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  1. Pretty much what you would expect from Amaranthe I do really like this band
  2. This is a pretty cool album Enjoying it quite a lot so far
  3. Took me long enough but I finally gave this a proper listen recently and wish I had done much sooner Really great album (prepare the Masses)
  4. Production is miles better on this than it has been on their last few before it The songs themselves all sound decent enough after one listen although maybe a bit weaker than Only Human
  5. Yeah I am enjoying this a lot I do think the debut is slightly better but this isn't far off it for me Doesn't seem to be getting much love but I really like Battlefield of Love Through the fire , Shadowman and after you're gone would be my other picks
  6. Didn't think much of this one Aftershock is a great song though
  7. It sounds pretty good to me Not too far off the debut , maybe a little bit patchier Battlefield of love was my favourite on first listen
  8. Love the song video is pretty fun too !
  9. Yeah great song indeed
  10. Pretty repetitive but I do like it
  11. Nvrb and freefall are my favourites off a really nice EP Just wish there was more out there from these guys as I really like their sound
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