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  1. Love the tune. Just one complain - the video doesnt do justice to the song.
  2. Haha..you always come across cool tunes whenever you are on a vacation. Your trip to Thailand some years back ended up discovering a treasure box. Am talking about Silly Fools. I think you should travel more often, especially to Asian countries lol. Yes I like The 1975. If you haven't already then I suggest you check them out. They have some cool tunes.
  3. Agree...now most of the great artists/bands sound the same to a great degree. They have lost their own signature sound/tune. The reason being the same musicians working together in almost every project. Tired.
  4. Eclipse ( post 'Are you ready to rock'. But I do really like 'Bleed and scream' and ' Killing me') The Radio Sun Nordic Union
  5. Eclipse ( post 'Are you ready to rock'. But I do really like 'Bleed and scream' and ' Killing me'. Motley Crue Pride Of Lions Metallica Petra
  6. Love is a killer 7.5/10 Standing on the edge 8.5/10 Hollywood in headlights 10/10 Fallin' for you 10/10 Hold on tonite 9/10 Allnighter 7.5/10 U x'd my heart 9/10 It goes fast 9.5/10 Stay 8/10 Alive 7.5/10 Drink up! 6.5/10 Forever 8/10 84.2%
  7. This is my fave. The prechorus is heavenly.
  8. Exactly what I have been thinking too haha. I love the Marcello/Vestry album more than TMF and The Defiants' debut albums. Personally I find it even better than most DD albums. It's one of my fave melodic rock albums of all time.
  9. Nice song but not completely blown away by it. Out of the first singles/videos they have released so far for each album except Artwork, this new one is my least favourite. Hope the rest are all gems.
  10. I know we have spoken a lot about the production but I still wish they go back to the sound of What The Hell or Stereo Messiah. That sound production really suits their type of music.
  11. Yes, not only is their debut About U instant but also the better of the two. I loved all songs on the first album. This new one probably has one two tracks that I don't like. And also their best songs on their first album is better than the best ones on the new one. Songs like Loudspeaker and Winter break are 10/10. Still this new one is fantastic and by no means way off from their debut. Imo they are the best pop group at the moment.
  12. Ya it ll take a few listens. Surprisingly their debut was quite clear. Didn't have an issue.
  13. New single released this morning. Diggin' it.
  14. I just checked. Sorry, it's 'Amber Galactic' album that I really like. Still play songs like Gemini, Josephine, Something Mysterious etc quite often.
  15. Yup overall the music quality is a tad boring so far. But some good ones on the horizon to keep me excited though. Yes NFO...will give it a listen this week. Their debut was pretty good. Had some really good songs.
  16. Yes it's called 'Saves The World'. Expected release date is September 6. That's thursday. 2 more singles are out already. You can check them on YouTube. High hopes for this one too. You are right, their last album was a gem.
  17. The songs that have stood out for me so far... Awaken I Am - The stages of grief Nitrate- Shot in the dark Nitrate- You want it, you got it The Night Hour - Be alright The Defiants - Fallin' for you The Defiants - Hollywood in headlights The Defiants - You x'd my heart First Signal - Tonight we are the only First Signal - Here with you The New Roses - The Bullet The New Roses - Running out of hearts The New Roses - Down by the river Lebrock - Bright lights Lebrock - Takes all night MUNA - Who To the Rats And Wolves - True To The Rats And Wolves - All The Things Crazy Lixx - It's you Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild FM-84 - Bend & Break Busted - MIA Emarosa - Cautious Rene Shades - Reckless Diamond Black - Ghost in the glass Toby Hitchcock - Queen untouchable Find Me - Only the lonely The LRW Project - Love again The LRW Project - Day by Day The LRW Project - Dream World The LRW Project - The Rain The LRW Project - Hard to find The LRW Project - To love, repeat & wonder
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