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In Memoriam... Those No Longer With Us
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  1. I think he's the one that used to work with Sean Kaufman. Avoid him too! ...Tim
  2. TIM

    Chrissy Steele

    Sounds like something that belonged on a Winger or Warrant album. Good stuff! ...Tim
  3. Yeah, that's what I'd recommend. Unless of course it's a new entry for an artist that already exists on the site; ..those pics. will always be accepted. ...Tim
  4. I agree with you Jim. I think he is bidding up his own stuff, or having Sean do it. Something is weird and I thought the transactions I'd had were strange.. ...Tim
  5. This guy bought a demo tape or two from me. Met him through Sean Kaufman. Said he only would buy tapes. Didn't want cds at all. First email said Rob, but he told me his name was Chris in the next email. Said he was using a friend's computer. I recognized the email as someone I'd dealt with years ago. ...Tim Bidder Bid Amount Date of bid bauer997( 147) US $11.50 Jun-02-07 23:48:11 PDT seank407cat( 67) US $11.00 Jun-02-07 22:32:02 PDT bauer997( 147) US $10.00 Jun-02-07 20:57:05 PDT
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