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  1. That's right mate. I would immediately call the Police. These people are obviously making a mockery of social distancing protocols.
  2. Basically tracks that begin with bells. These are four off the top of my head, but I know there's more.
  3. Listening to soundtrack stuff today. If the "At the Movies" guys decide to do an "80s vol. II" and I think they will based on how popular their first foray into the 80s was, then these two tracks are big contenders hopefully. Not Hard Rock, but certainly what I would consider as AOR. Still in our "Wheelhouse", but soft enough to benefit from a Hard Rock revamp. There's also a nice connection between the two.
  4. Aussie Pop/Rock group. The above track is probably my least favorite TBH. They had many hits. I've posted a couple before. This is one of their early, most iconic tracks.
  5. One of my favourite non "Heavy Harmonies" tracks from the 90s. I don't know what arrangement would be used, but I think the soaring vocals would lend themselves well to a Rock Ballad cover.
  6. One of my favourite non "Heavy Harmonies" related tracks from the 90s. I don't know what arrangement would be used, but I think the soaring vocals would lend themselves well to a Rock Ballad cover.
  7. I don't frequent any other forums and all my mates back in the day were into the same stuff as me. It was more certain mainstream acts that I copped shit for liking. "The Beatles", "Hoodoo Gurus" and "The Cure" spring to mind.
  8. Great result for the Pies. A hard fought win in a harder than usual season.
  9. I've enjoyed their earlier releases. This sounds just as good.
  10. In such a densely populated Capitol City no less. It wasn't some remote storage area out in the desert or some small remote rural town. It was being stored (whatever it was) in the Capitol City of Lebanon! Very strange.
  11. Meh. The season is a shambles. I've almost lost interest.
  12. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I'm sure you've all seen this by now, but what in the name of God could've caused this!? As far as explosions go, this is probably the biggest I've ever seen footage of. It rivals all the nuclear shit I've seen from the past. 2020, the year that keeps on giving and where only half way through it FFS.
  13. Darkstone


    I considered Metal T's joke about Hillary, not women. That's the problem. If I make a joke or comment about a particular woman who happens to be an arsehole, then I'm labeled sexist. If I make a joke or comment about a particular African/Asian or someone else from not my culture that happens to be an arsehole, then I'm labeled racist. The same with homosexuals/homophobia. Just because I think one particular person is an arsehole, doesn’t mean I'm any of those things (which I'm not). Also, the thing about political correctness that has always given me the shits is that it seem to be okay to be racist/sexist, etc as long as you don't let it show. Being politically correct doesn’t mean that you or your organization is not racist, it just means that you hide it. It's a bullshit, token, meaningless philosophy.
  14. Darkstone


    It's gonna be hard to enforce this curfew if it's still around when "daylight savings" starts. Hope you and yours are well and safe BTW mate.
  15. Darkstone


    Yeah, I'm all good mate. I hope you're keeping safe. We're still at 3 up here but all wearing masks of course. I don't mind the masks. Anything to hide my rough head is a good thing. It might just enhance my chances with the ladies. 😆
  16. This one brought a smile to my face.
  17. Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Britain and subsequently Australia went through a "Rockabilly" phase with acts like "Shakin' Stevens", "The Stray Cats", etc. I can distinctly remember how popular this song was down here. Just a one hit wonder/flash in the pan. I can remember seeing a clip at the time, but I'm not sure if this is it. I am sure however, that they used the same image and symbolism. Harmless of course back then, but now these guys would possibly be facing hate crime charges.
  18. Just been checking out their back catalog. I'm enjoying it.
  19. Darkstone


    Exactly. I've decided that whenever I post a comment in one of these "Political" threads, that I'll at least try to post an appropriate track as well. This is a great mash-up of a classic that somes up our current situation. The sad part is, it's always been this way and it always will. ...and the band played on.
  20. Darkstone


    It's interesting how Covid has impacted on the US elections. Trump is talking about possibly delaying the elections because of his distrust of postal votes and there's talk of him not accepting a loss as a result of that distrust. If Trump wins, then there's gonna be A LOT of angry people and if Trump loses, then there's gonna be A LOT of angry people. Many of them armed to the teeth on both sides. Amazingly and as far fetched as it sounds, Civil war is not out of the question. There's a storm a comin'.
  21. It is a shame, but I think it boils down to the fact that he doesn't need the fame or fortune. He already has that. At his point in life, he's just recording what he wants to record. I can dig it. He's given us so much already, I think he deserves it. I would dearly love an old style Bon Jovi album and I think it would be far more commercially successful than what's been released recently, but he doesn't need that. He's doing his thing, so good on him. I'm not gonna bag him for it.
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