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  1. Delbert

    DeVicious - Reflections

    enjoyed the debut, so looking forward to hearing samples of his followup
  2. Delbert

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Anxious for this release....I have the Japanese pressing of the first
  3. Oh, there are many sound samples posted, you just have to navigate the site by clicking on the "bands" and then there are links to listen to their songs Most of the bands have at least 3 or 4 different samples posted
  4. You are spot on.....those titles labelled OUT OF STOCK are ones that will be released in the near future. The bands have been signed and the releases are being prepared for release. I know on the titles I purchased in the first release batch, they were listed like this and then changed to "Pre Order" with a release date of August 21 declared......As with any new project, we just have to hold our breath and be patient. Delbert
  5. Jacob That is the essence of my post....here is a label providing the obscure bands for us....and if you listen to the sound samples on the web page, they are great sounding as well. I'm certain you have observed numerous bands appear on Escape, Frontier, Perris and other labels and thought "Who are these guys, where did they come from, I don't recognize any of them".........I'm a collector, I have 100's of bands in my collection that I am positive neither you or many others have ever heard of before and when you heard them, would love them..... Delbert
  6. Dan That is surprising to me. The only response I can make would be that maybe it is something that was overlooked. I'm sure there's much involved in starting a project such as this. Actually, I hadn't seen anything anywhere advertising the new label, only learned of it when discussing a trade with Josh back in May sometime. I'd be great if he did reach out to you...... Delbert
  7. This Monday I received a package in the mail that I have been anxiously awaiting with bated breath for a couple of months. It contained the CDs from the new METALLIC BLUE RECORDS LABEL that was recently started by one of the members of our group, Josh Dowdle. I felt compelled to post to let all of you know about this great new label and the bands being offered now and in the future if you haven't already heard of it. I know I have discussed with many of my collector friends the need for these small labels to propel these obscure bands and CDs to us for our collections. If you are like me, I hate the new wave of downloading and love to hold the physical CD in my hands. Oh, I have to mention, the liner notes and entire packaging on these Metallic Blue Records CDs are first class as is the sound. Most of you know I am a stickler for high quality audio....LOL!! Please, check out the new label and support it if you can, and Josh, I think you've put together a great package starting out.....good luck and long life....... METALLIC BLUE RECORDS
  8. Delbert

    Hot Boy - Barely Legal

    great story......love hearing these bits of nostalgia.....
  9. Delbert

    DeVicious - Never Say Never

    Great CD.....thanks to Stefan for bringing it to my attention......
  10. Delbert

    Confess - Haunters

    Anxiously awaiting my Japanese Pressing of this Cd....the samples I heard were killer and pulled my chain to the max
  11. I just ordered my copy of this new CD.....for me, it is a dramatic change from the previous release. I love the addition of keys to the mix
  12. Delbert

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Nice score getting that Miriah 1992 demo Russ..........
  13. Delbert

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I ordered Japanese Pressing from CD Japan with the bonus track.....this album is definitely right up my listening pleasure alley.....
  14. Delbert

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I agree, the last track was definitely the one that pulled my chain the most......may be a pretty good album when finished.......I'm sitting on 50/50 right now
  15. Delbert

    Heartwind - Higher And Higher

    More good stuff on the horizon......love this genre of music

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