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  1. Sounds too epic/european sounding with those keys...it's clear they have zero interest in trying to recapture that 'Double Eclipse' sound and style.Id bang the bass player though...
  2. Sad thing is that city was once a known haven for some pretty solid Hard Rock / Metal bands: Malice,Wild Dogs,Saint,Dirty Rhythm etc etc.Now its known for stupid sh!t like this.
  3. Good stuff,sounds like it could of come off 'Jugulator'.That band name...it distracts from what is probably a a solid metal record.Haven't we learned the lessons from Oliver/Dawson Saxon...Riley's LA Guns etc yet.....?
  4. You have no idea the problems these derelicts cause here.I'm well versed on the subject and have had a family member who was attacked by a couple of these wunderkinds.I have also spent quality time on farming jobs with many of these "good people",I've got plenty of stories...U.S. takes in plenty of 'immigrants' every year - not going to take in every illegal loser or hard luck story in the world,if your that d@mn stupid to blame it on climate change you're an idiot!
  5. Joe Biden is the epitome of the Washington D.C. sewar rat.Been a public servant (public miscreant) for 45+ years has the blood on his hands of all kinds of detrimental legislation and Trump after 4 years is the spawn of Satan? Lofl! You mean the guy who actually gave a f--k to do something about the flood of criminals,drugs,sex trafficking and assorted 3rd world diseases coming into the country? Man he a wacist.The fact of the matter is that old Joe promised a whole lot of radical,crazy @ss leftwing polices on the campaign trail that he now has to deliver on....or the nutjob leftist base will
  6. Shotgun Messiah "Heartbreak Blvd" ?? Hurricane :I'm On to You' ? Too little to go on...ballad or rocker ? Memorable guitar riff?
  7. ...there is not a single day that goes by that I don't want to split a liberal's head open...
  8. Metal T


    Dorsey,the slug who runs it is your typical liberal-progressive take-it-in-the-ass-f@ggot...can't have any opposing views or they'll slit your throat (ie.remove those who do from their site) I have zero social media presence and never will-to quote Johhny Carson "i'd rather watch humming birds mate".
  9. Metal T


    He lubs Bakkaball….
  10. Video is lame but I like the riff on that tune...his vox were always good.
  11. Cool band...a lot of attitude and balls.I think Ted did some time in prison years ago.The guitar player Henny was in 'Primal Fear' for a few records.Glad your digging these guys lettard.
  12. George Lynch- I like him but he's put out projects that I don't like : SOULS OF WE SWEET / LYNCH THE END MACHINE KXM SHADOW TRAIN
  13. Biden is f**king moron...probably won't have a country by then.Gonna get pretty violent in the next few years- America isn't going to be anywhere anyone sane would want to immigrate to if the terrorists on of the leftwing have their way.
  14. Every single bit of the mess at the border,rising gas prices and now once again attempting to violate your gun RIGHTS lies at the feet of Biden/Harris...and they know it despite how often the paid-lying-c#nt Jen Tsaki wants to lie about it.
  15. I hate 'Moderates'....they're nothing but lukewarm pussies that try to play both sides...we live in a tribal society.Gotta pick a side or step aside.Those types don't know what the hell they believe in so they're all over d@mn map.
  16. Metal T


    Joe f##khead has been allowing corona + illegal sh!thead aliens to enter the country....and there is a yet again a whole new d@mnable mess at the border thanks to :
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