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  1. No unfortunately. "The Cathouse" however was the ultimate. Didn't go as often as I would have liked, but loved everytime I went. There was more chance of "picking up" at the mainstream clubs, so that sealed the deal for us.
  2. My mates and I were never really Chapel Street kinda guys back in the day. I have great memories of "The Fun Factory" and "The Soda Sisters" when I was a kid though.
  3. It would be very hard to live with. The circumstances in this story from Rick Springfield are completely different, but I was reminded of it. I've seen him in other interviews, break down in tears when telling it.
  4. I've been watching a few "JOMBOY" videos lately. Great stuff.
  5. This one made me laugh. Imagine what would happen to this poor bloke today. He and his home would have been attacked well before this reporter arrived. You must watch until the end.
  6. Darkstone


    Well, there's only two options going forward. Either, double down on the restrictions and inoculations or let it run and let the chips fall as they may.
  7. The new National Anthem of the United States of America?
  8. Actually, using the same guys and continuing with the same racist/offensive theme that suits Glam/Sleaze so well, how about, GLAMMAR NAZIS
  9. Darkstone


    Yep. Now the talk is all about boosters. Will they be mandatory? Are we looking at annual mandatory injections?
  10. I'd take the Manager's role and recruit some Glam musicians with Chinese heritage and call the band, INSTAGLAM.
  11. Darkstone


    Had my second shot yesterday. The castration is complete.
  12. 100%. I posted the original recently. An alltime 80s favourite. I also loved "Heart of Gold". Not HH fare at all, but many memories from the "old days" with these two tracks.
  13. Yeah, many before and since, but that run of "Mindcrime", "Empire" and "Promised Land" was awesome.
  14. Ha! I love the last line where they state that nothing is confirmed about the "rumour". Bringing attention to it and not denying it is, of course, confirming it. A great backhander. Well played.
  15. I picked this one up back in the day. What can I say, I took a risk. Not very memorable. I don't mind the artwork TBH, but the Band name is terrible.
  16. The video you posted says "unavailable", so I checked it out myself on YouTube. Very nice, but not as good as the original.
  17. Yeah, after "Adrenalize" and "The Vault", which contained killer live stuff, this release was too much of a departure for me. The "no logo" artwork and Joe Elliot styling his hair to look like Steffi Graf, wasn't a good sign in terms of a classic Leppard album.
  18. KISS - Hot in the Shade × 3. Absolute time machine album for me.
  19. Yeah, I picked up the debut in a bargain bin as a pure blind purchase not long after it's release. "Don't Look Down" is a massive favorite of mine and one of the great killer tracks from that era. Crap artwork? Yes, but it goes to show, "never judge a book...".
  20. Some might say they really didn't deserve to have a thread.
  21. This video explains it all and shows the initial clip. I guess the reporter was in a bad position considering it was live. She needs to speak to her lawyers about merchandising rights. She could make a fortune out of this just with coffee mugs and t-shirts alone. I didn't know, I do now. Very funny. Nice one Dan.
  22. I know the original Tozzi version was huge. I don't know where "here" is, but in Australia Laura Branigan's version was massive. "Self Control" was also popular and a far superior track, but I reckon most Aussies of my vintage would recognize her more from "Gloria". Talking about "Self Control", I'll take any opportunity to post this Killer cover.
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