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  1. Is the the classic lineup? I'll be on the lookout for it!
  2. Sorry to hear things are so rough right now. Do you have any family in your area? Are you open to relocating to somewhere with more opportunities?
  3. 44 myself. Somedays I feel like 64. Generally I act more like 4.
  4. Been digging up a lot of "new to me" stuff lately, btw. For the longest time I thought metal had died...turns out it just moved to Europe! I've been listening to quite a bit of Tony Harnell's stuff (just found Westworld's 'Skin' on ebay for a good price), a lot of Michael Kiske's stuff (Avantasia, guest stuff for Edguy, Masterplan, etc). Really liking The Codex. Lots of good stuff being released again.
  5. It's been a long time since I've been 'round HH, probably no one here remembers me, but I wanted to say HELLO! I joined waaaaay back when but kind of drifted off. The usual, got busy with work, then school, then just kind of didn't get around to coming back. I was searching for something on Google and HH came up...nice blast from the past! Hope everyone is well. Hopefully I'll stop in from time to time. Rob
  6. What a shame. Looks like it's truly the end of the line for one of the greatest bands in metal history.
  7. Tears of the Sun & 8 Below. I thought both were pretty good.
  8. I for one can hardly wait! I loved Firefly and really wish it wouldn't have gotten the axe.
  9. I just saw Sideways last night, and it was fantastic. One of the best flicks I've seen all year so far.
  10. God, I'm glad they didn't simply set it 50 years after the original series. Don't you remember they reached Earth? Surely you remember Wolfman Jack and the Cylon! NO, IMOHO they did the right thing by "reimagining" it. It's not perfect- having Starbuck be a chick is bad enough, but the actress they got to play her is notably lame. But she's the only real lamo of the group. I wish the Galactica looked a tad more like it did in the original series, and the Vipers & Raiders are pretty dorky looking. But I like the fact that they went for serious and dramatic instead of silly and camp
  11. Firefly was a fantatic show. I didn't see it for the first time til I watched it on DVD. I regret missing it on TV, but it didn't last long enough to find an audience. There is a Firefly movie coming in May called "Serenity," which I'm anxious for. As cheap as it is, the Firefly DVD set is a no brainer. Lots of humor, Joss Whenan style, with some of the best characters of any TV show I've watched, sci fi or not. Super casting, and extremely high production values. The effects are probably second only Farscape, and it had a very unique visual style. Definately a keeper. With any l
  12. I also have to give the "thumbs up" to the new BSG. But- I have a few complaints. The new mechanical cylons suck. Yeah, I get that they want more menace, less camp, and that's cool. But the new robots are just too cheesey. What's with the flip-up arm guns? Looks like a new George Lucas reject. And the Raider ships BLOW! Okay, they wouldn't be so bad if the old ones weren't so much cooler. Ditto for the Vipers- very gay compared to the originals. I like the more realistic physics (er, somewhat more realistic, anyway- the old "turbo boost" was hilarious!), but the look is "wrong" som
  13. Star Knight, actually, but yeah a total pos.
  14. Didn't they used to date a couple of the boys from Hansen?
  15. Hey, no problem! If you need a dumbass comment, you can count on me!
  16. Thanks man. I took that picture of her last weekend when she stopped by for some good lovin'. Oh, and I gave it to her good, let me tell ya. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He gave it to her so good I'll bet his elbow is still sore! Sorry, man- I just couldn't let that pass.
  17. God, I loved Dodgeball! It's an absolute must-have on DVD IMO.
  18. Evil Dead was good, but Army of Darkness was much better! "Gimme some sugar, baby."
  19. This should be fun in a flammable sort of way! What's the worst movie ever made in all human history? The film so buttpuckeringly awful that your skin crawls and your blood runs cold? The film so bad you'd consider poking your eyes out vs being forced to watch? My pick: Natural Born Killers. The stinker by which all others are judged. When I make a list of the "Bottom Ten" worst, I really have to make it 11 as I've set NBK as "winner" of the "Lifetime Acheivement For Suck Award." Nothing I've seen is so irredeemably awful as that one, so it's only fair I consider it as it's own catago
  20. Asia Argento is a big-time hottie, but the tat work is pretty gross.
  21. Since this is turning into a rant anyway, I'd like to interject my $.02 worth with regards to issues brought up here. 1) I don't know Vegasmetal from Adam, and I have no idea if he's selling bootlegs or not. He does come across as a low-rent peice of shit, but maybe he's not such an asslick in person. At any rate, I do take extreme exception to anyone that would knowingly pass off a bootleg or a legal reissue as a more-valuable original. What would you think if you paid $45,000 for a supposedly-original & mint copy of Superman #1, only to find you got a completely worthless but leg
  22. I'd actually pick "Intermission." I know it's just an EP, but it has my all time favorite Dio song, "Time To Burn." So far I've had no luck picking up a copy.
  23. Does the name imply the winner of the game will receive soup, or are they somehow using canned soup as pins?
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