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  1. Another band with a great debut and a "meh" second album.
  2. I always liked Winger but never loved them. The first two albums had some great songs on them but also some songs that I just thought were ok. Then this came out and I was blown away with how good it was. While albums like Kharma came close, this is easily still my fave album by the band (especially Down incognito and Junkyard dog). Only thing that would have made this better is if they could have included Battlestations as a bonus track or something, much like Kiss with God gave rock n roll to you being put on Revenge.
  3. From what I remember reading in interviews etc, Rankin was the one pushing for the more pop sound on the awful phone number album and the brothers were hugely against it, which is pretty much what lead to them splitting up. Then when they reformed, Rankin was just no longer interested in performing anymore and was working as a promoter with Mercury records for new bands based in London.
  4. From what I have seen with Collateral is pretty much a start up company, so my guess is the only way to really get their stuff is probably through their own website. Distribution is probably half arsed right now.
  5. That was down to problems with AOR Heaven... they apparently fell out with them which is why the new label.
  6. Guessing this harder edge is why the keyboard player got rid of his "Look what the cat dragged in" hair style.
  7. Sadly for me that song sounds pretty generic, with the exact same vocals as 90% of todays rock music.
  8. I would say if there were in a band that was a household name at the time of their peak, then they qualify. I mean, while Eddie and Dave were the household names, I would not say Michael Anthony not being a household name makes him any less of a supergroup contender. Same as Alec, Tico or David in Bon Jovi. A lot of people do not take time to learn band member names, but that does not make any member of the band any less famous. Not every band can be a John, Paul, George and Ringo level of everyone knowing their names.
  9. Guitarist, Alex Laiho, has passed away from a long term illness.
  10. I would put Bad Luck from the Japanese release of S/T on this list too.
  11. She was in (may still be) the band Kane'd, which featured her and her two sisters on vocals. Their music is a mix of old school and modern rock, and certainly not a band that would be unwelcome on here. Also, if you check out her youtube channel, it is full of cover versions, most of which are 80s rock songs. (Skid Row, Steelheart, Cheap Trick, Cinderella, Motley Crue etc)
  12. Nah they can do CD's etc but apparently they asked fans (I never saw them ask) and they said nobody buys CDs anymore, and then received a tonne of people saying why no CDs .. they said they might consider a limited run for a higher premium price down the line, but not gonna hold my breath. What they cannot do though is sell or stream on traditional platforms (not sure how they get away with it on YouTube then) due to Steve Perry (although they never mention him by name) suing them as he does not believe Jess was able to perform his vocals and believes they sampled him.
  13. Just posting music videos in the music videos forum
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