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  1. Just watching Police academy 4 and this song came on, and I forgot how much I loved it. Back in the day when this movie came out I bought the soundtrack vinyl and as someone who was only just dipping his toe into rock at the time, and listened to a lot of pop I loved this album. Listening to this song now, it gives me a cool lightweight AOR vibe, which is weird considering when I just looked this band up they are actually a country rock band, yet no signs of country on this one. Autograph and Loverboy come to mind for similarity.
  2. Captain Howdy

    Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy

    Got my advance digital copy of the Donnie album and it is defo not an EZN album by any means, with that above song being the only one that really captures that classic sound. Much like most of his releases, this is a more laid back affair for the most part but does have some great songs on it. As expected, a much better album than the EZN one, but would certainly not appeal to everyone. Unsurprisingly the Beatles and Cheap Trick influences are on show here as well. If you are familiar with the rest of his solo career, then that is pretty much what is on offer here as well.
  3. Captain Howdy

    Breaking music news

    In theory it is D2. It is the Revolve line up with the vocalists swapped. Makes you kinda think that the only reason that was the last D2 album and no follow up is due to Poley. I remember Ravel saying there would be no more D2 as the recording process of Revolve was such hard work, and seeing as all three other members are recording together here, it kinda starts to look like the issue is with the vocalist.
  4. Captain Howdy

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    I really like that song. Not one of his best, but still a good song. Hopefully there are stronger tracks on the album though as I would like to hear his guitar work a bit stronger.
  5. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    Actually I listen to most of my music in playlists, and still have no issue. As I say, a great song is a great son. That is what matters, not this does not sound more polished than this.
  6. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    I have said this before and will say it again. As long as it does not sound like a bag of shite or poor demo's, I could not give a tarts furry cup about production as long as the songs are great. I have never ever listened to the first album by these guys and said "boy, they could do with a better production", I just thought "Fuck me this is a great album".
  7. Captain Howdy

    Alien - Imagine (John Lennon cover)

  8. Captain Howdy

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    I certainly do not expect another Saints and sinners as those days have long passed, but I would love if this sounded even remotely like Reckless from the Phoenix Down album. That was an absolute killer track. That said, if we did get another Saints, I do not think anyone would complain.
  9. Captain Howdy

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Except every album isn't weaker than the one before. Address the nation is a million times better than the first two albums, and Into the great unknown is better than Breaking down the walls.
  10. Captain Howdy

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Was it Kenny's ability to release a decent solo album?
  11. Captain Howdy

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    How does this change how someone feels about a band? It's not like they killed someone.
  12. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    Have to say, every time the song "Hard to get over you" starts, I go to sing "Ah, I just died in your arms tonight".
  13. Captain Howdy

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    I think it is fine for an artist to not like an album as long as they accept that some people do. I think the big problem here is the reaction they got from the die hard crybabies the minute the first single hit. Overall I thought it was an incredibly strong album and while maybe not as strong as ATN, it ranks above BDTW for me (and that is a really good album as well). For a band that I have very little interest in pre-Erik, if this is an album Erik does not like, that at least gives me hope that we will never actually hear a bad album from them.
  14. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    To each their own, but I disagree. Hooks were more obvious on the debut, to the point that the second time I played the album I remembered nearly every song and was even singing along to a chorus here and there. The second album is taking longer to get that kind of recognition.
  15. Just spotted on Amazon that this was released last month. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FDMZ23T/ref=pd_luc_rh_crh_rh_sim_02_01_t_img_lh?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Details on it are sparse but it seems to be the first four albums with a remaster and a few bonus tracks here and there, plus a CD of random live tracks. Looking at the bonus tracks, only the first three albums have any and they mostly seem to be single edits and maybe live tracks, so just look like single b-sides etc. Not sure what version Galaxy blues is on Night songs as the version I have heard on YouTube is a live instrumental, and Heartbreak station has War stories and Move over on it (which were both on the first best of CD from memory, so not exactly rarities). Might at least be worth picking up for the remaster as £20 is not exactly a huge chunk of change. Cannot really see any other reason to buy it though. Not sure if any of these CDs got individual releases or not though.

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