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  1. I have been using FIREFOX while on Windows XP and switched to Windows 10 about 14 months ago....continue to use FIREFOX. Russ, I suspect your issue with browsers is actually related to your computer and not the browser. When I was on Windows XP I began having issues of slowing page loading with all the browsers I was using. Back on Windows XP, the operating system was not designed to implement HTML5 and relied on flash player for video......Now, on Windows 10, I have a SSD as my main drive and pages load lightning fast. One of the biggest problems with technology is keeping pace with development. Older operating systems do not always incorporate the necessary technology to keep pace. Another problem is basic housekeeping on your operating system. Cleaning up temp files, defragging, cleaning out your browser's cache and history including cookies...... Finally, some computers just need more RAM. If you don't have sufficient RAM, the operating system relies on the page file which is a lot slower and slows down performance. Just as grandpa can't run the marathon at the same speed as a teenager....so goes with computers.
  2. Jacob....yes, I have been in touch with both Josh and Jake and the problem has been clearing up legal issues and also the remastering of some of the tracks inorder to get the best quality. I talked to them about two weeks ago and it appears that the schedule has been delayed until around June 2020 to get everything in order to continue with the planned releases......
  3. Killer stuff Russ.....keep diggin out those obscure bands.....Wizekrak!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I really liked this band's debut and looking forward to more from them.......
  5. I listened to this track........ Oh Dear, I quickly found myself being transported to the "Twilight Zone", hearing influences of Perry Como and Frank Sinatra (yes, I'm old enough to recall them). If it hadn't been for my wife turning up the volume on the TV I would surely have been lost forever!!!. Not the Zinatra I'm familiar with for sure.......
  6. Hey Sam, talk about buttin heads, here I am.....probably one of your top 10 head butters...LOL. Actually, after you moved to the silver pressed stuff, I started collecting them. I have a pretty impressive collection of Retrospect Releases and the very first one was "DefCon". You sent that to me as a sort of peace offering, remember? I was actually surprised to see this post because I was told that due to health reasons, you had put the business up for sale. Strange how these stories appear and are passed around. It all makes sense now.... I've still been cherry pickin off the site, Discogs and some of the auctions to pickup titles I missed along the way. Your assessment of the CD label business is spot on....very gloomy and sadly, headed toward and nearing end I believe. The downloading and internet of things has killed CDs (for all but the enthusiast like us), along with the soaring postage rates which I compained about even during my E bay selling days. I haven't spent any time in pawn shops for over 5 years because they quit accepting CDs. The music stores are vanishing across the US at an alarming rate. I would be truly surprised if you could find someone to take over your business at this late stage of the game. Finally, I do hope you see your way to at least crank out a few more for us die hards.......I wish you well!
  7. I agree completely.....good choice of words Geoff
  8. Here's a heads up for those of you into CD collecting....the Estonian Band FIRST NIGHT has their new 14 track CD almost ready to be shipped and they are now accepting pre orders with PAYPAL to firstnightaor@gmail.com .........The CD costs 16 Euro which includes postage and I personally believe this is going to be hard to get in the near future since it is available only from the band at this moment. They sound very much in the vein of the Finnish band PRAYER with elements of LEVERAGE and BROTHER FIRETRIBE....... you can hear samples of all the tracks on CD baby at this link FIRST NIGHT CD  sound samples   14 tracks
  9. I always loved the sound of this band and have been waiting anxiously for something new......The samples seem to be in the same tradition as the older material, but.....I am definitely going to miss the vocals of Pekka Heino. Wow!! That said, let's be fair and give the new effort some time to grow on me.....
  10. I've been waiting for this one for quite a long time. Have been following the band on Facebook and now we are extremely close to actually holding a physical CD in our hands. According to the band, the CD is in pressing right now and will be available shortly. For me, It's hard to find good melodic rock (definitely radio ready sound) of this quality. I love the tasty keys and just the right level of guitar in the mix. This band reminds me so much of the Finnish band PRAYER with its vocals....hey, this singer has a quality that is unique and with the excellent harmonies, works to his advantage. Classy pure melodic rock with some definite pomp elements. Luv the use of keys here as well...... Similar in sound to PRAYER, GREENHOUZE, HOUSE OF MIRRORS and at times, BROTHER FIRETRIBE. I know some of you don't care for this vocalist, but let's also realize, the uniqueness in the sound of his delivery.....I think that is what really drew me to the PRAYER releases from Finland. Like it or not, this is a pleasant and refreshing effort IMO!
  11. Totally love this band....have their first two CDs and anxiously waiing to score this one.....
  12. Great sounding band......I am fortunate to have a copy of the demo tape as well....
  13. anxious to hear some tracks off this one......
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