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  1. So after listening to this a bit more I can agree that there are some good songs here but as already pointed out the production is pretty poor It pretty much ruins it , Bang bang being the most obvious example for me Good song but the production on that one is horrendous
  2. God this nearly sent me to sleep I have been a big fan of every album these guys have put out but this new one is weak The songs aren't even bad per say , just so dull Changing of seasons is good and into the war isn't bad but damn this is sad
  3. Is it just me that likes this then ? It probably is weaker than their last few efforts and the songs all do sound fairly similar which has been an issue for a while with this band but the songs themselves all sound decent enough to me Shelter me is a great ballad
  4. Agree completely with pretty much all of this I heard into the wild and thought maybe this was gonna be good after all but no As you say it's not terrible but it's just not great , definitely their weakest album imo
  5. This all sounds very average to me and a farcry from the Generation wild album
  6. New religion for me They have come close but never topped that one in my opinion
  7. BVB really weren't that bad but then I am quite a big fan so maybe biased I'd suggest probably starting with some songs from the album Crystals re Eskimo callboy Cheap love will probably be top 10 for me I'd say , definitely their best album yet , the title track will probably be a top 5 song for me too That secrets album is fantastic , really hoping for a follow up to that sometime soon , good band and that disc if I remember had a couple of fillers but about 6 or 7 absolute killer songs on it
  8. I do indeed , really nice stuff , I have been a fan since I saw them supporting Asking Alexandria and Black veil brides a couple of years back Have you ever checked out another band called Eskimo callboy ? Similar style I would say Just to add , PCB and Crazy now from the life right now disc are a couple of the best songs I have heard in awhile
  9. You weren't lying , the choruses on this are great Really like this
  10. Based off that first song this is something I need to check out
  11. The power of the internet ha ! Only a 7 song EP this one but all good stuff
  12. Not sure I get the Bach vibe personally but definitely a great singer and a really cool band The new album actually came out today and its sounding good on first listen , these guys never put bad albums out
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