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  1. New album 'Relentless' out April 9th through Frontiers.
  2. New album 'Phase2' out April 9th through Frontiers.
  3. New album out March 12th through Frontiers. Tracks: 1. Awake 2. Come Out Of The Shadows 3. Who Can Stand All Alone 4. Back To Life 5. Into The Unknown 6. When The Fire Burns Out 7. Evil’s Around The Corner 8. Mesmerized 9. Weaker 10. This Is Not The End
  4. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Danish vocalist Ronnie Atkins to a solo deal. The acclaimed Pretty Maids and Nordic Union vocalist is currently wrapping up work on a new solo album, ”One Shot,” which will be released in the spring of 2021. ”To be honest, I initially had no intention to do a solo album to begin with, but for various reasons and in particularly my own personal health situation I finally decided to have a crack at it,” says Atkins. ”Around Easter 2020 and only some six weeks after I was told that everything seemingly looked
  5. New album 'Waterside' out March 12th through Frontiers.
  6. New album 'Afterlife' out March 12th through Frontiers. More info to follow.
  7. New album out February 12th through Frontiers. More info to follow....
  8. New album 'Queen Of Broken Hearts' out March 12th through Frontiers.
  9. From Frontiers: Robert Berry will return with a second 3.2 album, “Third Impression” on February 12, 2021. 3.2 is a continuation of the band 3, in which Berry played alongside Carl Palmer and the late, great Keith Emerson. "Third Impression," the follow up to 3.2's debut album, "The Rules Have Changed," is a fine match for its predecessor. It mixes epic songs, such as album opener “Top Of The World” and closing song “Never”, the latter co-written by Robert with Emerson, with more melodic and AOR moments. “Being left with “Never”, the final song that Keith and I worked on, weigh
  10. Rust n' Rage signs with Frontiers for their third album with Jimmy Westerlund (One Desire) as the producer. The 2 previous albums are 'Showdown' (2013) & 'Tales From The Wasteland' (2018). From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Slr is pleased to welcome Finland's Rust n' Rage to the label's ever-growing stable of exciting new young talent. The band has just started recording their label debut with producer Jimmy Westerlund (One Desire). Coming from a small town in Finland called Pori, Rust n’ Rage is made up of four guys who all live for a similar cause: Rock n’ Roll. While individ
  11. From Frontiers: Inglorious will release their new album, "We Will Ride" on February 12, 2021. First single and video and more album details coming November 20th! Early pre-orders are available now from the Frontiers EU and U.S. webstores and the band's webstore, including limited edition color vinyl. Tracklist: 1. She Won't Let You Go 2. Messiah 3. Medusa 4. Eye Of The Storm 5. Cruel Intentions 6. My Misery 7. Do You Like It 8. He Will Provide 9. We Will Meet Again 10. God Of War 11. We Will Ride
  12. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Sweden's Seventh Crystal to the label for a multi-album deal. This new band was put together by singer Kristian Fyhr (Perpetual Etude) who initially wanted to pursue a solo project; however, when the songs started to take form, he realized he wanted to involve more musicians. So, he moved to vocals only and brought in Johan Älvsång (Pinstripe Conspiracy, Lamashtu) on keyboards and piano and Olof Gadd (Osukaru) on bass to start. The line-up was then rounded out by Anton Roos on drums and Emil Dornerus on guitar.
  13. This sounds great! From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the signing of Smackbound to a multi-album deal! Smackbound is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland featuring the multi-talented vocalist and actress Netta Laurenne, who founded the group in 2015. Guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari (WINTERSUN) was the first to join Netta in the band and they were soon joined by Rolf Pilve (STRATOVARIUS, WINTERSUN) on drums, Vili Itäpelto (TRACEDAWN) on keyboards, and Tuomas Yli-Jaskari (TRACEDAWN) on bass. “I am so happy to belong to the Frontiers family. Smackbound was lookin
  14. From Frontiers: Hailing from the shores of Santa Cruz, CA, USA, modern heavy metal revivalist James Durbin is on the verge of releasing his boldest, heaviest album to date with the announcement of the debut album from DURBIN, “The Beast Awakens”. Coming February 12, 2021 via Frontiers Music Srl, fans can get their first taste of the album with the release of the single 'Kings Before You' featuring Chris Jericho (Fozzy) and Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head, Vio-lence). James Durbin is finally releasing the album he has always wanted to over the course of his decade long recording career.
  15. Another announcement over the holidays from Frontiers. "CROWNE – Another achievement from the label side was to put together this supergroup from the North! Featuring Alex Strandell on vocals (Art Nation), Jona Tee on keyboards (H.E.A.T), Love Magnusson on guitars (Dynazty), John Levén on bass (Europe), and Christian Lundkvist on drums (The Poodles) this record is every bit as good as you may imagine. Actually… better!" Sounds great!
  16. The seventh album 'Fish' out next year through Frontiers. From Crazy Lixx: MERRY X-MAS from CRAZY LIXX! Let’s not get into what a year it has been, but for one it did give us some time to work on a lot of new music. There has been some talking about a new album, and yes, we are just about to enter the studio and start the recording of what will be our seventh studio album! We also have a lot of shows booked for 2021 and we hope they will all proceed as planned. Either way, you’ll be updated here on our page. We want to wish you all the best of times during the holidays
  17. New album 'Remnants' out December 4th through Frontiers.
  18. New album to be released later this year through Frontiers. facebook Tracks: CD 1 1. Someone To Love 2. Mystified 3. Love's Blind 4. Without You 5. Lesson Of Love 6. Paper Wings 7. Love Will Find A Way 8. Between The Lines 9. Living In A Dream 10. Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) 11. Desperate CD2 1. Drowning (live) 2. 21st Century (live) 3. Believe In Me (live) 4. Look Inside Your Heart (live) 5. Eyes Of Love (live) 6. Band Intros (live) 7. Soul Divine (live) 8. Our Son
  19. New album out December 4th through Frontiers.
  20. New album 'Grit Your Teeth' out May 8 on Frontiers. More info to come.
  21. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of ARC OF LIFE's self-titled debut album on February 12, 2021. Arc Of Life is a new progressive rock supergroup featuring three members of the current YES line-up, vocalist Jon Davison, bassist/vocalist Billy Sherwood, and drummer Jay Schellen, one of the most interesting talents in the “new” progressive rock scene in the US, Dave Kerzner (ex-Sound of Contact) on keyboards, and Jimmy Haun (also featured on YES albums in the past) on guitar. Fans can get their first taste of the band's forthcoming debut with the new sin
  22. New album 'Rock And Roll Radio' out December 4th through Frontiers.
  23. From Frontiers: Platinum-selling recording artist and world class guitarist, Orianthi has announced the release of her new album, "O" on November 6, 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl. This will be Orianthi's first new studio album in seven years and her first new music as a solo artist in six years. "The album O is a very inspired album....kept things pretty raw and didn't overthink it. Marti [Frederiksen, producer, mixer, songwriter] and I wanted to create a unique sound and vibe with every track and we experimented a lot with synths and different guitar tones. Lyrically, a lot of this
  24. From Frontiers: Italian hard rockers/heavy metallers Hell in the Club have announced the upcoming release of their new studio album, "Hell Of Fame" on September 4, 2020. Today, the band has also released the first single and video from the album, 'We'll Never Leave The Castle'. "With "Hell of Fame," we've tried a slightly different approach compared to "See you on the dark side". It is definitely more straight ahead album and I was honestly a bit skeptical about it at first. But as often happens, simple and instinctive thinking beat out overthinking. Expect a straight ahead, yet sti
  25. Wow. 2 top female vocalists. Can't be other than great. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is positively thrilled to announce the formation of one of their most exciting new projects, a collaboration between powerhouse Finnish vocalists Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) and Netta Laurenne (Smackbound). Laurenne/Louhimo are currently hard at work recording music for their debut album for the label. Guitars will be handled by Nino Laurenne and drums by Sampo Haapaniemi. Bass duties will be determined soon and guest guitar solos are also being plotted. The album is currently tentativ
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