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  1. Thomas,you looking for a new bass player ? "Pastorbator" is available.....you guys got alot in common.
  2. Pseudo Echo' are on there and a whole host of (IMO) questionable slop.... I've been posting on the main site since 2002...i'll debate ANYONE on certain bands 'belonging'. Doesn't mean i know everything,anyone will listen and anything i mention gets added....i do think it's a healthy and long overdue debate to have or one to have again.
  3. She can feel free to step it on up and fund the ridiculous Ukranian war effort...instead of cash strapped US taxpayers who don't have a pot to piss in.
  4. I'd like to see 'The Cars' on HH...at their core a straight up rock band.
  5. Not bad... I'll admit i was slightly disappointed seeing the tracklist.Was hoping they'd re-record 'Backstreet Girl'...cool tune.
  6. When i heard they were working with Stephen Clifford again,i got interested and then complete silence for quite awhile.This is good to hear and since then they've even got the rhythm section back on board....based on that way too short 13 second clip (and even though it doesn't reveal alot) i heard enough to know that he (Stephen Clifford) isn't sounding half bad.
  7. They have been pretty active doing shows/tours all these years but their last release of original material dates back to 2003?...that is just ridiculous considering their continued popularity for a band of their ilk.
  8. Kinda overrated...not bad though.I liked the guitarwork. I'm sure one of the labels out there FNA etc...would be interested in releasing some of their demos and live stuff.
  9. Debut still a classic....great singer and great live'. IMO,band should end. RIP
  10. I'm convinced the guys in Skid Row are nothing but chickensh!ts,and probably were a bigger problem on the whole all along... Man,if im Bach i move the f__k on and im persona non grata forever with these dupes.That guy has been lobbying to get back in that band about as long as DLR had been trying to get back in VH....and no dice.I'm not a big Bach guy either but c'mon...give him the mic
  11. Poor Sebastian Bach now being replaced by a chick........
  12. Great band - Looking forward to this! The rhythm section of Pacheco and Reid are no longer in the fold.
  13. Saw Don Dokken & Co. back in Nov,good show - vox were ok but not a single tune off the new record...he needs to take 'Kiss Of Death' and 'Dream Warriors the hell out of the setlist already....was hoping for 'Fugitive' didn't get it....
  14. Joe Biden = Pathological Lying piece of shit
  15. Best of luck...people sometimes forget this guy also produced VH's '5150'....he's a talented cat. Just needs to put an end to this current tribute band called 'Foreigner'.....
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