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  1. Never have it straight out of the jar. Try a small amount on a slice of buttered toast.
  2. I love "What I like about you" by "The Romantics", but I really love "Talking in your sleep". A far superior track with a great pre chorus. Always loved it. The clip is pure 80s, but I can't help thinking that the hair styles were a mistake.
  3. Not music related, but I found this incredibly interesting.
  4. Absolutely agree. The storage and maintenance involved is ridiculous. It's all about the music man. I could not give a shit about the medium. I just want the tunes.
  5. The good old gang vocals chorus. Brian Cox played keyboards on this album, but I'm not sure if it's him in the video. You never really get a good look at the keyboard player. I always loved the Celtic influence in the killer solo also.
  6. Songs of the day. Three of 'em. One of my favourite vocalists is also imho, very, very, underrated. Tony Martin. I love Ronnie, but without doubt the Tony Martin "Black Sabbath" era was my favourite. So many side projects as well. These three only scratch the surface.
  7. Another great pre chorus. I think being a Lead Vocalist/Drummer has got to be incredibly difficult. You could get away with it in the studio, but live is another story. I've never seen Von Groove live, but it would be interesting.
  8. Never been a big fan. "Iris" is ok, but "Long way down" is one of my favourite songs ever.
  9. When I was growing up there was always records in the house. This single was the first piece of recorded music that I owned, with my name written on it. I was about three. The second single I had was "Disco Duck". I've come a long way baby.
  10. Geoff wishes! Hard to believe, but this guy was the Justin Bieber of Australia in the mid '70s.
  11. Yeah, legendary Aussie track and performer. I think JPY is still performing. This song is a great theme for the entertainment industry, sporting industry and life in general I guess. I'm sure he gets a kick out of the irony when he performs it now. Speaking of cheese, you can't get much more cheesier than "love is in the air". Great song though, with a huge AC/DC connection.
  12. I'll add Prayer '94 to my list.
  13. "All For Love", the one he did with Rod Stewart and Sting for the Three Musketeers was even cheesier!
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