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  1. Sounds good , will listen to the album !
  2. The Holding absence album is one of my favourites this year too , great stuff , I tried listening to their debut album and couldn't really get into that one as much Anchors & Hearts sounds good , will check out the full album Have you heard the new We Were Sharks album ? Pretty nice sounding album
  3. Good shout on the demotional album Been enjoying that one a lot
  4. Only 4 songs out currently but really like the sound of this
  5. The vocals let this band down Decent enough songs
  6. This sounds decent enough but nowhere near quid pro quo for me
  7. Sounds better than the last album but damn this band has gone downhill in recent years Pretty decent song though I guess
  8. Really jealous of you on that one mate Yes incredible band and maintain that Freddie is the best frontman there has ever been
  9. yeah so am I mate ! The singles have all been pretty strong
  10. First concert - David Bowie - Reality tour 2002 London Wembley arena Last concert - Skillet - London O2 Shepherds Bush empire - 2019 Best concert - Alice Cooper with support from the Darkness was great , Normandie at Dingwalls in camden was great too Worst concert - Motley Crue farewell tour 2016 Wembley arena with Alice cooper supporting - Cooper was great but Vince Neil sounded terrible Loudest - Skillet was pretty loud in a good way , Motley was just a loud mess Seen the most - Alice Cooper , Skillet , Deaf Havana , Asking Alexandria & Black veil brides are all tied or pretty close in terms of number of times I've seen them Most surprising - The Darkness , not a huge fan of their music , like a handful of songs but that's pretty much it , they put on one hell of a show though Next concert - Normandie in Camden again - originally supposed to have been this month but think it's been pushed back to October now Wish I could have seen - Queen with Freddie Mercury , died before I was born sadly so never got the chance , Gotthard with Steve Lee , I only discovered Gotthard after his death unfortunately , I've seen them with Nic and it was a good show but wish I could have seen them with Steve
  11. The broken view have a few good songs , really like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCgBBICkPu The American dream machine album is pretty damn good AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE - Still Breathing - YouTube AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE - New Apocalypse - YouTube Really loving the album from these guys too North of Never - Runner Up [HD] - YouTube
  12. Never say die , Kilimanjaro , Hypnotized and Kaleidoscope Ark are all really nice songs but I'm not loving much else on this to be honest Bit of a disappointment
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