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  1. Sounds pretty good. I didn't like Introspect nearly as much as California so I hope this album is more in the vein of the latter.
  2. His instrumental tracks are better than most. I'm loving how much Josh Dally we've been getting lately. His voice is perfect for this type of music.
  3. Wow, I had no idea Brad Pitt could sing like that!
  4. Oh gosh, there's no reason for Kai to be singing if both Kiske and Deris are as well. Also their vocal harmonies seem kind of...awkward? I don't know. That video looks like it was a lot of fun to make though.
  5. Considering it's more like The Alessandro del Vecchio Band feat. Johnny Gioeli, no, not really.
  6. +1 for the debut being miles better than the follow-up. IMO that's some of Martensson's best work. ADV is an auto-pass for me these days.
  7. One of the best modern progressive rock/post-rock bands out there. Incredible musicianship and songs packed with emotion. Unfortunately they split a while ago and I don't think there's a chance of a reunion. Four flawless albums.
  8. It's not just touching up. That doesn't even sound like a live album. The vocals are clearly overdubbed and everything else is polished to high heaven. Same goes for those FM "live" videos they have been posting lately (though I'll give Overland the benefit of a doubt in this case). I don't normally care for live albums anyway but c'mon, don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
  9. "Beat the Bullet" and "I Still Think About You" are just about as good as it gets.
  10. Is this going to be "live" as in, the latest Treat and FM recordings/overdubs, or actually live? Anyone hear a sample?
  11. The new Siamese Youth album is really nice. Great pacing and range of emotions.
  12. Musicians writing their own music - a novel idea!
  13. Hell yeah. Big Kotipelto fan. I loved this album when it came out and I still listen to it, one of the few power metal bands that doesn't get old for me.
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