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  1. Horrible artwork but surprisingly good song! I think I'm looking forward to this one!
  2. I agree, there's something missing.
  3. Keeping this only AOR/melodic rock oriented, otherwise it'd be far too difficult. The Defiants - S/T Issa - Crossfire Vega - Stereo Messiah Treat - Coup de Grace Find Me - Wings of Love Hess - Living In Yesterday Work of Art - In Progress First Signal - S/T Eclipse - Bleed & Scream Toby Hitchcock - Mercury's Down
  4. Agreed. The arrangement is great but the production is missing something. Weak snare drum maybe?
  5. OK, this one is pretty damn good. Definitely their best since Address the Nation, and maybe even better than that.
  6. This is pretty much a perfect song anyway, but the verses here are excellent. Hook after hook after hook. I also like this one.
  7. Yeah it sounds great but I'm missing the keyboards. I hope this song isn't representative of the rest of the album, tbh.
  8. Eric3


    Right. It's hard to get legitimate data when you're so far behind in actually measuring it. Anyway, to add my two cents to the thread, this virus sucks shit. As someone who has battle anxiety issues for most of his life, the way everything is just on hold right now is really throwing me for a loop. Things will almost certainly get worse before they get better and that's not sitting well with me. I'm just trying to be thankful for my own health...
  9. Everyone is really stoked about this one I see...lol
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