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  1. I just remember importing a few copies for sale, playing Steam Train and thinking 'who the fuck am I going to sell this to??'!!!!
  2. I played that debut album once when it first came out. I'm still recovering.
  3. Maybe just a touch....but overall its fantastic. Its a snapshot of everything JSS has been over the years.
  4. So great a guy, he let me stay at his house for 2 nights and lent me one of his cars for a week! This was around MRF1. And did tireless promotion for the event for me - live radio interviews, you name it.
  5. Jim is one of the best people on this planet. Not a bad bone in his body.
  6. My Many Sides turns out to be just one side - slow bluesy and horribly produced.
  7. It's not. It's Lost In The Translation meets Talisman meets Yngwie meets JSS....it's a bit of everything except metal.
  8. Released Sept 18, but available now. Er, what?
  9. Its a very laid back bluesy kind of record and the production is balls.
  10. The rest of the album is mainly hard rocking like the last album. It's heavier in places. Killer stuff.
  11. No, but would like to hear! What other tapes you got?
  12. That's more representative of the album. You know how Frontiers love to push the generic stuff up front.
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