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  1. I ll do Def Leppard. Albums - Hysteria Adrenalize Pyromania Retroactive Euphoria X High n Dry Slang Def Leppard Songs From The Sparkle Lounge On Through The Night Songs - Photograph Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) Guilty Gods Of War Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad Women When Love And Hate Collide Stagefright Armageddon It Torn To Shreds Ring Of Fire Love And Affection Tomorrow Miss You In A Heartbeat Animal Tonight Promises Love Bites Hysteria Heaven Is Unbelievable
  2. Here are my fave songs of 2018. Also, this time I have done a top 20 of songs that I have discovered only last year. 1. Worship - Deaf Havana 2. Lost Boy - The Midnight ( I had no doubt this was going to be my fave song of last year, well that was until Geoff uploaded the 'Worship' video) 3. Real Thing - LeBrock 4. Don't Let Go - No Sleep For Lucy 5. Only The Brave - Lebrock 6. Time - Ted Poley 7. Strangers Again - ATC 8. I Could Never Live Without You - Ollie Wride 9. More Than The Moon - Station 10. Get It On - Adelitas Way 11. For A Time - Magic Dance 12. The Fire The Dark - As It Is 13. Gypsy At Heart - Ted Poley 14. Your Perfection - Care Of Night 15. Straight To The Top - Creye 16. Tonight You re All I Need - Midnite City 17. Sleepless In Phoenix - Blessthefall 18. Talk Fast - 5 Seconds Of Summer 19. You Don't Understand Me - Midnite City 20. Feeling Alive - No sleep for lucy A Big Shout-Out to all the past and present members on HH and in particular to GEOFF, for the suggestions. Going through the archives I realized that I have missed so many good bands/songs/albums over the years. So here is my top 20 songs that I discovered last year. 1. Feels Like Love - Wildside 2. Room With A View - The Donots 3. Stay - Junkfood (reminds me of Mosquito by SR-71) 4. Champagne - Sugarcult 5. Dark Days - The Used 6. God Only Knows - David Franj 7. Like Fire - The Choirboys 8. At 21 - The Donots 9. Bet You Wish You Had Me - Halestorm 10. Erase Those Days - Atom Smash 11. Criminal - Planet 3 12. Don't Break My Heart - Romeo's Daughter 13. City Lights - The Donots 14. Slow Goodbye - Junkfood 15. Time Will Tell - Fifth Angel 16. Just Some Words - Trustgame 17. Tomorrow's Gone - Motor Ace 18. Perfume & Vodka - Junkfood 19. Death Defy - Motor Ace 20. Oxygen - David Franj
  3. Ponen


    One of the best things that's ever happened to me being a member of HH forum was discovering the retro synthwave genre a couple of years ago. Am totally hooked! On the song, it's another gem by FM84. Love it.
  4. Ok Busted are back with a new album titled 'Half Way There'. Their last album 'Night Driver' had some cool songs with 'Without It' being one of the highlights of that year. This new one doesn't have such highlights but it's still a cool album. Some nice songs on it. This version is better than Mcbusted's Love this one in particular
  5. Couldn't agree more. As talented as this guy Alessandro may be, I am growing tired of seeing him in almost every line up that frontiers has to offer. Why can't they use him sparingly?? Atleast I will enjoy his music if they do that. Now so many prominent singers/bands have all lost their sound/identity to some degree coz all the albums where this guy is part of sound the same.
  6. Mercury's Down which is a classic is still the better album but this one isn't bad either. There are 3 real gems on this one - Don't leave, Someone Like You and Queen Untouchable. Love those 3 songs.
  7. Tony Macalpine, Matt Cafissi, Greg Howe, Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons Eddie etc
  8. What a song to start off the year!! Love it.
  9. I ll look forward to this one for sure. Their last album though it didn't blow anyone out of the water I thought it was a very good album. The melodies were there and songs were catchy and unique.
  10. Wow..very nice... listening to it for the first time. I never bothered about his solo albums. Heard a couple of his songs and they were bad. His Spice Girls' cover of 2 become 1 was the only song I kinda liked.
  11. Shit!..thats bad news...was so looking forward to this one. Will give it go for sure though.
  12. Ya you re damn right..I should be. Don't know how I missed out on Deaf Havana. That song is superb!!! Will probably make it into my top 10 for sure. What a song!
  13. Don't know what to make of that one. Not bad.
  14. Hahaha the video is sad. Agree with the comments above, it must be his first ever video. Only the drummer looks cool in the video. That said, the most important thing is the song..and it is a very nice song. Ya again as you guys mentioned the chorus could have been better coz the verses are perfect but it is what it is...I ll take it.
  15. I think CDG sounds exactly how it should according to their age at that point in time and GOG and TUNGUSKA sounds exactly how they should sound according to their present age .With time they have changed their musical direction. I don't think they will ever make a fun upbeat song like 'No way without you' anymore. All 3 are great but I prefer CDG.
  16. No 'We own the night' song!! Am surprised. That's the best one on CDG! And one of the best mid tempo melodic songs of all time in MR genre.
  17. Slowly becoming one of my faves this year
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