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  1. Something from Days Of Thunder might redeem themselves
  2. You can't criticize Frontiers. They block you / ban you / ignore you (all 3 for me!) but won't accept it - even if 10,000 people say the same thing. They are always right and you must take what you are given. They get very pissy at any negative posts online.
  3. That was absolutely bog standard bar band stuff. Where's the energy guys?
  4. End of Jan for the single. TBA for the album.
  5. Next song is called Automatic and is just as good.
  6. So how many MRR bands have Frontiers picked up now? Someone must have good ears
  7. It's not Terry and it's not Bryan Cole. Dann may contribute some guitar parts.
  8. I've seen him live solo and with Van Halen - he's brilliant frontman. He's just not a zany lunatic, which is Roth's schtick. I prefer Hagar by a mile.
  9. It is a joke. I can imagine a fleet of ambulances on their way to Frontiers HQ for revival duties though....hahahahaha
  10. Alessandro DV is handling the new Toby Hitchcock solo.
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