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  1. New album 'Second To None' out August 5 through Frontiers. From facebook: Restless Spirits album number 2 completed and ready to be delivered to Frontiers Records! If you liked the debut album...well you're gonna love this one way mooooore!!!
  2. Press release: Frontiers Records is proud to announce the signing of Hydra, a new melodic rock band from Sweden. The band's debut album, "Point Break" will be released on August 5, 2022. In addition to this single, a second single, 'Bringing Down The Moon' is also available. Hydra is the brainchild of Swedish songwriter/musician Henrik Hedström, who has been a songwriter based out of Stockholm for many years and a friend of drummer/producer Daniel Flores (First Signal, Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet) for the past 15 years. Flores drums and plays keyboards on the album, vocals and lead and rhythm guitars are handled by Andi Kravljaca (Aeon Zen, Seventh Wonder), and bass and fretless bass by Jonny Trobro (Find Me, First Signal). Henrik plays keyboards and acoustic and clean guitars in Hydra. In his own words, Henrik Hedström was "kind of a musical prodigy and always sang or played piano at the school celebrations." In Stockholm, Henrik started and joined a few bands through the years, serving as a singer, guitar player, and songwriter. He eventually decided to start a solo career and began working with Swedish producer Anders Bagge. After some time with Anders, Henrik started a new band, Hydra. Around the same time, Henrik was signed as a songwriter by Warner/Chappell, writing pop music, but this ultimately wasn't where his heart was and he eventually started a career outside of music. In 2007, Henrik met Daniel Flores, whom he was introduced to through a mutual friend, Andreas Novak (Mind's Eye, House of Shakira). The two wound up recording some pop music demos for Warner/Chappell, but again, Henrik's heart wasn't really in it and in 2009, he ended his deal with Warner/Chappell. In 2019, Flores reached out to Henrik and asked him to send over some old and newer versions of his songs, particularly the rock ones. Later in 2019, Henrik's song "A Million Miles" was recorded and released by First Signal and in 2020, "Beat Them All" by Angelica, both releases coming via Frontiers Music Srl. “Point Break” Tracklisting: 1. Stop The Madness 2. Bringing Down The Moon 3. No Lullaby 4. Stay A While 5. Angela 6. Forever My Love 7. Never Be The Same 8. Doors Of Love 9. The Most Wanted 10. Suspicious 11. To Say Goodbye LINE-UP: Andi Kravljaca - Vocals, Lead & Rhythm guitars Henrik Hedström - Keyboards, Acoustic & Clean guitars Daniel Flores - Drums and keyboards Jonny Trobro - Bass/Fretless bass Additional musicians: Elena Valente - Vocals on "To Say Go
  3. New album 'Animalistic' out August 5 through Frontiers. More info to come...
  4. Featuring members from Journey, Rascal Flatts and Chicago. Debut album out August 5 through Frontiers. The band: Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts) Jason Scheff (Chicago) Deen Castronovo (Journey, Revolution Saints) Tom Yankton Chris Rodriguez facebook
  5. New album 'Brothers In Arms' out August 5 through Frontiers. More info to come... facebook
  6. New album 'Suburbia' out September 16 through Frontiers.
  7. Press release: Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the signing of the new Danish hard rock band TABOO, who will release their self-titled debut album via the label this year. Taboo features vocalist Christoffer Stjerne, who also fronts the band H.E.R.O., and guitarist Ken Hammer, who rock fans around the world will recognize as a founding member of the beloved hard rock institution Pretty Maids. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Taboo’s songs are stuffed with classic heavy riffing and super melodic hooks with a dose of modernity. With their musical union, Taboo became the musical playground for two of Denmark’s most experienced and powerful musicians. The powerhouse duo of Christoffer and Ken won’t let rock fans down when they release their self-titled debut album later this year. Stay tuned for your first taste of music from the band coming up at the end of this month… facebook
  8. New video for 'Dead Man Walking'. No ADV. From Frontiers: Starchaser, a new band formed by former Tad Morose guitarist Kenneth Jonsson, have announced the upcoming release of their self-titled debut album on May 6, 2022. Initially, the musical journey that Kenneth was on was supposed to be a solo album, but morphed into a brand new band after the chemistry between the players he was working with became apparent. Vocalist Ulrich Carlsson (Shaggy, ex-M.ILL.ION), bassist Örjan Josefsson (Cibola Junction), drummer Johan Koleberg (Wolf, Therion, Hammerfall, etc.), and keyboardist Kay Backlund (Lions Share, Nils Patrik Johansson, Impera, etc.) round out the Starchaser lineup. The album, largely composed by Jonsson and Carlsson, was produced by Roger Bergsten at Nevo Studio in Sweden. After leaving Tad Morose, Swedish guitarist Kenneth Jonsson decided to focus on songwriting. He had an idea to combine his 'outside' musical influences into the hard rock/metal genre he was known for. By 'outside' musical influences, think of composers like Phillip Glass and Max Richter, whose inspiration will show up here and there throughout the band's songs. He was able to quickly assemble a nice batch of songs and thus set to work to find the fellow musicians who could help him bring his vision to life. His first choice for a singer was Ulrich Carlsson (Shaggy, ex-M.ILL.ION), whom he felt has the perfect mix of clean and raw tone in his voice. Ulrich is also very melodic in his approach and of course, an incredibly nice guy to work with. Ulrich wrote all the lyrics and vocal melodies for the songs and came up with some arrangement ideas which Kenneth felt made the songs sound even better. Kenneth later asked Örjan Josefsson (Cibola Junction) to handle bass duties. Having known Örjan for a long time, he was Kenneth's first choice for the role as he really needed a bass player who thinks musically the same way he does. As with Ulrich, Örjan contributes to the songs in a meaningful way and fits perfectly into the concept of the band. A long time ago when Kenneth played with Torch, he became very good friends with drummer Magnus Ulfstedt (ex Eclipse, Jimi Jamison, Nordic Union). Magnus was initially supposed to play on the Starchaser album, but schedules didn't work out. Fortunately, Magnus kindly helped Kenneth get in contact with Johan Koleberg (Wolf, Therion, Hammerfall, etc.), who turned out to be a perfect match. Since Kenneth's songwriting is based on the piano, he needed a skilled keyboard player who could help him develop his ideas into bigger ideas, so he was able to get in contact with Kay Backlund (Lions Share, Nils Patrik Johansson, Impera, etc.). Kay agreed to play keyboards on the album and suited the concept perfectly. As time passed, Kenneth realized this wasn't going to be a “solo” album because of all the positive and meaningful input from Ulrich, Kay, Örjan, and Johan. Together, they decided to form a brand new band which they named Starchaser. The band will now unleash their self-titled debut album upon the world in the summer of 2022! Tracklisting: 1. Intro 2. Starchaser 3. Tokyo 4. Bringer Of Evil 5. Dead Man Walking 6. Angel Of Fear 7. I’ll Find A Way 8. Day Of Judgement 9. Killer Of Lies 10. Battleship 11. For A Dying World 12. Homeground 13. The Nightingale Paradox (Outro) Lineup: Ulrich Carlsson - Vocals Kenneth Jonsson - Guitars Örjan Josefsson - Bass Johan Koleberg - Drums Kay Backlund - Keyboards www.facebook.com/Starchaser
  9. From FB: Working on our forthcoming studio album ”OUT OF THE DARK” for @frontiersmusicsrl in Casa del Holter” in the Spoon Bay (Sponvika) Norway. Can’t wait to share these songs with you all
  10. New song 'The Way We Used To Be' from the forthcoming album 'Freedom'.
  11. New album 'Army Of Dreamers' out September 9 through Frontiers. More details coming soon...
  12. From Frontiers: Latvian hard rockers Bloody Heels have announced their return with a new studio album, "Rotten Romance" on June 10, 2022. “Rotten Romance”, their third album overall, follows their Frontiers debut, "Ignite The Sky" (2020). While the band still shows nods to the great ‘80s hard rock scene in their sound, the new album presents a stylistic leap from the band that is delightfully unexpected and welcome. Not content to be stagnant in their musical approach, Bloody Heels have pushed their sound forward, proving that innovation within the confines of a genre is always possible when the will to push through barriers exists. "Rotten Romance" will certainly please fans of the band's previous work, where strains of classic '80s hard rock were mixed with elements of heavy metal (and that is still very much the case here), but touches of progressive rock, gothic metal, and more modern rock are now identifiable in the mix and with spectacular results. Vocalist Vicky White's whisky-soaked sounding throat is in fine form here, while guitarist Harry Rivers, bassist Gunn Everett, and drummer Gus Hawk already superb playing has jumped up multiple levels. Intense, driving parts mix with atmospheric, sometimes dark breakdowns, giving the album's rhythm an enjoyable variety that works seamlessly. Have Bloody Heels just provided the blueprint for how the class of bands paying respect to '80s hard rock and metal can actually push the genre into new, exciting, inventive territory? Only time will be the judge of that, but with "Rotten Romance" these Latvian upstarts have certainly thrown down a gauntlet for their peers to attempt to match. Formed in 2012 in Riga, Latvia, Bloody Heels made a name for themselves with the EP 'Summer Nights' (2014) and the studio albums 'Through Mystery' (2017) and 'Ignite The Sky' (2020). They’ve played shows all around Europe including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and the Baltic States “Rotten Romance” Tracklisting: 1. Dream Killers 2. Rotten Romance 3. The Velvet 4. Distant Memory 5. Hour Of Sinners 6. Mirror Mirror 7. When The Rain And I Meet 8. Crow’s Lullaby 9. Burning Bridges 10. Angels Crying 11. Oblivion LINE-UP: Valts Berzins (Vicky White) - Vocals Haralds Avotins (Harry Rivers) - Guitars Gunars Toms Narbus (Gunn Everett) - Bass Gus Hawk (Gustavs Vanags) - Drums facebook
  13. Debut album out November 11 through Frontiers. facebook
  14. Another announcement over the holidays from Frontiers. "CROWNE – Another achievement from the label side was to put together this supergroup from the North! Featuring Alex Strandell on vocals (Art Nation), Jona Tee on keyboards (H.E.A.T), Love Magnusson on guitars (Dynazty), John Levén on bass (Europe), and Christian Lundkvist on drums (The Poodles) this record is every bit as good as you may imagine. Actually… better!" Sounds great! facebook
  15. From Frontiers: Platinum-selling recording artist and world class guitarist, Orianthi has announced the upcoming release of her new studio album, "Rock Candy". The release follows 2020's studio album, “O”, which, at the time, was her first new studio album in seven years and her first new music as a solo artist in six years. Joining Orianthi on this release is the multi-talented Jacob Bunton, who produced the album. Additionally, he provides guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, and violin playing through the course of the album. Jacon Bunton is known in the rock world for his work with Steven Adler, amongst others, but he is an Emmy Award-winning composer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose credits include Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, Smokey Robinson, Akon, Pop Evil, and many more. Drummer Kyle Cunningham rounds out the line-up for "Rock Candy". Orianthi’s first major solo artist success, as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, was with the Geffen Records release of “According To You,” which is now RIAA-Certified Platinum® and has over 17 million streams on Spotify. Her music’s ability to transcend time and remain relevant cannot be more clear than it’s recent resurgence on TikTok. There are over 83 million views on the “According to You” hashtag making it a viral trend that is introducing Gen Z to Orianthi for the first time in a big way. Career-long fans are used to seeing their favorite world class guitarist playing arenas with rock royalty and global superstars like Michael Jackson, Carlos Santana, Carrie Underwood, Alice Cooper and more. The juxtaposition of her newly arrived online popularity and her lifelong pursuit of artistic credibility is the nebulous of this shining star. Tracklisting: 1. Illuminate (Part I) 2. Light It Up 3. Fire Together 4. Where Did Your Heart Go 5. Red Light 6. Void 7. Burning 8. Living Is Like Dying Without You 9. Witches & The Devil 10. Getting To Me 11. Illuminate (Part Ii) Line-Up: Orianthi Panagaris - Vocals, Guitars Jacob Bunton - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Backing Vocals Kyle Cunningham - Drums
  16. First song 'Powerzone' from the forthcoming album.
  17. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of "Perfect Storm", the debut album from Crossing Rubicon, a new collaboration featuring multi-instrumentalist/producer Cenk Eroglu (ex-Winger, Xcarnation) and singer John Bisaha (The Babys), on July 8, 2022. Eroglu was introduced to Bisaha through Frontiers and they started Crossing Rubicon, their new musical partnership which is going to deliver pure and unadulterated melodic rock with a freshness and feel of 'today'. Eroglu's oldest son Efe (guitars, keyboards), his youngest son Reis Ali (drums), and special guest musicians Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, ex-Mr. Mister), Ray Coburn (Honeymoon Suite), Holly Bisaha, and McKenna Bisaha also contribute. "As a composer and producer I've worked on many different styles of music, but in my heart I have always been a melodic rock musician,” says Cenk Eroglu. "I recorded demos in this style between 1984 and 1998 and wrote more than 500 songs, all of which are pure, classic melodic rock. I tried to find the right singer/songwriter partner for years and it was an impossible mission. Meeting John Bisaha was a miracle. He is not only an amazing singer/songwriter, but also, spiritually, he was the missing piece for my reason to write songs. Together, we chose 11 songs for this album and I truly believe they are really unique. We called our band Crossing Rubicon (yes, that river in Italy that Caesar crossed - if you know the story). I was on the edge of that river for many years and I crossed it when John and I joined forces. If you are in love with real melodic rock, then this is it! I am so thankful that I found John and Frontiers to lead the way. I can't wait to share these songs with you!" "As a child born in the early 60's, I have had the pleasure of being exposed to an extraordinary range of music and styles. "From Bach to Rock", as many say. When I REALLY started getting into music, I locked myself in my room in my teen years to absorb as much as I could and sing as many styles as I could. I naturally gravitated to the 'then' styles of rock, which are now considered 'classic/melodic/album-oriented'. We really had no genre name for it back then! When my 'style' of music left for a sabbatical when the flannel shirts and rap took over the airwaves, I knew I had to recreate myself and hoped the day would come for a rebirth of my style of music. I have followed Frontiers for quite awhile now and hoped for the day that I could become part of the family and bring a bit of myself (and my family!) to the party. Once I was contacted by Mario and put in touch with Cenk, all of the pieces fell together. It just felt RIGHT! I've partnered up with a great songwriter, musician, producer, but more importantly, a friend and partner, something that is rarely found these days. Thank you Mario, Serafino, and the rest of The Frontiers Family for this opportunity. I think you'll enjoy what comes out of this," says vocalist John Bisaha. Fans of classic melodic rock will find much to love with Crossing Rubicon's debut album, "Perfect Storm"! “Perfect Storm” Tracklisting: 1. Perfect Storm 2. Reason To Die 3. Scar 4. Too Late 5. On The Run 6. 100 Thousand Years 7. Never Again 8. Cry Me A River 9. Get Away 10. Crash & Burn (Feat Holly Bisaha) 11. Time (Without You) LINE-UP: John Bisaha - Lead Vocals, Bass Cenk Eroglu - Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals Additional Musicians : Efe Eroglu - Guitars, Keyboards Reis Ali Eroglu - Drums facebook
  18. From facebook: In a little blue folder, on a couple of hard-drives, in Sweden and in Italy; a new Palace album is waiting to see the day of light.
  19. Album out June 17 through Frontiers. Press release: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the formation of an exciting new hard rock group, Iconic. Featuring Michael Sweet (guitars), Joel Hoekstra (guitars), Marco Mendoza (bass), Tommy Aldridge (drums), and Nathan James (vocals), Iconic is primed to set the hard rock world on fire! Michael Sweet, known for his work as guitarist/vocalist for the legendary heavy metal band Stryper and his solo work, with his instantly recognizable voice and guitar style is really a name that needs no introduction to the hard rock faithful. Joel Hoekstra, currently of Whitesnake and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is one of hard rock’s premiere guitarists, whose fretwork is regularly praised and admired. Marco Mendoza’s resume really speaks for itself (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, The Dead Daisies, Journey) and the legendary bassist shines, as he always does, here. Tommy Aldridge, currently of Whitesnake, has also played with Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, and Black Oak Arkansas, among others, and is considered one of the great hard rock drummers of all-time. And handling lead vocals is none other than Inglorious’ Nathan James, a young man whose vocal style is a fitting, proper descendent of rock’s vocal legends of the ’70s. Sweet and Hoekstra handled the bulk of the songwriting. Co-producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (he and Sweet produced the album together) contributed vocal melodies and keyboards. James also contributed songwriting to two tracks. While the concept of record labels putting together ‘supergroups’ has been around for decades, Frontiers Music Srl has, over the course of the past decade or so, really established a thoughtful, enthusiastic approach to the practice. Revolution Saints, The End Machine, Black Swan, Sweet & Lynch, Sunbomb, W.E.T., and Nordic Union are just a few examples of bands that have landed with great acclaim. The artists get to enjoy the opportunity to write and create music outside of the confines of their ‘day job’ and fans get the opportunity to hear even more new music from their favorite artists. Iconic seems sure to be yet another winner! Tracklist: 1. Run (As Fast As You Can) 2. Ready For Your Love 3. Second Skin 4. All I Need 5. Nowhere To Run 6. Worlds Apart 7. All About 8. This Way 9. Let You Go 10. It Ain’t Over 11. Enough Of Your Love
  20. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of "Before The Sun Sets", the upcoming debut album from City Of Lights on February 11, 2022. City Of Lights is an exciting new melodic hard rock collaboration between British newcomer songwriter/guitarist Neil Austin and Greek vocal sensation Manos Fatsis (Odyssey Desperado, Hideaway). They deliver hard-edged melodic anthems driven by crunchy riffs and lush keyboard textures combined with soaring, passion-filled vocal melodies. Tracklist: 1. Racing On The Redline 2. Heart's On Fire 3. Emily 4. Heat Of The Night 5. Dying Light 6. Give Me Back My Heart 7. Put Your Heart On The Line 8. Snake Eyes 9. Joanna 10. Midnight Club 11. How To Love 12. Before The Sun Sets LINE-UP: Manos Fatsis: Lead Vocals Neil Austin: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Choirs, Programming Robin Eriksson: Bass, Harmony Vocals Mats Eriksson: Drums Guest Musicians: Guitar Solos: Nathan Doyle - Racing On The Redline, Heart's On Fire, Heat Of The Night, Dying Light, Midnight Club Daniel Johansson - Give Me Back My Heart, Snake Eyes, Before The Sun Sets Jonathan Carlemar - Snake Eyes, Joanna Mike Kyriakou (Kyre) - Emily Wahwah Guitar: Matt Farmer - Snake Eyes Keyboard Solo: Mikael Blanc - Before The Sun Sets Piano: Joel Selsfors - How To Love
  21. This may not be everybody's cup of tea but pretty good stuff in places. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the release of SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL's upcoming album "Starstruck". Sick N' Beautiful is the ultimate rock n' roll sideshow from outer space: a unique concoction of hard rock and modern metal infused with industrial, punk, and electro-pop overtones, blending in varying influences from across the musical spectrum to create a sound all their own. Intrigued yet? In their own words: "We are intergalactic nomads, performing our numbers for the enjoyment of all species we meet in our travels. Rumor has it that sometimes we resort to "questionable" means to make ends meet: all we will say is that life in space is never easy. We fly the BFS9000, a ship that has seen better days. Even so, the recent massive engine failure came totally unexpected. With nowhere else left to go, we crash-landed on Earth, in the vicinity of Rome, Italy. Our ship is stuck here until we can get enough resources to fix it and resume our voyage.” They continue, "SICK N' BEAUTIFUL is absolutely thrilled with signing up with the Frontiers label! They truly appreciate the "madness" of what we do, and they have left us with complete creative freedom. We trust that their experience of over 25 years in hard rock and metal will propel our eclectic spaceship farther than ever before... We also thank Oracle Management especially for their unique love and support in helping us to make all of this possible!" Live, the band puts together a fission-bomb of a show to wow people with tracks from their self-produced albums "Hell Over Hell" (2015) and "Element Of Sex" (2018). In just a few months, SICK N' BEAUTIFUL managed to rise from playing the tiniest bars in Rome to the huge stages of Lucca Comics and Eutropia. But whether a small club or a gargantuan concert venue, the group is equally at home, and will take no prisoners! Extreme visuals, make-up and costumes, along with bombshell singer Herma keep the audience involved and nailed to the stage, for a performance that is truly one of a kind. But of course, all the visuals in the world won't work if inventive, intriguing, catchy music isn't there, so make no mistake, Sick N' Beautiful has substance to their visual stimulation. The videos, the recordings, the outfits, the props and effects, the merchandise design... SICK N' BEAUTIFUL produce everything themselves in-house, and everything you see is "homemade" with dedication and painstaking attention to detail. Catchy tunes along with an incendiary stage presence have helped to generate a loyal fan base which is absolutely enamored with the storyline and the characters of the band. Tracklisting: 1. Tonight We Go To War 2. Starstruck 3. Drop It 2 The B 4. This Is Not The End 5. Defy The Light 6. Deep End Dark 7. Schadenfreude 8. Pull Of Gravity 9. Pray Tell Me 10. Angels Be Fallin' 11. YTOPYNONAVEVANONYPOTY Line-Up: Herma - Vocals Nemes - Guitar L0r1 - Guitar Big Daddy Ray - Bass Evey - Drums
  22. New album 'Hail The Heroes' out February next year through Frontiers.
  23. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of the Swedish melodic rock combo RIAN to a multi-album deal! The first release will be the band's sophomore album, “Twenty-Three,” which is currently taking shape under the direction of producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet). The new songs were written during 2018-2020 and based on melodies and lyrics written by vocalist/guitarist Richard Andermyr. The initial ideas from Richard were crafted into songs that the band arranged together: first with Richard and drummer Jan Johannsson and later on with the full band. RIAN released their debut album “Out Of The Darkness” in July 2017, which was well received by fans and melodic rock media alike. The band made its live debut during 2018, which began the process of the band becoming more and more of a live unit. Add the amazing lead guitars of Tobias Jakobsson into the mix with the band and you have the cocktail that makes up the RIAN 2.0 sound. "We are really pleased to sign with Frontiers Music Srl. Since our first contact, the label has been nothing but helpful. We feel right at home with the support we’ve received so far and look forward to using this relationship to enable us to provide our fans with a steady supply of quality music for the years to come. Our sound can, in the easiest way, be explained as a modern version of classic melodic rock music, the way it was produced in the second half of the 80’s. The sound is American, but the melodies and chord progressions have very strong Swedish roots. Influences such as Bon Jovi, Dokken, Europe, Queensryche, Survivor, and Winger can be heard in the sound. Also, more modern vibes the likes of Alter Bridge have a presence in our music,” explains Richard Andermyr. Keep an eye out for RIAN’s return in the coming months! Band Members: Richard Andermyr: Vocals, Guitar Jan Johansson: Drums Jonas Melin: Bass Tobias Jakobsson: Lead Guitar http://www.rianrocks.comhttp://facebook.com/rianisalive
  24. From Frontiers: Simply one of the greatest rock singers of our time, Jorn Lande returns with a new studio album, "Over The Horizon Radar" on June 17, 2022. This latest studio album shows the Norwegian vocalist continuing his rock n' roll journey with his now expected stunning vocal performances, epic songs, and future rock anthems. Featuring 10 original compositions by Lande, plus an extended version of the track 'Faith Bloody Faith' (which was originally written for the 2021 Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian Eurovision contest), "Over The Horizon Radar" is yet another gem in this heralded vocalist's crown. Jorn's catalogue is getting too long to include in brief press statements, and his innovative and creative skills have led to him selling millions of albums worldwide and being a frequent entry on sales charts around the world. Jorn continues his rock crusade on "Over The Horizon Radar" and there are no signs of him slowing down yet. One of the most prolific metal vocalists of the modern metal era, Jorn’s immense vocal talent has earned him a status as one the last pioneers of true classic hard rock and heavy metal. His voice is one of the finest and most powerful you will find in metal and hard rock. Besides focusing on his main band JORN, Lande has fronted various bands, among them Ark, Beyond Twilight and Masterplan. Jorn has also participated on several projects, such as the Nostradamus and Dracula Rock Operas, the Allen/Lande albums with Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, and the Ayreon and Avantasia projects. Tracklisting: 1. Over The Horizon Radar 2. Dead London 3. My Rock And Roll 4. One Man War 5. Black Phoenix 6. Special Edition 7. Ode To The Black Nightshade 8. Winds Of Home 9. In The Dirt 10. Believer 11. Faith Bloody Faith (Extended Album Version) Line-Up: Jorn Lande - vocals Tore Moren - guitars Adrian SB - guitars Nik Mazzucconi - bass Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards Francesco Jovino - drums
  25. New album 'Complicated' out May 6 through Frontiers. More info coming soon...
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