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  1. Bleed & Scream had 1 vote before mine? Wat?
  2. Definitely one of the best retrowave projects out there. LeBrock and Magic Dance got me into the whole retrowave scene and I've been hooked for a year now. Lots of great artists but this is the one I'll always be coming back to because of the vocals and AOR influences.
  3. Hollywood in Headlights has one of the best I've ever heard.
  4. Oh boy! I'll try to contain my excitement!
  5. Classic era Survivor (Jamison) Treat Harem Scarem House of Lords Modern era Work of Art Vega The Defiants Find Me
  6. Agreed with all of this. Nordic Union sounds just like Eclipse plus Ronnie Atkins minus solos. Very formulaic.
  7. 1. The Defiants 2. Work of Art 3. Pretty Maids ...That's it. Waiting on that LeBrock though.
  8. This album isn't their best IMO, but it's still plenty good, and I feel like "more of the same" is actually a good thing for this band. And/or puts into perspective how lousy Frontiers has been for most of this year.
  9. That's my favorite from Martensson. Hitchcock debut and Bleed & Scream 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
  10. Anything by Rush Survivor - Vital Signs The first Work of Art album
  11. This is a good point (especially the bolded), and probably the same reason why I'm tired as hell of Flores, del Vecchio, Karlsson, etc. Listened to in a vacuum, this album is fine. But after so many years of so many projects in this vein, there's just nothing about it that grabs my attention anymore.
  12. Why? The album is a year and a half old and they already did a lyric video.
  13. This band got old for me fast but it's nice to hear a somewhat different production this time around. That snare sounds terrific.
  14. Oh, I actually am but not nearly as much as I used to be. Not sure if it will do anything for me but I'll check it out.
  15. Idea that will never happen but I think should: Stop including acoustic renditions as bonus tracks and do covers of AOR classics instead. There are some REALLY good musicians putting out solid material right now and I'd love to hear them pay tribute to the previous generation like this. That Survivor cover is phenomenal and I know I'm not the only one who was pleasantly surprised to see a Storm cover as well. Like, how cool would it be to hear one of these newer studio projects cover Virginia Wolf? Or Boulevard? Or Signal? Or Strangeways? Or some other band that only we (as their target demographic) are going to recognize anyway?
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