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  1. You're the one with the dick addiction to match.
  2. You may well be! Cuckadoodle doo!
  3. This place wasn't so full of cucks back in the day. Pity things have slid this far.
  4. Hang on to your butts, One-Pump Trump's next term will in prison! That fat crook is gonna die in prison.
  5. I joined in 04 and read more than I posted. Depending on what's going on I sometimes don't have a lot of time. Plus it depends on what's going on in the music scene. But I wrecked my shoulder at work and have been off for a while so I have time lately.
  6. No, those are both in your mouth.
  7. I was a bit before your time.
  8. Those slack-jawed faggots are too dumb to be scared. They'll still make good fertilizer since Truptards are full of shit.
  9. One-Pump Trump did improve relations with Russia. You'd need a crowbar to pry Putin's cock out of Trump's ass!
  10. Removed pics..too many Trumptard fuckwit cucks here.
  11. Shooting is my 2nd most expensive hobby after audio & music.
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