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  1. FWIW,when i saw Norum w/ Dokken in early 2002 he kicked ass on guitar.He was replaced by DeRosso a few months later because i think he hurt his hand or something like that.The first 2 tunes on Long Way Home were solid the rest is sub-par...
  2. George is still an awesome guitarist for a 60 year old dude...ill reserve judgement until i hear this in total.
  3. Leatherwolf - Unchained Live Tank - Breath Of The Pit
  4. Yet you felt the need to post on a thread about them. If you're that insecure of a twat that you cannot handle a simple OPINION of a band,please don't post to or quote me again.K ?
  5. Steel Pansy,what a useless,sh!t band.
  6. Not impressed,sounds too much like Stryper because of the vox.Cover artwork is lame-city.Looking forward to the new Lynch Mob though.
  7. More Michael Sweet/Stryper = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  8. Just heard Boals joined DOKKEN as the bass player/backing vox...
  9. After years of slagging RJD and his time in DIO-Ronnie passes and all of a sudden Viv Campbell wants to play DIO songs again lol---What a joke,screw off with that sh!t!
  10. Halford REALLY stays away from the high stuff on this one...his vox still sound good and its a good record,but they sound like their running out of gas in total as a band especially when compared to what Saxon have been doing.
  11. Good midrange but never liked his high stuff...loved his vox on 'That Time Of Year' though.
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