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  1. This track will be in my end of year top 10 for sure. Great album and very cool video.
  2. I've always loved "Knocked Down" The "Mariah" version is pretty good too.
  3. "Left Hand Solution" sounds like something single guys do when they have a right hand/wrist injury.
  4. Yeah. Religion/Spirituality is a very worth while pursuit on a personal level, but organised Religions are just glorified street gangs.
  5. Agreed. That track is the standout for me also.
  6. Tygers of Pan Tang × 2. A band (name) that has been around for a long time. Here's a couple from their great self titled 2016 album.
  7. Firstly, thank you for those kind words. I was moved. Secondly, yeah, the whole transgender sport issue is a disgrace. I honestly can't understand how it's allowed. Joe Rogan's been calling this shit out from day one.
  8. To each their own mate, but I'm loving this one. "Metal T" mentioned in another thread how disappointing George Lynch's output has been over the years and it saddened me to agree with him. I'm a big fan of George and Robert Mason, so as I stated earlier, I'm a bit biased, but I can acknowledge that "The End Machine" debut was okay but nothing mind blowing. This album however, is on a whole new level for me. Early Lynch Mob vibes aplenty.
  9. Love Razer - Turn it up. One of my favourite recentish Sleaze tracks and band for that matter. Unfortunately this clip is age restricted, but do yourself a favour and check it out.
  10. No drama, I don't have any need for a physical copy.
  11. The new "The End Machine" album is a return to that early Lynch Mob vibe and the best thing he's done in years IMO.
  12. This is a great one. I was a big fan of the original and actually bought the CD single back in the day..... Don't judge me.
  13. Okay, I know I may be a bit biased when it comes to George Lynch and Robert Mason, but I am loving this album. For me, it really captures that Lynch Mob second album vibe. This is Killer stuff, IMO. "Prison or Paradise" is EPIC!
  14. Nice one. Killer song. Killer album.
  15. Queensryche - Jet City Woman. "Operation Mindcrime" is, of course, their Masterpiece, but I also love "Empire" and I really, really love this track. Another "DeLorean" track for me.
  16. Le Mans - Love Lies. I've always loved this track.
  17. As Karpet has already alluded to, there are plenty of Political threads. This thread is all about having a laugh. You didn't even post a suggestion, so I've posted one on your behalf.
  18. That's a strange way to spell "AmaZZZZzzzzzzzzing", but I agree with you mate.
  19. Every Beat of my Heart × 5. Listening to the great Von Groove track yesterday reminded of how popular this song title is. Here's 5 of the best.
  20. I'm in a shit stirring mood and feeling a bit trigger happy. Don't know why. I thought we could all have a bit of bipartisan fun with this. Strap in though, cause it is gonna happen. Here's my first suggestion.
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