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R.I.P. Tim Dever

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Ty let me know that Tim Dever, a very early member of the HH community and moderator at one point, passed away last night due to the coronavirus. He had been fighting major health problems most of his life, and was in the high-risk category.

I had lost touch with Tim in the past several years, but he was an active member here in the early years.

I'll leave it up to Ty to reply with more information if he deems it appropriate.

R.I.P. Tim. :(

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We lost one of our long time members last night. I'm almost positive anybody and everybody who has traded CDs on this website has traded with him or got to know him in some way. Tim fought long and hard for most of his life dealing with different medical issues including kidney transplants as well as liver and pancreas, and other things. Through all of that he still remained a kind and passionate guy and would do anything for anyone. 

He finally was getting everything put together and got transplants that worked so he could have a normal life a couple years ago. He even got married last year to someone he met from his church. Couple of weeks ago he got admitted into the hospital for some infection in his leg called cellulitis. That infection started messing with everything else going on including screwing with his pancreas and liver. Somewhere in the midst of all of that he contracted the coronavirus in the hospital. After a couple of days on a ventilator and life support, his family was told they needed to turn it off last night because of his conditions. He peacefully passed away last night.

His mom has started a GoFundMe page to help his family and with some other things.





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I do remember Tim from way back at the start but not sure our activeness on the forum overlapped. I think his user name was just Tim, wasn't it, thus later forcing the second Tim to be Tim (2)?

Anyway, that's a sad story and may he rest in peace. 

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Tim was one of the first folks at HH I did any trading of physical CDs with, and early on, when I was first getting into seeking out and/or hearing those elusive rarities, he was someone who didn't mind sharing a few MP3s so I could decide if I wanted to pursue a disc or not. 

His comments from back around 2002-2003 are all over the main site; he was very knowledgeable about all the mainstream bands, as well as the indie bands that few had ever heard of at that time. 

Just an all round nice guy; such a shame that after overcoming so many things in his life, this damn virus is what takes him from this world. -_-


R.I.P. Tim

Fly to the Angels 


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GoFundMe link added to my first post

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For sure Tim was one of the best and most gentle soul I ever encountered while collecting music.  Loved all the interactions we had over the years, and yes, he certainly was knowledgable as T-Bone pointed out.   Did a number of trades with Tim and of course, when I was active selling on E Bay, he bought CDs from me and discussed many of the titles I was selling.  Just another good person that I enjoyed.

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22 minutes ago, Metal T said:

Haven't posted on this board in over 5 years,but I saw this and wanted to stop over and pay my respects.Im really sorry to hear about 'Tim'.


And the others as well...



Welcome back Mr. T

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