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Gotus - s/t


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From facebook:

New band featuring members of Krokus, Gotthard, Unisonic, Animal Drive, Dirty Shirley, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Crystal Ball.

Back in 2019, Mandy Meyer and Pat Aeby met in order to discuss the possibility of creating a new musical project together. The idea to play live and revisiting the songs Mandy wrote during his impressive career seemed to be logical. The repertoire will include tracks from Krokus, Unisonic, Gotthard, Cobra, House Of Lords, Katmandü and probably other surprises.

Dino Jelusick (Animal Drive, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Dirty Shirley) is the perfect singer for this project. When we contacted him, Dino was also very enthusiast to embark in this touring adventure and this is simply how GOTUS was born.

A few phone calls later with Tony Castell (Krokus, Crystal Ball), who was our immediate choice for the bass work, and Alain Guy, a great pianist/keyboard/Hammond player who also worked with Mandy in the past and the base of the band was here. It took only half a day!

Meyer, Aeby and Castell have worked together since many years, including during the successful Krokus era of the Rock The Block, Fire & Gasoline and Hellraiser records. “It feels great to be back on the road with old friends”.


Mandy Meyer - Guitars

Dino Jelusick –Vocals (courtesy of Frontiers Records Srl)

Pat Aeby – Drums

Tony Castell – Bass

Alain Guy – Keyboards

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Now this has the makings of something id really like,fingers crossed...maybe Meyer can let loose with Jelusick's powerful voice rather than the labouring Gotthard material of late?

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Hopefully it'll rock better than Dino's project with Lynch. That fell flat on it's face for me.

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On 3/15/2020 at 7:37 AM, phaffas said:

so this is covers from Meyer's old bands?

that's the impression I got as well in reading the post, if an album of new material is in the works count me as interested but otherwise I'll pass

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Fantastic band name, best one I've heard in a long time!

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Cut the keyboards back a little and amp up the guitars. Other than that, sounds great

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  • Stefan changed the title to GOTUS - s/t
13 hours ago, melodicrock said:

Romeo. FFS.

Its as if there are only 5 musicians working at Frontiers - ADV, Romero, Sweet, Lynch & Hilli.

Wish George with all bands he in, come through his instrumental albums label he sign to.

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I did wonder how this was coming out on Frontiers with Dino Jelusick (courtesy of Frontiers Records srl), after he successfully sued them to break their shitty contract (something that even Toto didn't manage!)

Turns out it won't.

Ronnie has a good voice, but the accent is still very heavy which is off putting.  He's already sang for CoreLeoni, so this will inevitably just feel like an extension of that...  a covers project of a former band by a guitarist.

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