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  1. I don’t know what’s worse.. the song or the dude on the far right.. sorry mate
  2. Was only listening to this last night.. Brilliant album
  3. Battle Beast singer Noora Louhimo to release debut solo album ‘Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space’ in March. First single to drop January 29th. Looks quite the departure from the BB sound but I’m looking forward to what appears to be a more stripped down, laid back album. “NOEX will take you on a crazy space journey, where the Milky Way is filled with soulful blues rock with country influences. For the first time ever, Noora will show you the most honest, naked, soft and raw side of herself. She will share her innermost with you, so you can see and hear what made her cry, laugh or rage.
  4. Great band. Suncity Records reissued and remastered the bands early demo tapes in 2013 - album is called ‘No Strings Attached’.
  5. Double from Mr Chris Laney - Solo album and the killer Zan Clan
  6. As far as I’m aware Sister Scream only have 3 songs out here.. Wake Me Up, Misty and Whole Lotta Woman. The 3 track demo came out in 1993 but they disbanded shortly after. Anyone have anymore info on these guys? The demo kicks ass!
  7. What do you think to Wig Wam? WET is my current pick of the crop, but as you say 2 different styles of melodic rock. Both equally brilliant. I’m hearing excellent things about the Art Of Illusion release next Friday, should be another winner.
  8. Recently discovered this - Really good album. As you say, probably about as good as modern pop gets.
  9. Only had one spin of this but really like what I hear. Big modern vibe with lots of layers. You can tell the guys are influenced by modern pop/rock acts. Feel like this will grow over time. However I do find Broken Highway an odd choice for album opener - great song absolutely but not the track to kick start things for me.
  10. This has to be one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while. Sensational
  11. Co-wrote with Martin Sweet (Crashdiet), by far their best album. Believe the guitarist Tom is now in ToxicRose.
  12. My favourite Winger album - Not one bad track on this. Awesome!
  13. Really strong lead single. Nice uptempo rocker with a more harder, edgier vibe. Production has gone up a notch too. Sounds like they have upped their game for this release - looking forward to hearing more.
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