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  1. Plus you'll pick up 2 additional tracks not on the Retrospect version.....
  2. I’ve just received a copy of the new VAMP CD release from Metallicblue Records and I have to say, I was totally surprised. For those unknowing, this is the band that later became known as HARLOT with a few personnel changes and the addition of a keyboardist. This release is enough to drive any AOR/melodic rock lover wild and is a remarkable effort by these musicians. From the very beginning they quickly deliver an anthemic tune titled “Telephone Love Affair” which is the title of the album. Once the initial riff takes over, it becomes inevitable to turn up the volume and become submerged in the musical delight this album delivers through it’s entirety. The tracks “Addicted” and “Ready To Rock” are perfect examples of the band’s ability to put out melodic eargasm tracks with a feel good vibe to it and surely to become fan favorites. Of course, every great AOR album has mid tempo tracks that hypnotize the listener with their mellow sound. “Heard You Cryin” is one of those and the listener is treated to two different versions of this ballad on the album. There are a total of 16 tracks on this CD. The first 10 tracks are studio recordings and the final 7 are live recordings. I must say, I am generally not a fan of live tracks, but, there are exceptions and this is one of them. When listening to these live tracks, the listener is not exposed to the constant screaming and noise in the background. These are excellently recorded live tracks directly from a sound board which was a pleasure to my ears. Overall, “Telephone Love Affair” has a stadium rock vibe, displaying excellent musicianship with brilliant riffs, atmospheric keys, and dazzling guitar work, that shows without any doubt that the name of the game here is simple: high-quality melodic rock.
  3. I've just finished giving the new Metalic Blue Records release, HARLOT "Positively Downtown" a good listen and what an enjoyable listen it was. The overall sound of this album is melodic hard rock with a bluesy vibe, although not every track has the blues focus. The very first track, "Strip" is a great in your face song with huge guitars, killer grooves and lots of attitude. By the time I got to track 3,"Comin Home", the bluesy sound kicked in with a harmonic sounding affair in the vein of something you would hear from bands such as CRAZY JOE or JUNKYARD complete with harmonica. Track 4 and 8 are the only two heartfelt ballads with "Legends" being a beautiful acoustic sounding affair. Track 5, "Let 'em Ride" was one of my favorites. It's a midtemp song that's not just formula songwriting. The vocals are razor sharp and glammy sounding in the vein of POISON. By the time I got to track 9, "Fooled By Love" I was hooked on this album. This track is a mid tempo song that is in the ghostland between melodic hard rock and harder rock roots which is well performed with imagination. Track 10 , "Kiss Kiss (You're Dead)" is another track that really pulled my chain. Larry Dee's shrill voice delivers some mile high vocals that are sharp and melodic. Winding up the 11 track album is a song filled with blistering guitars and plenty of hooks titled "Hand Full Of Hell". It combines some cool backing vocals for those who enjoy melodic metal loud and in your face. I should make note that there was a bootleg version of this album on CDR a few years ago. The first 9 tracks of that version are on this album which includes two additional bonus tracks. Three of the tracks on the bootleg version are to be released on the VAMP album coming from Metalic Blue Records. Harlot was originally formed in 1986 under the name of VAMP and a name change occured in 1988 to Harlot at the suggestion of a major label considering signing the band. Although the signing never materialized, the band continued as Harlot until breaking up in 1995. By picking up both the HARLOT and VAMP releases I have all of the tracks that were recorded by this Utah based band during their time together.
  4. One of my passions is symphonic melodic rock and melodic power metal. Here is an outstanding band that released a CD last year titled "Rise Of The Beast". It was a private release (not on a label) and is a solid killer album. There's not a filler track on this album. The band is working on a new CD which will most likely appear next year. In the mean time, here is a taste of THE LIGHTBRINGER OF SWEDEN to prepare you for this great band....
  5. If you loved the Clint Eastwood movies as I do, especially, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, then watching this orchestra performing the movie theme will be very interesting to you.
  6. Most supergroups pale miserably in comparison to this...a true supergroup.
  7. Ahhhhhh it's another avenue of exploration. I have found some killer stuff on there that I did not have in my collection and would not have know about otherwise. Say a prayer for me Stefan.....
  8. It's been awhile since I've been on the main site actually posting. I only posted comments about albums I liked and basically stayed mute about those that didn't pull my chain. I do use the main site as a reference very often when searching for albums I've missed over the years. As far as the forum is concerned, I've actually not posted much although I am a regular reader. The main site is a fantastic collection of music that really isn't available elsewhere except possibly discogs, but what you have are two different formats there. Within the forum, there is more interaction and exchange of ideas. I belong to some of the Facebook groups and I notice one outstanding thing......this forum is actually more informative.
  9. Perked my interest.......one tidbit of advice to the band......don't post all your tracks on youtube. In this day and age we have people who will just download the youtube tracks and not buy the CD which is very sad to say because it kills the incentive for musicians. Just my personal opinion!!
  10. Thanks for the heads up Russ.......sounds very interesting to me
  11. Looks like something that has potential....waiting for some sound samples
  12. I bought the European release of this one. I originally was looking to get the Japanese pressing with the bonus track then discovered it was just an acoustic track. I hate it when they provide one of the standard release tracks in acoustic form. Nothing really new there.....
  13. I pre ordered this one some time ago based on some of the previews I saw and heard. We shall see........
  14. Well, you can add me to the fans list of this killer release. I had to get the Jap copy with the bonus track. This is melodic metal that is a breath of fresh air over the endless AOR bands with the same sound.
  15. JESSE STRANGE is an excellent hair metal band with lots of big, clean, cranking guitars which reminds me of ROXY BLUE and HEAVEN'S EDGE. Filled with catchy hard rock hooks, big choruses and those gang-style backing vocals. I love the wall of sound and lots of attitude in the vein of HARDLINE, DANGER DANGER and BLUE TEARS. An excellent release which includes the hot rocker "Raise A Little Hell" and a couple of powerful ballads, "The Last Goodbye" & "Love On The Telephone".
  16. I was let down on the last release "Feel The Burn"......this first track is very inspiring and I hope is a sample of things to come from this band. Love Pekka's vocals and still missing Emppu
  17. Loved the debut and looking forward to this followup........
  18. "Hard Wave Heroes" is the final album of THE TAKE Band that was just released on the Metallic Blue Records label. This two CD set is a collection of the early years of THE TAKE and a large portion of the songs feature Chris Boudreaux on drums. The first disc includes 25 tracks that are timed about 2 to 3 minutes in length which were recorded in 1980-83. The second disc, "The Second Wave" consists of 13 tracks recorded in 1993 and takes the band's sound back to their beginnings. All totaled, there are 38 tracks in this set. This collection consists of simple and clean, old Rock'n Roll that was popular in the late 70's to early 80's. There is that "pinup models, Hotrod, boy-girl" feel to the music that consists of rock n roll guitar and irrisitible melodies often backed by pop oriented keyboards. Although not as well produced as the other two THE TAKE releases, this collection fills a huge gap in the band's history and the songs are cheerful, sometimes pulling influences from early 80's bands such as THE CARS, DIRE STRAITS or LOVE & ROCKETS. It's the style of music that incorporated the New Wave melodic sound popular at the time while adding a hard rock edge that came from the band’s hard rock background. Their new sound became known as “Hard Wave” as the album title suggests. This two CD set rounds out the discography of this long secluded band from Salt Lake City that has finally been given the exposure they certainly deserve. Thanks to Metallic Blue Records for revealing another previously unknown Gem.
  19. "Get Taken" is one of several of THE TAKE band's albums that has just been made available on the Metallic Blue Records label. I've waited anxiously for these albums and was very excited when my copies arrived. Tracks one through 5 of the "Get Taken" album were originally recorded in 1985 and tracks six through eleven in 1997. This album features Chris Boudreaux on lead vocals, having shifted from drums and prior to his leaving the band to form the band SOLDIER. Michael Coones moved to rhythm guitar and background vocals during this period. This altered the sound of the band in a unique and pleasant way. Their approach is a rock guitar attack, accented by keyboards, Chris Boudreaux's uniquely expressive voice, and well crafted songs. I did not hear one ballad in the 11 tracks, although there was a wide range of mid tempo songs and all out rockers. There is even a widely different version of one of my favorite tracks "Young Girls In Love", this time with Chris on lead vocals. When I played the very first track, "Baby Don't Leave", I couldn't help thinking I was listening to a RANDY ODA song. The riffs are just excellent, the choruses are catchy and Boudreaux has an excellent melodic, high pitched voice throughout the album. Overall, the sound is in the vein of ODA (Power of Love), STAN BUSH, early 80's BON JOVI and at times even DEF LEPPARD. Having been isolated out in Salt Lake City, the band never received the recognition they deserve in the melodic rock circles. These guys blow away most of the unjustly deserved bands out there. This album is about as good as 80's AOR / melodic rock gets.
  20. It has been nearly three years since THE TAKE "Pink & Proud" was listed on the Metallic Blue Records web page as "coming soon". That sample track "Young Girls In Love" had me waiting with bated breath. Numerous obstacles were presented in preparation for the album's release, one of which were production issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But alas, it is finally here and I've given my copy a good listen. The first track is the one that first grabbed my attention 3 years ago. "Young Girls In Love", with it's haunting intro and upbeat 80's vibe, sets the stage for the entire album. Originally recorded in 1985-86, the tracks are full throttle 80's sounding, laced with hook laden, catchy melodies the way we love it. The production is very eighties oriented with lots of great guitar and loads of keyboards for most of the menu. Those keyboard duties were shared between Arthur Hall and Janine Stewart. Vocal duties are handled by Michael Coones on this album and at this time of the band's life, Chris Boudreaux had departed. THE TAKE hail from Salt Lake City and here are 9 AOR melodic rockers that will remind the listener of such great bands as AVIATOR, HAYWIRE, WORRALL, JT SHELTER and MAY RUN. They have a unique talent for writing AOR melodic songs. So, if you're into lush or bombastic, breezy melodies, professionally executed then THE TAKE "Pink & Proud" is a must to own. It's a real gem for 80's AOR melodic rock lovers.
  21. I have just finished listening to the new SOLDIER CD titled "My Window" just released by Metallic Blue Records and what a surprise this one was. Immediately, when the first track "My Window" began to play, my ears were in a state of delight. A bold melodic rock sound laced with sparkling keyboards and vocals layered with harmony background vocals could be heard. This first track was a true grabber, compelling me to want to hear even more. As I continued listening, I wasn't disappointed. Along with a few mellow ballads, there were a number of exciting melodic tracks highlighted by "Cells Are Locked", "Life" and "No Easy Way Out" which brought out the "Quade and CRAAFT influences in their sound. The entire album was a listening experience that was a combination of pure AOR and melodic rock reminding me of BRICKLIN meets PHIL CHRISTIAN blended with influences of QUADE and CRAAFT. The album is fronted by Chris Boudreaux (THE TAKE, BOUDREAUX, HAIL MARY, RESTLESS BREED) in a band that balanced his time with THE TAKE and his band BOUDREAUX that was also just released on the Metallic Blue label. Chris was recruited by a band originally named PALACE to be the frontman and SOLDIER was born. The band played Salt Lake City while they recorded the "My Window" album in 1986. Afterwards, they moved operations to Las Vegas and eventually SOLDIER played all over Hollywood, especially up and down the Sunset Strip. The band frequented Gazzarris, The Troubadour, FM Station, The Roxy, and The Whiskey a Go Go. "My Window" was previously released on cassette only back in 1986 and now we have it on CD with never released bonus tracks. I was very impressed with this explosive AOR album with it's melodious sound, great keyboards and vocals. If you are a fan of CRAAFT (1986), PHIL CHRISTIAN, BRICKLIN or QUADE, you must not let this one get past you. My highest recommendation for a fantastic listen.
  22. I just received my advance copy of the latest release from Metallic Blue Records which is a long awaited CD by the band BOUDREAUX. I've had a demo from this band in my collection for a long time, so I had an idea of what I should expect and I certainly wasn't dissappointed. Although fronted by Chris Boudreaux, the band has gone through a slough of lineup changes spanning over a decade. A multi-talented musician, Chris Boudreaux (THE TAKE, SOLDIER, RESTLESS BREED, HAIL MARY, HUNTER) got his start as a drummer. A promotor told him that he was too flashy and animated to stay behind the drumkit and he should really think about becoming the front-man for the band. So, Chris set aside the sticks and picked up the mic. Upon my first couple of listens, I dug the vibe and unapologetic nature of this new album. From the first titular song, "Road To Nowhere", they do not let up for one minute. There are a couple of ballads here, "Without Love" and "Baby Don't Leave (Reprise), but there’s no auto-tune, no computers and only sparse use of keyboards here and there to make things interesting. The 14 tracks on this CD can be classified as melodic metal and hair metal. There are times I could hear a sound in the vein of DAVID FEINSTEIN's solo albums in some of the tracks, yet distinctively unique. Yet, on other tracks there's a definite hair metal sound in the vein of bands such as GOTHARD'S first two albums, XYZ and SLEEZE BEEZ with elements of HEAVEN'S EDGE and DIRTY RYTHM, After all, they want to crank out some rock solid melodic tunes and that’s exactly what they’ve done on this release. Cranking guitars, thumping drums and soaring melodic vocals This album does everything you could want it to and every song has something in it you can enjoy. If I ever start a melodic metal playlist, then I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple tracks off this album made it to that playlist. The 12 page booklet contains an extensive history of the band and the disc is, of course, silver pressed as are all Metallic Blue releases. Here is another essential CD that should be part of your collection and It pulls no punches......Oh yes, and should be played, louder than loud.
  23. Glad to see you're back on track with more killer stuff Russ........awesome!!
  24. After 30 + years, it's finally here.......I have just finished listening to the new CD from Metallic Blue Records by the Reno, Nevada band RAWKON. Back in 2004, I received a 6 track demo cassette recorded by RAWKON in 1987 from a fellow collector in Nevada. He was extremely excited on finding this tape and wanted to share it with me. On the first play, it immediately reminded me of another awesome Nevada band, "ROCK BOULEVARD". As it turns out, RAWKON consisted of one member of ROCK BOULEVARD and this demo cassette turned out to be extremely rare and sought after. Fast forward 16 years later to today, those 6 tracks, along with others recorded at various times of the band's life, are right here on a silver pressed CD. There are a total of 13 tracks here with a very nice production and impressive liner notes. One quick note.....the first 3 tracks have a production that is certainly that of a demo and of lesser quality than the remaining 10 tracks which are excellent, so don't become immediately disappointed . These first 3 songs are from the band's first demo which were more heavy metal and before they got a keyboard player. Even though they don’t have the same production as the rest of the album, it’s great to have these songs to form a more complete discography. Starting with track 4, it all changes and the production is top notch. The notes are filled with thorough, in depth info on the band, it's history and with numerous photos. Certainly a high quality, collector minded release. Musically, there's something here to satisfy a wide variety of musical tastes. Grinding rockers with good axe work, some mid tempo melodic songs with nice keys, melodic melodies and some extremely smooth AOR ballads that will delight the AOR-sters a great deal! If you enjoy bands such as ROCK BOULEVARD, THEATRE, FLYWEIL or DOKKEN, you will surely enjoy all 13 tracks that RAWKON has to offer. My hat's off to Metallic Blue Records for bringing us this rare glimpse of melodic rock history......
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