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  1. Great post. Thanks for the information. The production on Can't Go Home was absolutely unacceptable but sounds fine here to me. The songs aren't really my thing unfortunately but maybe I'll check it out anyway just because of Marcie.
  2. Oh my god this chorus. Also IMO Laine is on a completely different level than Poley and always has been.
  3. YES, finally! One of the few really good Frontiers projects to come out recently. Hoping for no sophomore slump.
  4. They're never making an album of that caliber again. Full stop. Nice try by whoever said that but that iteration of Hardline is loooooooong gone.
  5. Give me a few days to listen to them, guys! Didn't expect this many suggestions! (Good thing of course)
  6. Love the song. The production is getting boring to me, but again, if Harry is singing I can look past that. Amazing performance from him as always.
  7. I'm a fan of all except Reckless Love (haven't heard)
  8. Who's producing? Both albums were excellent but much different guitar tones and mixes. Think I'd prefer this so sound closer to the first one, especially because we've had so many Flores-produced albums recently. Regardless, I'll listen to anything Harry sings at least twice.
  9. Thanks guys. I already own the following: Dalton - first 2 albums Zinatra - Great Escape Glory - Danger In This Game Zeno - s/t Skagarack - s/t and Hungry For A Game Masquerade - s/t HEAT - s/t and Address the Nation Wigelius - first 2 albums (kinda poppy though) TNT - Tell No Tales and Intuition (FUCKING RULES) Care of Night - everything so far I will listen to the rest. Thank you again!
  10. Yeah, I meant that the material they put out then was still pretty decent. Bloodletting is in my top 5 Overkill albums.
  11. Didn't Jorn Lande do one a while ago too or was that just one song?
  12. Is there a more consistent thrash metal band that survived the groove trend of the '90s and is still putting out killer material after all these years? Both the back and front ends of their catalog are amazing. I seem to have left my thrasher days in high school but I have nothing but respect for these guys. One of the greatest bands of their subgenre, maybe the greatest ever honestly if you consider longevity+consistency of quality.
  13. Hey all, I could use your expertise here. I've been on a major Treat kick lately and I'm looking for similar bands, specifically ones with the big choruses. Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be from Scandinavia but figured I'd start there. Thank you in advance.
  14. This is very much in the same vein as their first two albums (the debut being the best of the three). If you didn't like those then you can probably skip this one. Keeping it real here. Agreed, Geoff. It's better than the Hitchcock album. Also, those bonus acoustic / piano tracks usually do nothing for me and that was an odd choice for this album. The original track is piano-based anyway so what's the point? I would have preferred the bonus to maybe be another cover song, honestly I wish Frontiers would do this more often given how frequently the blow the horn of their '80s influences.
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