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  1. Very much looking forward to this. 2 stellar releases so far.
  2. You guys got me excited for this one and man.. seriously good!
  3. Just got back from seeing them - excellent live act as always. Steve is like a fine wine. Great set with a few deeper cuts such as ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Crack Alley’. Top band.
  4. Tracklist for the new album - 1. Back To The Rhythm 2. Nationwide 3. Tainted Blood 4. Hollywood 5. Harder To Breathe 6. Not For Sale 7. One Of Us 8. Hold Your Fire 9. Paramount 10. Demon Eyes 11. Wings Of An Aeroplane
  5. *Updated as album thread* Väsby's prides H.E.A.T which with warm hand managed the 80s heavy rock sound and brought it into the 2000s, releases what will undoubtedly be the soundtrack of the summer. The album "Force Majeure", the band's seventh, will be released via earMUSIC / Playground Music Sweden August 5, 2022. The title "Force Majeure" plays on "events outside human control" and we can all agree that this is how it has been felt for the last two years, pandemic, lockdown and a life limited to sitting at home. This has only spiked H.E.A.T a little extra as they now get ready to release this new record, and welcome their (new)old singer Kenny Leckremo back on the lead. Today, the first single "Nationwide" is released that testifies to a band full of cultivated energy that easily unites classic hard rock with 2022 and which has succeeded a generation of hard rockers with their optimism, energy and fantastic songs. From the cover, to the video, to the music, it is understood that a lot of work, power and thought have gone into achieving the perfect balance. The band has since made its self-titled debut album and the great success of "1000 Miles" go from clarity to clarity, and is continuously receiving great reviews from the collected international rock press. They have also been touring diligently, both in Europe and Japan. H.E.A.T is going on a tour in April and will of course also perform one or a couple of the songs from the upcoming album. "Force Majeure" will be released August 5 on CD, LP, LP in yellow vinyl and digital. Tracklist: 1. Back To The Rhythm 2. Nationwide 3. Tainted Blood 4. Hollywood 5. Harder To Breathe 6. Not For Sale 7. One Of Us 8. Hold Your Fire 9. Paramount 10. Demon Eyes 11. Wings Of An Aeroplane
  6. By all accounts it could be mate yes but I don’t believe it’s included at all. Definitely going for a retro/synth wave theme with this one!
  7. New album ‘Turborider’ out Feb 25th 2022. 1. Turborider2. Eyes of a Maniac3. Outrun4. Kids of the Arcade5. Bark at the Moon6. Prelude (Flight of the Cobra)7. Like a Cobra8. For the Love of Good Times9. '89 Sparkle10. Future Lover Boy11. Prodigal Sons
  8. I could be wrong but I’m sure Loaded is just a stand alone single. They have a UK tour in March so I’m hoping it’s ready for that!
  9. For Crying Out Loud and Be The Slave have their moments but it’s on Carnival Days and the Vibration EP where they really get going. Much more mature - including vocalist Hannes. One of the hottest bands in the last few years in our genre. Enjoy.
  10. Written by ADV and sung by Kent Hilli. This is NOT Giant. As for the song itself it’s very by-the-numbers, nothing stand out at all. For me at least. Kent is an excellent vocalist and it’s a great gig for him but I find it very hard to get behind this. Shame.
  11. Would prefer a new album but this is great news! It’s been way too long. Can’t wait for this one.
  12. If you head over to the iTunes Store you can hear 90 seconds.. sounds excellent
  13. First single ‘Fake Perfection’ out Friday 12th November from their upcoming full length album out 2022. Bring it on!
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