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  1. Sentimentality aside, I think you're right.
  2. This would be Awesome, probably number one for me when it comes to a reunion wish list, just above Skid Row. I can't see it happening, but as he says in the video, " Never say never". I seem to recall Andrew talking about a mythical third album sitting, gathering dust somewhere. Whatever the case, it's good to hear positive rumblings.
  3. This is actually a pretty cool track. That's right Thomas, you've got me checking out YouTube now for cheese related songs. This could be my new favourite thread.
  4. Where the fuck is Matti Alfonzetti? It's been a while since I've heard anything about him. He should be more prominent. One the the best Vocalists in the business. Here's a couple. One early, one later, both quality.
  5. Yeah, absolute Killer! A timely reminder of CJ's legacy.
  6. Nice comparison. Are you sure your only 21?
  7. It's a bit weird, the only thing they have in common is the chorus.
  8. Great track. I actually heard this version first.
  9. C'mon Thomas, you knew this thread was gonna be hijacked by this sort of stuff.
  10. Existance - Dead or Alive. It's my first Saturday off in a while and I'm smashing the tunes (and beers). Not sure if I've posted this before, but fuck it, I'll post it again.
  11. Love.Might.Kill. - Xtc. Great band, Great track, Great album.
  12. For someone of my age, the name Midge Ure is synonymous with "Ultravox", but his solo track, "If I Was" was a big hit in '85 and brings back heaps of memories for me.
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