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  1. I just received my advance copy of the latest release from Metallic Blue Records which is a long awaited CD by the band BOUDREAUX. I've had a demo from this band in my collection for a long time, so I had an idea of what I should expect and I certainly wasn't dissappointed. Although fronted by Chris Boudreaux, the band has gone through a slough of lineup changes spanning over a decade. A multi-talented musician, Chris Boudreaux (THE TAKE, SOLDIER, RESTLESS BREED, HAIL MARY, HUNTER) got his start as a drummer. A promotor told him that he was too flashy and animated to stay behind the dr
  2. Glad to see you're back on track with more killer stuff Russ........awesome!!
  3. After 30 + years, it's finally here.......I have just finished listening to the new CD from Metallic Blue Records by the Reno, Nevada band RAWKON. Back in 2004, I received a 6 track demo cassette recorded by RAWKON in 1987 from a fellow collector in Nevada. He was extremely excited on finding this tape and wanted to share it with me. On the first play, it immediately reminded me of another awesome Nevada band, "ROCK BOULEVARD". As it turns out, RAWKON consisted of one member of ROCK BOULEVARD and this demo cassette turned out to be extremely rare and sought after. Fast forward 16 yea
  4. Back in 1990 we saw the release of the Nevada band ROCK BOULEVARD's "Self Titled" CD that became a collectors crown jewel. Fast forward to 2020 ...... METALLIC BlUE RECORDS has released a new CD by the band titled "Stand And Fight" which consists of tracks recorded in 1988-89 prior to their debut CD. You read that right.....another full length ROCK BOULEVARD album with all new songs that has sat in a can all these years waiting to be rediscovered. My hands were shaking and my heart fluttering with excitement when I received my advance copy. When I pressed play on my CD player, I wasn't
  5. Outstanding in my opinion. I love this CD which in a way, reflects some of what I hear in the PRAYER CDs. I.C. Rock was good, but this CD hits a new level. Tapani's unique vocals are the key that sets this off with a band that compares to either LEVERAGE or BROTHER FIRETRIBE.
  6. Their second album of great 80s hard rock. This one rocks from start to finish with big guitars, big hooks, big choruses and big backing vocals in 80s metal style....it's just like the debut, quality melodic hard rock and with a great vocalist Stephen Clifford.
  7. I just received advanced copies of the two new THE TOOLS CDs , "Diamond Lace" and "Remodeling" which are being released on the Metallic Blue Records label. The Tools were a band widely known in the Salt Lake City, Utah vicinity, having been a popular act in the night clubs and on stage at various venues there. The band was fronted by Mike Rafone on vocals and lead guitarist, Danny Dickman. In the late 80's they went into the studio and recorded some outstanding demo tracks in hopes of securing a record deal. Although that never materialized, today, Metallic Blue Records has
  8. Metallic Blue Records is preparing to release a CD by a great Utah band named BAD BOYS that were a long concealed secret for most of us outside of the Salt Lake City rock scene. I just received an advance copy for review and here a my first impressions. Having first appeared in the late 80's, this dual guitar hard rock band thrilled fans in the Salt Lake City area and eventually on the Sunset Strip in L.A. . The 11 tracks consists of two demos. Five of the tracks were recorded in 1988 and the remaining six in 1989. My first expectations were of a run of the mill hard rock band in th
  9. Maybe it's just me, but so much that is coming out all falls into the same mold....everything sounds like everything recently released......I will have to listen to this one quite a few times to see if it grows on me, but, it sounds like a dozen other bands rehashed.
  10. Wow...this BlackLeg Miner is a band made up of some heavy riffing old dudes......sounds good!!
  11. For the sake of setting the record straight. I have e mailed Andrew at least 4 times concerning my not receiving the CD and each time I was assured it was mailed or taken care of. This spanned several months beginning in March. On this final e mail, Andrew has graciously issued a refund into my paypal account in order that I can purchase the CD locally. As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed. Thank you Andrew for the refund.
  12. I have an Australian band named CRYSTAL FOX on a 1990 demo by the band with six tracks 1. Danger 2. Touch Heaven 3. Hit 'n' Run 4. Wanna Hold You Forever 5. Doin' All I Can 6. Home Again Trying to find the lineup for this band??? any help appreciated with info on this band......
  13. I need some help on an Australian band...... have you heard of an Australian band named CRYSTAL FOX? I have a 1990 demo by the band with six tracks 1. Danger 2. Touch Heaven 3. Hit 'n' Run 4. Wanna Hold You Forever 5. Doin' All I Can 6. Home Again Trying to find the lineup for this band??? any help appreciated
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