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  1. Yeah, that's great stuff. I have all the "Pop Evil" albums and I like everything I've heard (Boss's Daughter is one of my favourite ever songs), but it's all about finding the time to get into them. You seem to be the resident "Pop Evil" expert, so hit me with five tracks that will blow me away! BTW, I've posted this clip before and I think you may have as well but it never gets old.
  2. Here's two great, very iconic old school Aussie tracks that I have a connection with. My first job when leaving school at 16 was as a storeman for a stationery company. The other storeman was a guy named Robert "Huk" Treloar. He was a drummer and member of "Blackfeather" in 1978. This track from 1972 is their only hit. I remember him telling me, when they used to play clubs that this track was on the setlist about four times. He was also a member of "The Little Heroes" in 1982. That's actually him playing drums on the single. Again, as with Tommy Vucur from "Vanishing Point" who is a commercial painter that I work with now, it amazes me how these guys go back to being "normal people" and how hard it is to actually "make it" in the industry.
  3. This one's for Cody. Another reason for Alisson Langdon's perfection.
  4. A great track from the new E19 album. Their fourth. These guys are always sensational value. Very underrated.
  5. Any fan of any sport would be devastated if this happened to their team/club. As with most people around the world, I've always been exposed to American football. Along with the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins were always internationally famous and iconic. Just ask Debbie. I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of our American friends, particularly any Washington fans. Also, suggestions for the new name/mascot?
  6. I've been subscribed to this channel for a while. An Israeli/Australian guy from Melbourne. Some of you may already know him. Always makes a lot of sense. Common sense, which unfortunately these days is not that common.
  7. I've always loved these guys. Listening to them today, I had to post these five tracks. I've always thought they were very underrated. I posted the AC/DC track for your consideration. Listen to it after "Wild Flower".
  8. Yeah. I think there may be more to it. Also, walking the streets at 3am suggests that alcohol may have been a factor for both parties. Senseless, nonetheless.
  9. I posted the Mr. Big track in another thread recently and it reminded me of some other favorite tracks of mine with the same title. A couple I hadn't heard in years. These five tracks are all killer! IMHO.
  10. Apparently Demon Doll Records reissued this Sleaze gem earlier this year. Nice. I've always loved the title track. Pure Sleaze.
  11. The TNT Overture - Ted Nugent. You came very close to actually winning the song game. This is the only other song I could come up with that has TNT in the title.
  12. The "Actor" self titled 6 track EP is on youtube.
  13. Make Love Like a Man - Def Leppard. Released as a single from "Adrenalize". I've always hated it. Easily the worst DL song IMO.
  14. Thanks mate. I don't know why I was having trouble finding it.
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