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  1. Man.. I love that track/album. My favourite release from them.
  2. Spot on - That track is killer indeed. New album drops 21st May, looking forward to it.
  3. Blonz version or Ted Poley version Has to be Blonz for me..
  4. I love the latest 2 Animal albums - Chris Laney recently talked about trying to speak with Randy to get them reissued.
  5. It’s all falling like dominos! I saw that about Woodward - why do you think that is? Do you think the Glaziers want it but he didn’t, hence the resign? Either way good news for United fans!!
  6. Also.. to bang on about fielding weaker teams for Premiership games is just mind blowing. All these leaders at the top of the tree are hiding behind their club managers and players who have taken the brunt of media backlash. Fantastic example of leadership. Bastards.
  7. Made me laugh when both Arsenal and Spurs confirmed their involvement - Spurs have a huge stadium and ‘did’ have a celebrity manager.. on the pitch they’ve done nothing. Arsenal are just terrible as you say, they’ve have been loitering mid-table all season.
  8. Agree 100% mate. There is zero compassion or respect for the game as it is now, or how it has been built over the many years. Even if this dosent come to fruition I am still dead set on all teams involved being heavily punished. Fines, blacklisted from leagues/competitions.. make an example of them! On a more lighthearted note - I’m looking forward to the small matter of 90 mins rivalry on Sunday between our teams.. even if it currently doesn't mean shit
  9. I think it’s going to get a whole lot worse. Today is just the start..
  10. It’s a grower - I’m looking forward to the album. Wasn’t sold on their previous effort but I like both singles so far. They will never beat ‘Set The World On Fire’.
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