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  1. Yeah 3 for 3 so far Hope the rest of the album lives up to the singles
  2. Not great but not too bad I guess
  3. Power ride was their best album by far , always like what they put out but they haven’t got close to that one since in my opinion
  4. Think I heard they are working on more music , probably just a handful of singles though , seems to be the route a lot of bands are going these days Their singer has left since this song was released though and I love his voice pretty sure they released another song recently with their new vocalist but it didn’t really grab me
  5. Too many for a top 10 so I’ll do 20 Written by wolves - Be careful what you wish for / better luck next time Throw the Fight - Awakening H.e.a.t - Rise/ one by one Awaken I am - stages of grief / indifference Otherwise - Picking at Bones Crazy Lixx - Wicked To the Rats and Wolves - Down/cheap love Enmy - You / shadow of the night H.e.r.o - fall apart together / human Coldrain - side effects Skillet - finish line / reach Crashdiet - The Maze Siamese - your not alone
  6. My vicious way reminds me a lot of this
  7. Pretty much what you’d expect from Shakra I like it
  8. cant wait ! Love those two songs
  9. They released a full length album earlier this year
  10. Just heard a few songs off this and I am liking it very much Will be checking out the album
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