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  1. Stick to the 80s. The 90s latter half in particular, just sucked ass.
  2. Heard one rough mix so far...killer!
  3. Absolute masterpiece. But it wasn't a planned album as such - its songwriter demos for Judith & Robin Randall that Mark Ashton convinced them all to release. There's another dozen songs from the same time frame - half made the Anniversary Reissue (along with the incredible live recording from The Gods) and the other half will be on the upcoming Randall Archives Box Set coming out via MelodicRock Classics Marcie's best album though - Signal Loud & Clear. That to me is the best pure AOR album ever!
  4. Something from Days Of Thunder might redeem themselves
  5. You can't criticize Frontiers. They block you / ban you / ignore you (all 3 for me!) but won't accept it - even if 10,000 people say the same thing. They are always right and you must take what you are given. They get very pissy at any negative posts online.
  6. That was absolutely bog standard bar band stuff. Where's the energy guys?
  7. End of Jan for the single. TBA for the album.
  8. Next song is called Automatic and is just as good.
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