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  1. Eh, this is pretty vanilla to me. I can only handle this project in small doses because Hitchcock over-sings EVERYTHING. Tremendous vocalist obviously but his voice is hit-or-miss with this genre of music. Also, if I want Survivor, I'll just listen to Survivor.
  2. Oof, that production is not good.
  3. blink-182, definitely. The nostalgia factor is too great for me to overcome.
  4. First impression: Not their best, but not their worst. I normally don't enjoy Lionetti vocal tracks but the last one is pretty cool. I'm sure I'll enjoy this one more as it grows on me, if for no other reason than Safsund singing a mediocre song into a good one (lyrics on "If You Don't Know Me" are pretty awful). ummmmmmm WHAT
  5. OK, listened to this album a few times now and I think I prefer the songs on the debut, but the production of this one. Is that fair? I agree with those who say Lions loses some momentum halfway through.
  6. Of course The Defiants is better, that's a pretty high bar
  7. Kids is my personal favorite. It's a very sad album for me but there's a personal connection there and I don't mind the lack of saxophone. I just love the concept, though the accompanying artwork probably has a lot to do with it as well. Monsters is great, though. I expected to be put off by all the distorted vocals, but I wasn't. This band really does pull off the "mono no aware" theme unlike anyone else, it's so beautiful!
  8. Seems like they stuck with the same gritty approach to production but it sounds a lot better than the debut. I'm digging this one!
  9. Oh WORD? Where the hell did this come from?! Great stuff!
  10. One of those bands you know EXACTLY what you're getting from, basically every time. I wasn't expecting the chorus for "I Am Alive" to be that catchy, though.
  11. I liked her "Sleepwalking" album but haven't gotten a chance to listen to this yet. It's on my list! This is another good song she was recently featured on:
  12. The more the merrier
  13. So for some reason I had no idea, until today, that there were synthwave/retrowave fans here. I love the genre to bits and wanted to share one of my favorite artists, Timecop1983.
  14. Lovely production. Nice and smooth and chill.
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