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  1. An interesting video I've just watched regarding Dusty's wishes about ZZ Top. "Let the show go on". Very commendable. This very thing was mentioned about KISS and Whitesnake in the Whitesnake/Jelusick thread. I wonder if a long beard is a prerequisite for his replacement?, or at least having the surname "Beard".
  2. Their 80s stuff is Legendary, but they were already cranking out killer shit in the 70s. I've always loved these tracks. "La Grange" is PERFECTION!!!
  3. Darkstone


    Food for thought. It goes for twelve minutes, but try to watch it all. There's a lot more at stake here than whether or not you can go to a nightclub, sporting event, gig or overseas holiday.
  4. That is true and I guess resting in peace isn't such a bad thought.
  5. I must say, I don't like seeing that in print.
  6. Yeah, I think so too. Although, as Lettard said regarding KISS, maybe DC would like the Whitesnake legacy to continue. After all, he's put a lot of time into it. Maybe he's grooming Dino to perhaps take over one day. I'm a big Dino fan and think that he would be a great choice (or maybe JORN). The decision some Bands make to continue using a name when major members have departed obviously doesn't sit well with any of us and of course, DC is Whitesnake, but this could be a way of officially "passing the torch", so to speak. Something we don't see too often. Interesting.
  7. "Barracuda" was one of the ones I was looking forward to. The original is EPIC! They do a great job, but it doesn’t compare to the BEYOND EPIC! version by "Adrenaline Mob".
  8. Nice but not great. Not as good as the original, which I love. I love both of these guys, but it sounds like a couple of mates doing karaoke. Is that too harsh?
  9. I just had a big flashback to '84. This scene and Stevie Wonder's song "I Just Called To Say I Love You" from the soundtrack were huge.
  10. You are correct Sir. It has a place, I'm just not sure if that place is here.
  11. Nice one. I couldn't get the smile off my face.
  12. Inhaler - It Won't Always Be Like This. This track has been featuring fairly regularly on one of our commercial radio stations down here over the last few weeks. I know nothing about the band except that the lead Vocalist is the son of BONO (U2). You can definitely hear him in his Son's voice for sure. I wouldn't be interested in checking them out, but I have to say, this song isn't terrible. Nice chorus.
  13. Shit! You're right mate. My bad.
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