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  1. Nice! Looking forward to hearing more
  2. Solid first single. Reminds me a little of King For A Day. I feel there will be better on the album, but strong start indeed. Will catch them in Manchester next Feb - Always a killer live act.
  3. Apparently all the tracks was recorded between 1988 and 1991 - Multiple line up changes and the start of the grunge scene really sunk these guys. An EP was released and sold at their shows in 1992 containing the songs ‘Get Up N’ Shake’, ‘Save Me Now’, ‘Things Were Better’ and ‘Next Time‘. Kivel then picked this up in 1999 and gave it the release it deserved. Killer hard rock release.. think I’ll spin this one again today.
  4. Agree with Geoff - One or two moments I can enjoy but overall a very underwhelming follow up.
  5. Now that’s more like it - Killer track
  6. Roses On Your Grave is one hell of an opener
  7. Agree with the comment regarding outside influence - A better studio team would work wonders. Ties in with @Geoff comments regarding a bigger better sound. Also agreed. Absolutely no hate for these guys at all.. but what I’m saying is.. if they had a read through this thread they’d knock out a bastard of an album
  8. It’s not a bad song at all but am I the only one who thinks these guys should be better than they actually are?? When the songs are good they are GOOD, but I could go through their catalogue and only make one albums worth of songs I like. Super talented band but I’m always left wanting that bit extra, which they are fully capable of.
  9. It’s gone from a working title of Checkmate to Jackie Chan to now Hard Skool. I believe it’s from early 2000s and was one of the tracks Buckethead co-wrote. I like it - Axl sounds great on the chorus.
  10. I like Silent Thunder but there are much better tracks on that album.. just like the ones you mentioned. I don’t hate Reach Out it just feels like a recycled ‘man against the world’ style tune. I’m hoping the first track is up there with past openers ‘Wicked’ and ‘Hell Raising Women’ etc.. get it off with a bang. Interesting the last track ‘Thief In The Night’ clocks in at 07:24.. could be epic.
  11. I must admit I’m pretty underwhelmed by the latest single. It’s a solid track by all accounts but it just reminds me of a poor mans ‘Silent Thunder’ from the previous album. I much prefer the first single.
  12. Haven’t had a chance to spin this yet but very much looking forward to doing so.. Interesting side note that Jona Tee penned the track ‘Reason To Survive’.
  13. The type of band where you just know it will be huge before you hear it. I love these guys - 2 incredible albums and I can’t wait for the new one to drop.
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