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  1. For the sake of setting the record straight. I have e mailed Andrew at least 4 times concerning my not receiving the CD and each time I was assured it was mailed or taken care of. This spanned several months beginning in March. On this final e mail, Andrew has graciously issued a refund into my paypal account in order that I can purchase the CD locally. As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed. Thank you Andrew for the refund.
  2. I have an Australian band named CRYSTAL FOX on a 1990 demo by the band with six tracks 1. Danger 2. Touch Heaven 3. Hit 'n' Run 4. Wanna Hold You Forever 5. Doin' All I Can 6. Home Again Trying to find the lineup for this band??? any help appreciated with info on this band......
  3. I need some help on an Australian band...... have you heard of an Australian band named CRYSTAL FOX? I have a 1990 demo by the band with six tracks 1. Danger 2. Touch Heaven 3. Hit 'n' Run 4. Wanna Hold You Forever 5. Doin' All I Can 6. Home Again Trying to find the lineup for this band??? any help appreciated
  4. They just keep coming.....great stuff Russ
  5. April 28.....it's been another two weeks and still waiting although I must admit, my patience is wearing thin. I have to wonder now if this advance was a scam coming from a troubled web site????? I can't imagine any organization being so complicated or large that those helping in advance financing of a CD release are TOTALLY IGNORED yet every retailer, who can bring in additional monies, has been provided with the finished product. This is beyond disgusting what has occurred......I almost feel like this is similiar to the Lonnie Holdaway affair.
  6. Well, unfortunately, today is April 14....over three weeks since "all pre order CDs have now shipped"!!! I have ordered from CD Japan 10 days ago and received my CD from them!!! No Silent Tiger CD here though..........disgusting!!!
  7. Bonfire had dropped off my radar the past decade (someone mentioned an album a year!!!). This samples I've heard on the forth coming album have drawn my attention once again and hopefully, this is a refreshing new face for the band's music. Definitely going to grab a copy of the new one
  8. For sure Tim was one of the best and most gentle soul I ever encountered while collecting music. Loved all the interactions we had over the years, and yes, he certainly was knowledgable as T-Bone pointed out. Did a number of trades with Tim and of course, when I was active selling on E Bay, he bought CDs from me and discussed many of the titles I was selling. Just another good person that I enjoyed.
  9. Wow....thanks for sharing Tony. Tim was definitely one of the great guys....I can remember when I was active selling on E Bay, Tim would always be talking to me about different titles and, of course, we traded many times as well I always had Tim pictured as a very gentle soul.....So sorry to hear of his passing from this awful virus in the world....
  10. I was one of those who pre ordered this way back in September. It was released February 21......today is March 19 and I'm still waiting for my "pre ordered" copy direct from Melodicrock records!!!!!
  11. Heard a soundbite prior to it's release and placed a pre order through Nuclear Blast. I have to say, when I received it and put it in my CD player, I was totally disappointed. It was just way to electronic for my tastes. I'm sure some people will love this and that's fine, but I couldn't listen to it all.....
  12. I have been using FIREFOX while on Windows XP and switched to Windows 10 about 14 months ago....continue to use FIREFOX. Russ, I suspect your issue with browsers is actually related to your computer and not the browser. When I was on Windows XP I began having issues of slowing page loading with all the browsers I was using. Back on Windows XP, the operating system was not designed to implement HTML5 and relied on flash player for video......Now, on Windows 10, I have a SSD as my main drive and pages load lightning fast. One of the biggest problems with technology is keeping pace with development. Older operating systems do not always incorporate the necessary technology to keep pace. Another problem is basic housekeeping on your operating system. Cleaning up temp files, defragging, cleaning out your browser's cache and history including cookies...... Finally, some computers just need more RAM. If you don't have sufficient RAM, the operating system relies on the page file which is a lot slower and slows down performance. Just as grandpa can't run the marathon at the same speed as a teenager....so goes with computers.
  13. Jacob....yes, I have been in touch with both Josh and Jake and the problem has been clearing up legal issues and also the remastering of some of the tracks inorder to get the best quality. I talked to them about two weeks ago and it appears that the schedule has been delayed until around June 2020 to get everything in order to continue with the planned releases......
  14. Killer stuff Russ.....keep diggin out those obscure bands.....Wizekrak!!!!!!!!!!!
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