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  1. Black Swan -Make It There Sounds like a throwback to the glory days of the great ballad.
  2. Anyone know what happened to Studboy (Steve) ? Per his profile hasn't been active in over 2 years.Looks like he became a moderator here at some point.
  3. Agree with Captain Howdy...QR died when Dubrow died-he was a true pioneer of this genre and the only voice for this band.
  4. Despite what he's been saying I don't see him retiring the name.Not only is this his band - it's his brand.Outside of Dokken,Lynch Mob is pretty much what he's known for.Venues etc. want to book Lynch Mob - not Lynch,George Lynch Band etc..he has too much history in the name to cancel it because of PC 'group think'...'George Lynch' is fine for his guitar clinics.
  5. Wasn't the singer in a coma several years ago...? If so this is one hell of a come back-good for him!
  6. Biden has a 40+ year record of absolute horse sh!t policy,hypocrisy and abject dangerous stupidity....but "Donald conspired with Putin to steal the election"....lmfao! The left had academia,the entertainment industry and the mainstream press doing their bidding in 2016 and Trump still put it in their collective ass.Guys like Biden and Trudeau both have their dicks in Xi Jinping's asshole...as does the NBA.You also gotta love LeBron James - easily one of the most ignorant-uninformed-dumbest sons of b!tches I've seen in pro-sports in a very long time....someone needs to flush that turd down the
  7. The way I see it the entire sport's world can go straight to hell.....
  8. RIP... Even though (imo) QR died w/Kevin Dubrow and I didn't care for his continuing the band/ and direction he was taking with it.He was without question a helluva drummer.His playing on 'Headless Children' is up there with the best drumming performances ever put to tape.
  9. Backed on Metal Archives...a good resource but they are completely clueless. I have zero use for FB,Twitter,Instagram or any of that social media nonsense.Those who like it-good for you! Heavy Harmonies...…….j/k
  10. I picked this one up many years ago after hearing 'One Night' which reminded me of Lynch Mob.Good Max Norman production job too. RIP Mick Zane.
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