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  1. Yeah, it sounds like it was done in a bland factory with an army of bland-bots, previously used on old Hootie & The Blandfish albums.
  2. You like Eric - you'll like this. I MUCH prefer Eric and I love this. Its a standard Heat rocker....not ground breaking, but very satisfying.
  3. There is some gold....but this might be their weakest effort overall.
  4. The album's production sounds like it was done by a 2yr old randomly playing on the console while the files were in mixing.
  5. For me the production is immaculate. Clean, not too loud, mixed perfectly. The style could be heavier, but this is a class record.
  6. Fuckin A! Best band on the planet right now. Out in January
  7. Yes Dan, that is the budget version. Great value. The main box came with LPs and the 80 page book etc... You can grab the liner notes for free download off my site.
  8. Its a KILLER song and is fast and furious... the album is different...but still 100% classic Eclipse. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense...haha
  9. The single is very safe - but it's there due to that gaming tournament tie-in. Next single Viva La Victoria will blow your ears off.
  10. This is a really fantastic record. Big step up from the debut.
  11. Horrible album. Grungy and modern and just tuneless.
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