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  1. Darkstone

    The Raven Age - Conspiracy

    100% agree.
  2. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    As mentioned before, modern day Country Music isn't that far removed from AOR. That song is probably not the best example. Probably more on the Pop side, but still okay. I grew up with old school Country and Western music and have always had a soft spot for it. I have enough trouble keeping up with AOR/MHR/METAL. I wouldn't want to open up another can of worms by pursuing Country as well. It's good stuff though.
  3. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    Nice one mate. One of my favorite Mats tracks.
  4. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    Great track from "Worlds Apart".
  5. Darkstone

    Worst discs of 2018

    It was a double edged sword wasn't it. There was no better feeling than taking a chance on a Disc and then getting home to discover that it was a killer. Very much like a drug related rush. As you mentioned though the flip side of that was ending up with a turkey. I'm sure we've all been there. CD's have never been cheap and i've felt my share of buyers remorse. The worst thing was the fact that once opened, you couldn't return them. Luckily we knew of a few little independent niche stores that allowed you to have a listen first, but with the larger chains who put on their own packaging,...forget it.
  6. Darkstone

    Guess Dan's top 5 of 2018!

    Okay, it looks like the end is near so I'll have one last attempt with several guess's. Brothers of Metal Leah Dukes of the Orient Heartwind The Collective Works of Bette Midler - Mardi Gras Edition.
  7. Darkstone

    Guess Dan's top 5 of 2018!

    What's the deal now Dan? Is it open slather? BTW, you're leaving us hangin' with the recent guess's. I haven't had a definite no regarding that nuru massage from Geoff, so as you can imagine I'm quite keen.
  8. Darkstone

    Steve Cone - "Before We're Dead" (2018)

    I don't understand the comment and I won't respond to it.
  9. Darkstone

    Worst discs of 2018

    Yeah. Perhaps a better title for the thread would have been Most Disappointing Disc of 2018.
  10. Hey mate. You love your music your way. That's what its all about. I'm with CureTheSane. I don't really need to have the physical object in my hands. I'm quite happy with digital. Far more convenient. As mentioned before however, there was a time before the digital (Internet)l revolution when I wasn't happy unless I owned the actual CD. Cassette tape recordings and CD burns were okay, but I had to have the disc. Thankfully I've well and truly gotten over that. As long as my files are tagged with cover art, I'm happy and so is my wallet.
  11. Darkstone

    Steve Cone - "Before We're Dead" (2018)

    Thanks for posting this mate. I have to say that I'd never heard of the guy before, but after some checking I've discovered thst he's quite prolific. Heaps of solo stuff and a couple of albums with a band called "Cyanide Scream". I've only just started listening to his back catalog and I like what I'm hearing. This guy rocks! Thanks again for the tip.
  12. I thought the same thing. Things like "limited edition color Vinyl" mean nothing to me. Sure, there was a time when I was younger and I would have been very tempted, but It's all about the music now man!
  13. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    In anticipation of the upcoming "Tora Tora" release, I thought i'd post this gem from the past. "Hard luck's knockin' on my back door".
  14. Darkstone

    Guess Dan's top 5 of 2018!

    So the hunt is on for number 4. Is there a prize for whoever gets it? I thought early on there was a mention of a nuru massage from Geoff, although I may have just dreamt that. I'll go with StoneLake BTW.

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