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  1. Now this is a good one. Man, Ozzy's first two are SOOO good, but Heaven and Hell, incredible. I guess I would go with Ozzy simply because the Mob Rules is the lesser of all 4.
  2. Doug

    World War III

    I hope never the case......
  3. Nothing Ever Changes - Ugly Kid Joe
  4. Let The Music Do The Talking - The Joe Perry Project
  5. Strange Kinda' Nothing - The Answer
  6. Face the Music - Burning Rain
  7. Back on the Chain Gang - Pretenders
  8. Meaning, come see real mountains. Second pic, just down the road from me. OR
  9. Man, Scorps have been around a long time. I first got into them with 'Tokyo Tapes' album. It's not mentioned much, but IMO, Matthias Jabs joining the band, he was the piece that catapulted them.
  10. Come to Colorado, now we got mountains for 'ya!
  11. "Hear" by Trixter is awesome, so underrated. It got lost because grunge was hitting its stride, heck the guys are all dressed out in flannel in the video. 'Damn Good' is a great tune.
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