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  1. Not sure if that was for sarcasm but yeah. It wasn’t the only one either. They reissued the Rock Boulevard cd earlier this year and the band said that Retrospect Records version wasn’t authorized by the band is a bootleg.
  2. In addition to these, I also liked “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. I’m kind of looking forward to some new music from them.
  3. I had picked this up back in 2006 when Retrospect Records put it out but I found out from someone at Metallic Blue Records that it wasn’t authorized by the band and is a bootleg. I will probably be picking up the newer version. Especially since the Retrospect one was a cd-r release and this one has some bonus material.
  4. It’s the same way going from Australia to the US. I tried buying Dangerous Curves new cd and they wanted over $20 to ship it to the US. Luckily, Impulse Music got them in stock here and I was able to order from them. The same with MR Records. I can’t order directly from them anymore because of their shipping costs. Even ordering from Canada can get expensive. There was a band I was going to buy a $10 cd from and they wanted $20 for shipping to the US.
  5. I was a fan of their EP and their debut album. After that, I like them but haven’t been blown away. I keep hoping they will go back to their more rocking tracks. I wish a bigger label would pick these guys up to. That might help.
  6. Better than their last stuff they put out but this is still average to me. Have to say, this sounds like a “Hang Tough” rip off. Maybe it will grow on me with more time. I hope the rest of the album is better. I am glad they lost the Def Tesla sound.
  7. Kelly should just do the album with them. It’s not like he’s put out any new material with Foreigner. I love his voice and will always associate him with Hurricane.
  8. This soundtrack actually isn’t bad. It is rare as hell. I have been trying to find it for years. I wish someone would reissue some of these old soundtracks.
  9. They have need to get a US distributor to help get there product out there and avoid from people having to pay £15 in shipping fees. I missed out on getting their EP and first release because of these shipping fees.
  10. My wife is big into watching wrestling but we don’t get any cable tv so I’m not sure where AEW is on. She watches WWE on Hulu and some of their other stuff on Peacock. We refuse to pay for cable tv. We pay for a few streaming services and that is it.
  11. Too bad they are already sold out of pre-order cd’s according to their site and FB page. I was going to order one.
  12. I keep holding out hope for it even though I know it won’t happen.
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