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  1. I do like this band but all their songs sound very similar Does begin to blur into one long song at times This album pretty much follows that same trend It's a good sound though
  2. Coldrain - NonNegative Fame on Fire - Welcome to the Chaos Electric Callboy - Tekkno Deaf Havana - The Present is a foreign Land Destroy Rebuild until God Shows - Destroy Rebuild Secrets - The Collapse Stone Broken - Revelation Wolves at the Gate - Eulogies H.E.R.O - Alternate Realities Breathe Atlantis - Overdrive Bad Omens - The Death of Peace of mind Setyoursails -Nightfall Sleeping with Sirens - The Collapse Thousand Thoughts - Better than Never The Lone Wolf - Grand Theft Audio Fozzy - Boombox Battle Beast - Circle of Doom
  3. Very nice album Enjoying it a lot more than any Bad wolves album , always found them to be patchy
  4. I love the first three albums from this band. But I was very disappointed in the last album, thought it was very weak. I think this new one is better but it's nowhere near the first few albums
  5. Pretty good album , very catchy throughout
  6. Very nice stuff Enjoyed most of what I heard here
  7. New album is out today Might end up being my favourite one of theirs
  8. I'm enjoying this album quite a bit Much better than their debut
  9. I prefer Kenny’s voice personally… The two singles sound good to me
  10. Really good album, feels more consistent than the last one. enjoying it a lot.
  11. It's not at the level of Dreamin in a casket or Cmon take on me But I think it's a still a very decent album , miles better than the two before it. I'm enjoying it .
  12. There’s no contest for me The H.EA.T song is far better than the Skid Row one
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