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  1. Slightly tongue in cheek, hence the winking smiley face. My opinion of the board couldn't be higher. 😊 I can understand not having the time to watch an hour+ video, but when it comes to licking your balls, you need to make time!
  2. Maybe if there was a member of his band playing a synthesizer it would have gotten more of a reaction. 😉
  3. That made my Saturday. Thanks for posting mate.
  4. I was working in the vicinity of a great music store called "Radical Records" today and had the pleasure of meeting my first forum member. This one's for you Doggy. Keep on Rockin' brother.
  5. I heard this phrase used on an unrelated youtube video today and the memories came flooding back. I hadn't heard this one in a while.
  6. That's actually a very hard question if taken seriously. I don't think I would have a song played at my funeral. Although there are many beautiful songs to choose from, finding one song to capture your life/attitude/spirit/essence whatever, would be difficult. Also, do you want your loved ones to feel happy or sad? Sorry, I've gone a bit deep. As for possible selections off the top of my head. Whitesnake - Blindman Whitesnake - Sailing Ships Those two kick in a bit towards the end so may not be suitable. If you want everyone at your funeral to be crying inconsolably, then... Europe - Tomorrow
  7. I posted a couple of tracks when I first joined and from memory I don't think you were impressed, but give them another go. It's good stuff with great performers.
  8. Here's a couple that you can immerse yourself in. Arjen Lucassen's Star One - Space Metal - Victims of the Modern Age Each track is based on a work of science fiction.
  9. That's a big call. They have some great tunes under their belt. Here's two of their best.
  10. No probs. You've already proved yourself a worthy forum member with your enthusiasm alone. I'm sure you'll discover some great music that you'll love here and there really aren't any haters. They're all great guys. No "Brent Handy" types.
  11. I would consider my "go to" albums the ones from the old days that I could play from start to finish without skipping. There are many, but off the top of my head. Lynch Mob - first two albums Dokken - Back for the Attack Don Dokken - Up From the Ashes Winger - Pull W.A.S.P. - Headless Children/Crimson Idol Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Mark Free - Long Way From Love Black Sabbath - TYR XYZ - Hungry Skid Row - Slave to the Grind Many more to mention.
  12. Here's another couple of blasts from the past mate. I'm sure you remember Au Go Go Records. A great little hidden gem. I can't remember the name, but there was a stall at Pipeworks market that was also one of the great sources of our music.
  13. Dave at Bluebird was a legend. We could always rely on him to get in the good stuff.
  14. I certainly remember Missing Link Records, but the Mecca for me was always Metal For Melbourne. Pre drivers license days, so it really was a pilgrimage heading in to the city. There was also a great little place in Coburg called Bluebird Records.
  15. For me it's an emphatic NO! I love all genres of guitar orientated music from AOR to Heavy Metal as you all do, but i've always hated punk. It's strange because I know that there's a fine line between Punk and Sleaze and Sleaze is one of my favourite genres.
  16. Nice one mate. I don't know what your contributions were like before I joined, but since I've been on the forums, you've been one of the most valuable posters. Keep it up!
  17. Ha! I actually made some comments in that thread. Completely forgot about it.
  18. Agreed. I think most of us can agree that these guys are the benchmark when it comes to our music. I was hoping for another "Tokyo Motor Fist" album to coincide with this release to get my full D2 nostalgia fix. Hopefully soon.
  19. I guess the proof will be in the pudding but yeah, not the best name.
  20. Well I've heard Perfect Plan's version and I have to say they've done a great job. If the original is a 10, then this version is a 9.9. I know a lot of people don't get the point of cover songs, particularly those that cover iconic songs, but I love them. I consider them tributes to the music we love and this version is a great tribute to Survivor snd Jimi Jamison.
  21. I had to look up what a toque is. Down here we call it a beanie. I guess beanie isn't quite as good as a band name.
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