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  1. Gotthardline

    Saliva - 10 Lives

    Sounds pretty good Will check the album out
  2. Gotthardline

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    C'mon take on me is my favourite from them followed closely by Dreaming in a casket Those albums were so good , what's happened to these guys
  3. Gotthardline

    Best Songs of 2018

    I don't mind 3 or 4 other songs on it but it is a shame what that band has become , they used to be very reliable for a solid album That Summer wars song is very nice btw , was there an album worth checking out ?
  4. Gotthardline

    Best Songs of 2018

    My top 10 songs Secrets - Fourteen Ice Nine Kills - Merry Axe mas Ice Nine Kills - American Nightmare Shiraz Lane - The Crown You me at six - Straight to my head Striker - On the Run 7 days in Alaska - Love me hate me Our Mirage - Fading Don Vedda - Fuck You Kissin Dynamite - Waging war
  5. Gotthardline

    Best Songs of 2018

    I completely forgot to add that Secrets album to my top 10 but it definitely should be there , a very fine album and fourteen is probably my favourite song this year , great stuff
  6. Gotthardline

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    1 - Ice Nine Kills - American nightmare 2 - Like a storm - Catacombs 3- Striker - Play to win 4 - Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days 5 - Normandie - White Flag 6- Hands like Houses - Anon 7 - Treat - Tunguska 8 - 7 Days in Alaska -Dancing with Ghosts 9- No Sleep for Lucy 10- Our Mirage - Lifeline
  7. Gotthardline

    Like A Storm - The Devil Inside

    This is an album I keep coming back to , really nice , think I prefer it over their last one
  8. Gotthardline

    Adelitas Way

    Each release from these guys gets weaker sadly I like both the songs you posted and still hungry isnt bad but the rest is very average
  9. Gotthardline

    Striker - Play to Win

    I am loving this album , first time I have listened to them , will check out previous albums I think
  10. Gotthardline

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    I think it's a pretty cool song , but I agree that the sound is a bit crap
  11. Gotthardline

    Normandie - Inguz

    This is very good Softer/poppier than their last one but very nice all the same
  12. Gotthardline

    Confess - Haunters

    Pretty awesome stuff indeed ! I love their last album ,still play it regularly and this sounds like a continuation of that in sound at least
  13. Gotthardline

    Confess - Haunters

    New song !!!
  14. Gotthardline

    Fight the Fury (new metal side-project from Skillet vocalist)

    Sounds like Skillet unsurprisingly , not that I am complaining , nice song

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