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  1. If you can't appreciate Trumptards mocking Covid right before dying of Covid you just don't have a sense of humor.
  2. You know you're a shitty human when you're too shitty even for Facebook!
  3. Reddit now has a thread honoring the various HermanCainAward winners. Good stuff!
  4. Meh. As long as no one is required to get vaccinated the stupid ones are free to keep dying. So, 'Merica?
  5. Except that's mostly bullshit. If he'd had been vaccinated and still died of Covid then he truly would be like a skydiver who has both main & reserve chutes fail or a swimmer killed by a shark. Because vaccinated people very very rarely die of Covid. No, this guy is more the guy that goes to Yellowstone and tries to put his cowboy hat on a Grizzly and gets killed by the bear, only to have people say, "Gosh! How could he have known!" Again, I already pointed out it's terribly sad for the family. But honestly how bad should anyone feel for the dumbass that could have taken a quick and easy shot yet preferred to die instead? It's time to have to the guts to call these fuckers out. If you refuse to the do the responsible thing and you die then you simply got what you could have reasonably expected to get. Or in other words, fuck around and find out.
  6. Meh. In the USA you may have a right to be a fucking idiot but you're still obligated to suffer the consequences of it. You don't seem to get it- in an average year maybe four or five people are killed by sharks but that many unvaccinated assholes die every few minutes. So getting killed by a shark is astonishingly bad luck while blowing off a vaccine and dying just makes you a dumbass. And while I don't exactly celebrate it I can't really mourn it either. If someone sticks a pistol in their mouth and pulls the trigger it's a waste but not really a tragedy so much as a choice. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Sorry but that's big boy rules.
  7. Looks like Darwin gets another one! A sad waste of a life.
  8. Not hard to see this one coming. What do you say to a guy that does out of his way to catch Covid and die? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/29/conservative-radio-host-anti-vaxxer-dies-covid-marc-bernier
  9. You're the one with the dick addiction to match.
  10. You may well be! Cuckadoodle doo!
  11. This place wasn't so full of cucks back in the day. Pity things have slid this far.
  12. Hang on to your butts, One-Pump Trump's next term will in prison! That fat crook is gonna die in prison.
  13. I joined in 04 and read more than I posted. Depending on what's going on I sometimes don't have a lot of time. Plus it depends on what's going on in the music scene. But I wrecked my shoulder at work and have been off for a while so I have time lately.
  14. No, those are both in your mouth.
  15. I was a bit before your time.
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