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  1. T-BONE

    Devil's Hand (Slamer/Freeman) - s/t

    Sounds a LOT like the Steelhouse Lane stuff... Love it!
  2. T-BONE

    Treat - Tunguska

    The first track was playing on my way to work this morning... Just driving and humming along when I had to take a double take at the chorus.... Am I the ONLY one that thought they were singing about Pro Janitors?
  3. T-BONE

    Cover songs

  4. T-BONE

    Cover songs

    Kickin Valentina - Hot Burning Love
  5. T-BONE

    The Faceplants - Animalistic

    You can find more of their stuff by googling. Yes, Queen would he a good comparison as well. My comparison was referring to the vocalist.
  6. Well... Flashing through endless link after link via google and youtube, I somehow found these guys. I was fairly impressed with their mix of rock and pop and thought their vocalist had a damn good voice, A little mix of Sixx AM and HEAT. Good production and depth to their tunes. https://youtu.be/T-iSTco5rSA
  7. T-BONE

    New STATION Release

    A few tunes are decent, but this release has way too many mid tempo and ballad tunes. It got a little boring and I had to bounce around the the songs I wanted. And his voice does get a little irritating at times. Like he is trying to hit notes too high for his range.
  8. T-BONE


    Are my ears deceiving me, or is this tune a complete ripoff of Slave To Love by Quiet Riot? Slave To Love
  9. T-BONE

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    I agree with Dan on this one.... Only one time through so far, but nothing grabbed my instant attention like on Address The Nation and "most" of Tearing Down The Walls. A few tunes had some inspiring spots. Blind Lead The Blind is my favorite tune thus far. I do hope it's a grower.... Growers and Instants are a love/hate for me. I LOVE instants, but that's usually because it fit exactly what I was expecting, meaning the band maybe didn't grow or expand their sound. Growers piss me off initially because it seems like a band didn't live up to my expectations initially, but then again, were my expectations too high, or did tue band expand for the better and I didn't give it a chance? This one is at a 70% for me on the first spin, but I truly want it to get better.
  10. T-BONE

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Unfortunately, in the USA, "bonus" is 2 words. (see what I did there?) (SEE IT?!?!?) A lot of times, I end up liking bonus tracks better than some of the main offerings.
  11. T-BONE

    GOTTHARD - Silver (2016)

    One play through and out.... I had hopes for this but it bored the ever living shit out of me. Gotthard used to be a guitar driven riffing machine. Now they are rather bland. They need to get back to the first 3 albums' sound and energy as well as formula. 7 rockers, 2 mid tempo and maybe 2 ballads
  12. T-BONE

    Eclipse - Monumentum

    Me likey..... Other bands should take notes
  13. T-BONE

    GOTTHARD - Silver (2016)

    "G" is their masterpiece in my opinion
  14. T-BONE

    Hardline - Human Nature

    Finally listened to the entire thing and I stand by my initial response.... LESS FEKKIN KEYS!
  15. T-BONE

    Gary Schutt - Moving Parts


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