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  1. When I first read this post I thought, OMG, I may have a valuable rarity on my hands. Then I tapped the link and saw the prices on Discogs. Thanks for nothing Stefan.
  2. Okay, my mind is blown. I remember Cody mentioning that the track "Janine" is a tribute to "Janine Lindemulder". I just realized that I think "Julia Ann" is also a tribute to the great, now legendary "MILF", who started her career in 1993 (I just looked that up by the way). If there are two tracks on this album paying tribute to porn actresses, then this album has just hugely increased it's credibility.
  3. I'm not familiar with "The Great CD Heist of '18". If it's not too painful (which I'm sure it is), it sounds interesting. I didn't have a heist, more of an involuntary purge. It still hurts, but thank Fuck for digital!
  4. Another no skip album IMO. This was a complete unknown for me when I got it back in the day. Never heard of them before and the name was a bit dodgy, but when I saw it was produced by Steve Plunkett, I had to take the risk. I'm glad that I did because this is one of my favourites. Just good party rock. "Stop Breakin' My Broken Heart" is the standout for me.
  5. Yes I did, but I'm very, very surprised to see another album after all the apparent drama involved with the last one.
  6. Does anyone else here have the purple cover?
  7. This and "Sweet Oblivion" on April 9 plus whatever else. Should be a good day.
  8. I think "One" is possibly their most consistent album.
  9. That's exactly what "Riot Goin' On" is all about.
  10. Bluebird Records in Coburg. I believe the guy's name was Dave.
  11. Interesting, I always thought the purple one was the original.
  12. The Drummer on the right is the tastiest. Followed closely by the red haired Lead Guitarist.
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