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  1. Well all except the solo to the song Cherry Pie which was played by a certain Mr DeVille.
  2. Joe Elliot's Down n Outz - The further live adventures of The Ragged Saints - The sound of breaking free Various - The broken law (A tribute to Judas Priest) Stephen Pearcy - Smash One Desire - S/T
  3. part of me thinks its hypocritical of Tracii considering what he did after he left, but I really do not blame him. Riley was not even on the original album other than his picture, and somehow managed to weasel co-ownership of the name.
  4. One of the funniest stories about this one is when Crue and Jovi were both managed by Doc McGhee, Doc came up to Crue and said Jon had heard the song and said something along the lines of Crue had written the greatest ballad of all time. All Crue could say was "did he listen to the lyrics?"
  5. Live CD/DVD due Feb 14th. Absolutely zero effort put into the album cover. Looks like someone threw it together in photoshop.
  6. Have been predominantly a Firefox user for god knows how many years now. Every now and again though I move away from it due to it having issues with things stopping working or just freezing my system. I did actually move to MS Edge for a while when it first launched and quite liked it, but due to MS essentially discontinuing support for it, I have been using the new Dev version of Edge which incorporates Chrome into it. For some reason never really got on with Chrome. Tried it a few years ago, lived with it for a few months but never really thought it to be anything special as it lacked a lot of features I was used to in Firefox, but this new version of Edge works as a good back up at least. I do find though that using crap cleaner from time to time does help Firefox a lot.
  7. Sounds good, but certainly not 80s LA glam rock sound. First song is pure Scandi AOR/Hard rock. The others are slightly heavier. More in keeping with something like 80s Malmsteen than glam.
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