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  1. You spelled "Fookin Fury" wrongly
  2. Local to me Minnesota Rockers just put together a new band. Check them out! https://sleazeroxx.com/premiere-of-a-rising-forces-video-for-new-single-love-and-war-on-sleaze-roxx-mini-interview/?fbclid=IwAR0Wf_kWn-LYKsf_nGNlYafjZ0xOWGf30ThWbKqGNXr4wnl_A0pdSsVOCGA
  3. I have the T.A.X. demos and several of them ended up as Charade and Jaded Heart tunes.
  4. This was Robby Boebels side band from Frontline. A couple other members from Frontline also joined him
  5. I still wouldn't trust him.... that bridge burned a long time ago and there is no way to rebuild it. Too many people have been screwed over by this ass hat
  6. It was a little odd for me back then, but I liked their stuff. My 13 year old loved it along with the band Lillix
  7. Cut the keyboards back a little and amp up the guitars. Other than that, sounds great
  8. Not too bad, but you can tell that they completely skimped on the production. And then throwing and yet another version of Burning Heart? How many times are they going to re-record that?
  9. What fetish porn site were you looking at to find this, Geoff??????
  10. Very Cool Tribute to all the frontline workers out there dealing with this CoronaVirus. They did justice to the original version done in the 80's. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/long-island-rock-metal-musicians-cover-hear-n-aids-stars-for-covid-19-front-line-workers/
  11. GoFundMe link added to my first post
  12. We lost one of our long time members last night. I'm almost positive anybody and everybody who has traded CDs on this website has traded with him or got to know him in some way. Tim fought long and hard for most of his life dealing with different medical issues including kidney transplants as well as liver and pancreas, and other things. Through all of that he still remained a kind and passionate guy and would do anything for anyone. He finally was getting everything put together and got transplants that worked so he could have a normal life a couple years ago. He even got married last y
  13. Hopefully it'll rock better than Dino's project with Lynch. That fell flat on it's face for me.
  14. I'll take the original Abba version and Peter Cetera version over this...
  15. Really digging this. Good to hear Dennis rocking it up.
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