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  1. Apparently the first two H.E.A.T albums have been remixed and are on YouTube. I personally don't think there was anything wrong with the originals and some of these new versions seem overproduced to me, but I'll let you all judge for yourselves.
  2. It's average for them IMO. Good to hear that singer again though. She was on a lot of their songs a few years ago when they were at their best.
  3. I'm really excited for this one. Yes is one of my favorite bands but I just can't get into anything they do without him singing. That first song sounds awesome! His voice has held up remarkably well over the years and the band is great. Musically it reminds me a lot of something from The Ladder or the better parts of Union.
  4. Yeah this is definitely her best since Crossfire. It's not touching that album but it comfortably clears the last three IMO. Great overall songwriting effort by the Martin brothers, when you listen all the way through it actually sounds like a cohesive album. This song in particular is awesome. They really nailed the '80s vibe and as a ballad it does well to make the album flow. Not a lot of songs like this in her discography and I'm guessing I'll be coming back to it often. I also really like this song. Nice smooth AOR without too many vocal theatrics, a very nice listen.
  5. These riffs sound like something from a bad nu-metal album released in the early 2000s. Slow, chuggy, terrible guitar tone and pointless pinch harmonies. The vocals are obviously unintelligible but instrumentally it isn't any good either. Who's going to buy this shit?
  6. Pretty good, upbeat song, if he's trying to channel the 80s with this I'd say he succeeded. There's something "sterile" about the production that I can't quite put my finger on but other than that I like it.
  7. I love how Frontiers sets all of their videos to premiere now. Lots of people counting down the minutes for this one, I'm sure.
  8. My two cents... This site's database was probably the single biggest factor in me getting into the AOR/melodic rock subgenre, and I was like a kid in a candy shop for a while because I knew *almost* every artist on here would appeal to me and fit what I was looking for. Finding new music you enjoy is one of life's greatest pleasures and for a while this site was my go-to. I'll always be grateful to Dan and the rest of the contributors for that. That being said, I worry that it will lose a lot of that appeal if it just starts adding a bunch of artists that play rock music but do not fit in the AOR/melodic rock subgenre. There are a few bands on here that are already pushing it and if every artist with two guitars and a big snare drum gets admitted, what's separating this database from any other? We are all fans of a type of music that is quite "niche" these days but that's what makes the site special. tl;dr I vote no on all of them. I vote no on Creed twice.
  9. Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass on this one...well-played and well-sung as always but not very exciting to me.
  10. Sorry, but those vocals are not good at all...
  11. The video is standard Frontiers crap. Why are there two keyboard players?! I like the song though! I think Crossfire was lightning caught in a bottle but I certainly have higher hopes for this one than when she was being produced by ADV.
  12. No official release yet so don't know when exactly the album is supposed to come out but I'm assuming it's this year. I'm sure you're all brimming with excitement.
  13. The bracket I filled out this year might be my worst ever. I had Kentucky and St. Mary's in the Elite Eight and Auburn in the Final Four... I'm really looking forward to Gonzaga vs. Purdue. You know Purdue is looking to make amends after last year's debacle.
  14. First pass, not particularly impressed. There's something cheesy about the songs that I can't put my finger on.
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