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  1. That's more representative of the album. You know how Frontiers love to push the generic stuff up front.
  2. That almost makes up for Time Of Your Life
  3. No mate....not a note. Love the debut though!
  4. Talked to Michael a while back about getting the second EndeverAfter album released. Went nowhere... This sounds incredibly dull and rather pointless. Not modern, not classic, not a band...not really anything.
  5. Sorry, my 'attitude' comes from being yelled at via email, only to come on here and read it again. Anyone familiar with HH or MR knows me and knows I don't run 'scams' or rip people off. The whole Silent Tiger episode has me extremely pissed off and frustrated. I'm sure that is obvious, so I apologise for any curtness. One thing is certain, those missing delivery of the CD will absolutely get one.
  6. Jesus mate, you said all this in an email to me. No one is getting scammed. The new team took over manufacturing and shipping of new titles from King Of Hearts onwards and I only just learnt that they've sent just half of these preorders out - "by mistake" (urgh). Either way its a fuck up and it makes me question the move to outsource - even though I don't want to be doing all that work for little return. It will be fixed and would already have been done if not for postal systems now shut down, especially here in Oz. When things are back to normal the remaining CDs will be shipped. Please keep in mind all the rough mixes, demos and the full digital advance album you had delivered back in October last year.
  7. Different singer and different label for every release so far.
  8. All talk and hot air so far. I'm beyond pissed off. But I was also ready to get out of this crummy business. I'm assured that every copy went out (eventually). Let me know here if they don't arrive in another week/few weeks.
  9. Worst production since.....well, the last album.
  10. A tip off from a friend who had the legal papers link.
  11. I was the first to report this - http://www.melodicrock.com/articles/2020/03/04/journey-vs-journey-smith-valory-sued-fired-schon-cain
  12. He has an A&R deal with the mafia to bring bands to them. Bigfoot was one I think. Electric Mob might be the newest.
  13. Can I quote your review for my next round of publicity?
  14. Hey Delbert - all pre-order CDs have now shipped. The new MRR guys I partnered with screwed up this and we now have some conversations to have to ensure this never happens again. Very pissed off, sorry!
  15. Love HOL and JC, but his weakened voice and new singing style is a total put off for me...I've struggled with the last 2-3 releases for that reason.
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