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  1. Man, I always wished Skynyrd would do a Blackfoot song every once in a while. BF put out some great music back in the day.
  2. Sarzo is like QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick of the NFL, who has played for what 9 or 10 teams, currently the starter for Washington. I saw Sarzo with Blue Oyster Cult and a buddy of mine just saw him with the ancient Guess Who way out in the boonies at a small county fair.
  3. For me, QR really should formerly dissolve, they just are not a draw these days, and I can't see the compelling reason to stay as "QR." If they took the Thin Lizzy to BSR route, then I guess perhaps. I seriously doubt KISS will go on beyond without Paul and Gene after resuming their final tour. As for Whitesnake, now this is an interesting one for me. They have been transparent to say this will be their farewell tour and my sense is that David is trying out Dino, and to have him help out. [To the audience], "Hope you don't mind, but I brought along a young lad to help this old guy out" sort of thing. And because Dino is so freakin' good, I cannot imagine any audience booing him, he's that good. And then, based on the overall reception at the end of the tour, I think they will make an assessment of whether Dino (and the rest of current WS lineup) might want to continue - maybe in honor of Coverdale?? Talk about talented musicians they are, they stack up with any hard rock band right now. Really good question, AlphaMale.
  4. Her Uncle is the dog in the back seat?? How can that be? (Just kidding, I too am a fan of Richard Marx, IMO the guy is really talented.)
  5. Doug

    The Tokyo Games

    It's certainly been an interesting first week that's for sure. Simone Biles stuff, so awesome to see Suni Lee shine, seeing Carissa Moore from Hawaii get the gold in surfing, the swim teams doing great, watched 3 on 3 women's basketball gold medal game, that was kinda cool. I admire the unbelievable athleticism of the competitors, some of what they do is remarkable. Go USA.
  6. I used to play the heck out of Tres Hombres and Fandango albums when I was a kid. RIP, Dusty.
  7. Holy smokes this is news! I am a HUGE Dino fan, this guy is an amazing singer, but it's gonna be weird seeing Coverdale hand off vocals in concert. Man, what a talented (a lot them :)) band.
  8. Gonna go with: The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock and Roll Mammoth WVH - S/T Smith/Kotzen - S/T Dirty Honey - S/T The End Machine - Phase 2 The Treatment - Waiting for Good Luck But the year's not over yet...
  9. At this point, Vince Neil literally could not do this tour with Motley, because he's done absolutely nothing to get in shape, etc. That in itself could be a good discussion thread. So, if Motley were to back out, who is big enough to co-headline or fill this second slot? Hmmm.....
  10. Without Derek St. Holmes, Ted Nugent would be an obscure hunter somewhere in the world.
  11. ....in the 70s solid, beyond, not as much
  12. TOTALLY agree! Robert Mason led albums are fantastic, and he is a great front man in concert.
  13. But man, Heaven and Hell is SOOOO good.
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