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  1. New group from Sweden. Debut album 'The One' out in 2020. More info to follow... Arctic Rain: Vocals: Tobias Jonsson Guitars: Magnus Berglund Keys: Pete Alpenborg Bass: Gert Daun Drums: Jonas Jönsson facebook
  2. New album to be released later this year through Frontiers. facebook Tracks: CD 1 1. Someone To Love 2. Mystified 3. Love's Blind 4. Without You 5. Lesson Of Love 6. Paper Wings 7. Love Will Find A Way 8. Between The Lines 9. Living In A Dream 10. Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) 11. Desperate CD2 1. Drowning (live) 2. 21st Century (live) 3. Believe In Me (live) 4. Look Inside Your Heart (live) 5. Eyes Of Love (live) 6. Band Intros (live) 7. Soul Divine (live) 8. Our Son
  3. From Frontiers: +FRONTIERS ANNOUNCES SIGNING OF STARDUST +LATEST MELODIC ROCK GEM TO JOIN LABEL'S ROSTER +HUNGARIAN BAND RELEASING DEBUT ALBUM IN 2020 Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of one of the hottest new AOR bands to come out of the underground European scene, Stardust. Signed after some fans put the band to the attention of label staff during one of the Frontiers Rock Festivals, Stardust are preparing to release their label debut in 2020. “Our first EP got really good feedback from the fans, not only from Hungary, but from around the world,” says
  4. I'm not into these instrumental guitar albums but here you go. From Frontiers: Reb Beach has announced that his long in the works instrumental solo album will now see the light of day. “A View From The Inside” is slated for a November 6th release via Frontiers Music Srl. An album that showcases the dynamic talents of the guitar virtuoso, hard rock fans will be transported back to the days when giants like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani dominated the mainstream consciousness (and airwaves), while also simultaneously being shown a guitarist ever pushing himself forward into the futur
  5. New album 'Lion Heart' out later this year through Frontiers. More info to come...
  6. New album from Angelica Rylin (The Murder of My Sweet) out November 6th through Frontiers. More info to follow.
  7. Out August 9 on Frontiers. More info to follow... Tracks: 1. '72 Camaro 2. Here For You 3. You And I 4. Just So You Know 5. Can't Go On 6. Halfway To Nowhere 7. How Long 8. Nothing Matters 9. When I'm With You 10. Before The Rainbow 11. Warrior
  8. New album out December 4th through Frontiers.
  9. New album out September 4 through Frontiers. More info to come...
  10. New album 'Rock And Roll Radio' out December 4th through Frontiers.
  11. From Frontiers: Platinum-selling recording artist and world class guitarist, Orianthi has announced the release of her new album, "O" on November 6, 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl. This will be Orianthi's first new studio album in seven years and her first new music as a solo artist in six years. "The album O is a very inspired album....kept things pretty raw and didn't overthink it. Marti [Frederiksen, producer, mixer, songwriter] and I wanted to create a unique sound and vibe with every track and we experimented a lot with synths and different guitar tones. Lyrically, a lot of this
  12. From Frontiers: Long Island’s Magic Dance will return with a new album, “Remnants” this December, but first the band has released a new EP, "From Death To Life!" Magic Dance mastermind Jon Siejka says, "I'm super excited to share with you guys my single 'Zombie Breath Surprise'! It's an AOR celebration in the Halloween spirit. I had a ton of fun writing and recording the song and shooting this video and hope you enjoy it!" Magic Dance is the solo project of singer/songwriter Jon Siejka, formed in Long Island, NY in 2012 as an outlet for his synthwave songs. A self-taught music
  13. New album out November 6th through Frontiers. More info to come...
  14. From Frontiers: Black Rose Maze is singer Rosa Laricchiuta’s very own hard rock project. The album is comprised of driving hard rock that backs up Rosa’s unbelievably powerful voice. This self-titled debut album is a showcase of Rosa’s own songs, together with a few cuts which were penned for Rosa by the likes of Clif Magness (Steve Perry, Avril Lavigne), Nasson (Chaos Magic, Sinner’s Blood), and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, JORN, Revolution Saints etc.). Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio, this awesome record should not be missed by anyone who has a penchant for melodic hard rock w
  15. From Frontiers: Enuff Z'Nuff have announced their new album, "Brainwashed Generation" will be released on July 10, 2020! A new song, 'Fatal Distraction' is out now. Featuring founding member Chip Z’nuff along with Alex Kane (guitars), Tory Stoffregen (guitars), and Daniel Benjamin Hill (drums), Enuff Z’Nuff’s new studio release, “Brainwashed Generation” showcases a diverse collection of songs that demonstrate the progression of musical styles in the Enuff Z’nuff catalog, all while retaining the undercurrent that has kept them a loyal fanbase since the ‘80s. The album also features g
  16. From Frontiers: +FRONTIERS ANNOUNCES THE SIGNING OF LANDFALL +BRAZILIAN ACT JOINS THE LABEL'S GROWING ROSTER +NEW ALBUM PLANNED FOR RELEASE IN 2020 Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Brazil's Landfall. Hailing from Curitiba, the band features former Auras singer Gui Oliver - a true dead ringer for the legendary Steve Perry - Landfall's sound can be described as falling between classic melodic rock a là Journey with some slightly heavier influences, such as classic era Dokken, White Lion, and Extreme. “I’m really glad to be back with Frontiers with a
  17. From Frontiers: Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall will release a new album, "We Are The Night" on May 8, 2020! Behold first single, 'Hold Your Fire', featuring none other than Animal Drive vocalist Dino Jelusick. Aside from Dino, other guest vocalists on the album include Frontiers' newest vocal sensation Renan Zonta of Electric Mob, Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast, Ronnie Romero Official Site, Mike Andersson ofCloudscape, and a man who should need no introduction, Tony Martin..... Magnus Karlsson is well known as the mastermind behind several Frontiers productions, including the succes
  18. This sounds great! From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the signing of Smackbound to a multi-album deal! Smackbound is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland featuring the multi-talented vocalist and actress Netta Laurenne, who founded the group in 2015. Guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari (WINTERSUN) was the first to join Netta in the band and they were soon joined by Rolf Pilve (STRATOVARIUS, WINTERSUN) on drums, Vili Itäpelto (TRACEDAWN) on keyboards, and Tuomas Yli-Jaskari (TRACEDAWN) on bass. “I am so happy to belong to the Frontiers family. Smackbound was lookin
  19. From Frontiers: Italian hard rockers/heavy metallers Hell in the Club have announced the upcoming release of their new studio album, "Hell Of Fame" on September 4, 2020. Today, the band has also released the first single and video from the album, 'We'll Never Leave The Castle'. "With "Hell of Fame," we've tried a slightly different approach compared to "See you on the dark side". It is definitely more straight ahead album and I was honestly a bit skeptical about it at first. But as often happens, simple and instinctive thinking beat out overthinking. Expect a straight ahead, yet sti
  20. New album 'Remnants' out December 4th through Frontiers.
  21. New album 'Freakshow' out in August through Frontiers. More info to follow... facebook
  22. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Circus Of Rock to the label. Circus of Rock is a new band, or rather a massive musical project, started and fronted by drummer Mirka Rantanen, who has a long career in the Finnish hard rock scene. He has played on 30+ albums during his 30 year career, including releases by King Company, Thunderstone, Raskasta Joulua, Kotipelto, Warmen, Northern Kings, Revolution Renaissance, and more. In addition, ten years ago he created the very popular heavy rock band for kids called ‘Hevisaurus’, for which he was awarded the Emm
  23. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Sweden's Seventh Crystal to the label for a multi-album deal. This new band was put together by singer Kristian Fyhr (Perpetual Etude) who initially wanted to pursue a solo project; however, when the songs started to take form, he realized he wanted to involve more musicians. So, he moved to vocals only and brought in Johan Älvsång (Pinstripe Conspiracy, Lamashtu) on keyboards and piano and Olof Gadd (Osukaru) on bass to start. The line-up was then rounded out by Anton Roos on drums and Emil Dornerus on guitar.
  24. New album 'Grit Your Teeth' out May 8 on Frontiers. More info to come.
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