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  1. One of my passions is symphonic melodic rock and melodic power metal. Here is an outstanding band that released a CD last year titled "Rise Of The Beast". It was a private release (not on a label) and is a solid killer album. There's not a filler track on this album. The band is working on a new CD which will most likely appear next year. In the mean time, here is a taste of THE LIGHTBRINGER OF SWEDEN to prepare you for this great band....
  2. If you loved the Clint Eastwood movies as I do, especially, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, then watching this orchestra performing the movie theme will be very interesting to you.
  3. Most supergroups pale miserably in comparison to this...a true supergroup.
  4. Ahhhhhh it's another avenue of exploration. I have found some killer stuff on there that I did not have in my collection and would not have know about otherwise. Say a prayer for me Stefan.....
  5. It's been awhile since I've been on the main site actually posting. I only posted comments about albums I liked and basically stayed mute about those that didn't pull my chain. I do use the main site as a reference very often when searching for albums I've missed over the years. As far as the forum is concerned, I've actually not posted much although I am a regular reader. The main site is a fantastic collection of music that really isn't available elsewhere except possibly discogs, but what you have are two different formats there. Within the forum, there is more interaction and exchange of ideas. I belong to some of the Facebook groups and I notice one outstanding thing......this forum is actually more informative.
  6. Perked my interest.......one tidbit of advice to the band......don't post all your tracks on youtube. In this day and age we have people who will just download the youtube tracks and not buy the CD which is very sad to say because it kills the incentive for musicians. Just my personal opinion!!
  7. Thanks for the heads up Russ.......sounds very interesting to me
  8. Looks like something that has potential....waiting for some sound samples
  9. I bought the European release of this one. I originally was looking to get the Japanese pressing with the bonus track then discovered it was just an acoustic track. I hate it when they provide one of the standard release tracks in acoustic form. Nothing really new there.....
  10. I pre ordered this one some time ago based on some of the previews I saw and heard. We shall see........
  11. Well, you can add me to the fans list of this killer release. I had to get the Jap copy with the bonus track. This is melodic metal that is a breath of fresh air over the endless AOR bands with the same sound.
  12. JESSE STRANGE is an excellent hair metal band with lots of big, clean, cranking guitars which reminds me of ROXY BLUE and HEAVEN'S EDGE. Filled with catchy hard rock hooks, big choruses and those gang-style backing vocals. I love the wall of sound and lots of attitude in the vein of HARDLINE, DANGER DANGER and BLUE TEARS. An excellent release which includes the hot rocker "Raise A Little Hell" and a couple of powerful ballads, "The Last Goodbye" & "Love On The Telephone".
  13. I was let down on the last release "Feel The Burn"......this first track is very inspiring and I hope is a sample of things to come from this band. Love Pekka's vocals and still missing Emppu
  14. Loved the debut and looking forward to this followup........
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