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  1. Kinda sounds similar to 'Vendetta'....or some other german/foreign speed metal band.
  2. Cover Artwork is a mess....what 3 year old was responsible for it ?
  3. Metal T


    The FACT is Trump and every one who voted for him were treated worse than a n!#@R for 4 years...Guess what ? Payback is an unforgiving b!tch...and will be returned in kind.
  4. Decent record,he's a good singer but to me there isn't anything special or unique about Mason's vox,you used to be able to got to club and hear a buncha guys who sounded like that...don't care for him singing Dokken' tunes either yet he definitely has his fans.For the artist formerly known as 'Lynch Mob' Oni is the only singer I care to hear...I guess getting rid of the name is Lynch's way of cancel culturing himself....
  5. Cool...im ready for the concert.
  6. I'm glad its not the Pet Shop Boys....at least we got that cleared up
  7. Great record. 'High Life' the bonus track from the JAP issue = d@mn good tune
  8. Chris Oliva...RIP..i don't think these guys ever got over that guy passing.
  9. Metal T


    The left wing haters of the 1st and 2nd amendments are out in force and they are getting ready to install a new radical AG who im sure will declare war on anyone who disagrees with the current admin...and when they legalize 20 mil illegal aliens we'll be sure to push a good 10 mil or so up your way to the Canadian border and give you all a taste of what we've had to deal with for decades.
  10. Metal T


    The resemblance is striking...
  11. Metal T


    All the man does is lie.he's a fear mongering lunatic...he said millions would be dead by now...said you don't need a mask,then said you do and now he says you need two.... It's like the blind leading the blind with these idiots...most people myself included were willing to mask up and play the game for a period of time but they keep moving the goalpost.
  12. $ The Foreigner' gig pays a lot more...but the jumping around on stage barefoot is goofy as h3ll
  13. The Blue State bail-out bill...
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