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  1. I discovered him through targeted advertising on Instagram! Sounds pretty good!
  2. I picked this one up a few weeks back, and still haven't got round to playing it. I've only heard good thing's.
  3. You're excused. Please tell me, where did I call him a name? I don't like ADV OR these crap covers, and "Captain Howdy" has to crawl up MY arse about it. I don't care how long he's been on here, I don't need to be told what to like because other people do. I have no issue with anyone here, you're all just strangers on the Internet. He's the one that has to take an issue whenever I comment. There's plenty of post's where I do enjoy stuff, but that's conveniently ignored, because I don't agree with your friend, who constantly attacks me...
  4. Shit is shit. Just like all the shit that Italian Keyboard Dwarf writes and just like these shit covers. And your shit taste obviously.
  5. A far cry from the days of Oh What A Crying Shame and Dance The Night Away 😅
  6. I don't need to, it's absolute shit. If I got my ears cleaned I would hear it even clearer, and I don't need that.
  7. This sounds so promising! Really very good.
  8. I haven't heard one of his covers that I can say I've enjoyed. He just shouts. There's zero nuance to any of them. Really, really not good. Loved his solo album, loved that first HEAT album he did, love him in Skid Row, but I can totally do without these soul-less metalized covers he churns out.
  9. The intro gave me false hope they'd done something different. But it quickly turned into Frontiers production-line, by-the-numbers AOR.
  10. It just sounds like 38 Special, but if they were aiming for the 80's country market rather than the rock market. I don't mind this. And a bonus is you can't hear Jim's vocals.
  11. His name usually only appears next to another... One thing that's almost guaranteed is that it won't be written by the "band".
  12. He did start off as a solo artist, and his debut solo album was better than anything he's done since, in spite of the fact that his time with Danger Danger and The Defiants was superb.
  13. Hope he mixes the sound between his debut and The Defiants debut. And hopefully the keyboard midget is nowhere near it... ahh who am I kidding! Tentatively this might be one to look forward to.
  14. Yeah... sure... but for balance he's talentless and everything he does is pure shit 😜
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