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  1. I also fully acknowledge the mental fallout that can occur on this...the late actor Michael Massee who shot Brandon Lee back in the early 90's said he quit acting for a coupla years to get his bearings back.I remember him saying in an interview that he got hate mail / death threats for years after that accident by people/fans who blamed him personally for it.
  2. Yep and Chicago,Detroit,Atlanta,Oakland etc etc etc.....
  3. Spare us the moral outrage folks...I seem to recall a certain American (R) VP (who I wasn't a fan of) who shot someone on a hunting trip and the left used that as political fodder for months...even though there are diff circumstances here -the Left and their cuckolds in the media used Sandy Hook and every other effing school shooting or gun related fiasco push their endless assaults on logic to further implant gun control on the populace....so take the moral outrage and shove it straight up your ass!
  4. Duck everyone liberal Alec Baldwin has a gun...…………….
  5. SMDH....the infrastructure package is a wish-list of unproductive,useless liberal sh!t…
  6. Yeah its not bad...but there were just too many bands like this out there back then...I always thought 'Restless .Young and Wild' kinda sounded like their version of 'Modern Day Cowboy'.
  7. 'Place in My Heart' is a good tune though- should've been their video. Overall pretty unspectacular though...
  8. A nice listen,although nothing that has really blown me away so far...impressed with some of Ken's guitar work on this.
  9. It's clear that the Biden Administration are trying to purposely provoke anyone who disagrees with them...vaccine mandates on tax paying americans while they deliberately allow THIRD WORLD TRASH and TERRORISTS into the country unvetted with every third world disease under the sun.The saddest part is you have a screwball LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE media who is in cahoots with all of it. I can see the country in a shooting civil war within the next year and a half if it is all allowed to continue....
  10. If im Texas,i completely seal off the entire border of the state....and not let so much as a d@mn cockroach through and then dare our useless piece of sh!t federal government to try and stop them.I'd like to see some mass civil disobedience over some of this corrupt and evil bullsh!t this administration is attempting to do to this country-gotta happen or you ain't going to have anything that resembles a country soon...
  11. What really sucks is the purposeful and deliberate invasion of 3rd world trash at the southern border and even coming here via airplane.Unvetted low to zero skilled people who cannot speak a lick of English and most of which will end up on the welfare rolls sucking the government teet.All on the tax payer dime while the Biden Admin continues to allow the corona positive hordes to floods into places like the Midwest where they will not be greeted warmly. The entire Biden Admin cabinet is like the bar scene from Star Wars...a bunch of clueless,minority activist types who have little to no experience in the positions they were even appointed to.In other words radical,low iq morons.
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