" which will be released on January 15th, 2021! The album will come as a CD digipak, 2LP gatefold edition (with 3 bonus tracks), download and stream and you can pre-order it here: https://JohnDiva.lnk.to/AmericanAmadeus Don't forget: John Diva and his boys live tomorrow at the Freilichtbühne in Elspe Germany: https://www.elspe.de/events/indian-summer-john-diva-and-the-rockets-of-love-2020
  6. Someone tried arguing on social media that Kevin was not an original member and they should have laid the band to rest when Randy died, by my logic. Had to point out that Kevin was at least on the first two albums, and those two albums were only available in Japan and the band split after Randy left to join Ozzy, and Kevin then asked him for his blessing in reactivating the band and Randy gave the OK, plus Randy was not in the band when he died anyway. I think some people cannot grasp the concept that for most people, the founding members of the band are the ones on the first album
  7. At this point in time (and hell even before Frankie passed) it really is time to lay the band name to rest and instead use some kind of tribute name like Metal Health or something. Just because Frankie sadly passed away does not change my opinion on continuing this band once Kevin passed away.
  8. Its apparently on Amazons streaming service if you are a member. https://music.amazon.com.au/albums/B01M3SMMGD
  9. They have settled their dispute, which is why Donnie appears on one track on this. I think he is just more invested in his solo materical these days, but has kinda said never say never to working on more EZN in the future.
  10. I think the thing with that second album is Mike realised it was a mistake and removed it from sale, deleted all videos and any digital versions as well. From talking to him a few years back, he had another band which that style of music was more in keeping with and probably realised he should have released it under that band name instead of Toxic Heart. I remember him sending me some videos of the other band, and it was more like Zak Wyldes Pride & Glory album than Toxic Heart.
  11. This is the same sound as their first album, but their second album they turned into like a heavy southern sound. Heavy metal country and western almost. From the debut album
  12. It has been 8 years since her last solo album, and after the dreadful RSO album with Richie Sambora, it is great to hear she has gone back to the blues orientated rock that actually features guitar that she performed on Heaven in this hell.
  13. Glad they went back to their original sound. Still not got the second album as it might as well have been a completely different band.
  14. From Facebook On behalf of Brighton Rock, Stevie Skreebs: In the beginning we started this band to fulfill a Dream We shared together, along the way we grew into a Family, A True Band of Brothers. On Tuesday August 25 2020 our singer Gerry McGhee was sadly taken from us. In Gerry's final days He wanted to express His Thanks and Gratitude to everyone whoever worked with Brighton Rock, and to all of Our Fans who helped us Fullfill Our dreams. On behalf of Greg, John, Mark and Myself, Brighton Rock will never again take the stage together, Gerry Yo
  15. And now Chris has an Iron Maiden tribute band too The Wheelblocks are: Chris Jericho - Vocals (Fozzy) Nita Strauss - Guitar (Alice Cooper) Phil Demmel - Guitar (Vio-Lence, ex Machinehead) Johnny Christ - Bass (Avenged Sevenfold) Josh V - Drums (Three 6 Mafia)
  16. Not as good as either of the other versions, but there is also this. Only thing it has going for it is it almost has the classic bass break, which for some crazy reason the other two seem to totally ignore or bury under a wall of guitar. The bass line is one of the most defining feature of this song for many people, yet it gets ruined in nearly all covers. As for Shark Island vs Taking Dawn ... I prefer the Taking Dawn version.
  17. Only recently discovered these guys due to Dangersous being a recommended video on YouTube. Have to say I absolutely loved that song so checked out a couple of other videos and bought the album. The album is a classic throw back with a nod to both 70s and 80s glam. Checked out some of their early stuff, and you can certainly see a progression in sound and image from their early days as a pretty weak emo band, to the much slicker sounding glam they have now. To each their own and all that, but outside the album, there is one or two great songs, but a few of the early songs
  18. Well I finally gave in and bought this. I dunno if its because I bought Ruff Justice by Crazy Lixx at the same time, and played that first or if its just that bad, but fuck me this album is the drizzling shits. I know I said above some of the music was ok, but thats as much praise as I can muster. It is not a Roxy Blue album in any shape or form, and Todds vocals are total dogshit.
  19. seeing as its coming up as private now, try again
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