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  1. Looking forward to this one 1. I Salute You 2. Arianne 3. Night Drive 4. Chariot Of Fire 5. Bring On The Rain 6. Love Is A Beautiful Lie 7. Ticking Away 8. Battle Ground 9. Candle In The Window 10. Rock In The City Vinyl and CD pre-orders announced soon.
  2. Aordave89


    My thoughts exactly re the logo. I don’t dislike the singer at all but I did also think the songs would benefit from having some more b*llocks to them vocally.
  3. Aordave89


    New EP ‘Tokyo’ coming next Friday 17th. Physical copies to be released shortly after. 1. Tokyo 2. Going Down 3. Boys Will Be Boys 4. Begging For More Samples sounds good!
  4. Looking forward to this one - really enjoyed the debut
  5. Get the fuck outta here - You made it happen! We are truly humbled that you made us reach the goal in just 52 hours, amazing!! Now we can start production!!!📀💿 Thank you so much! Looks like it’s all go
  6. 2/2 for me so far, looking forward to this one. Judging from the samples ‘Lift Me Up’ sounds killer
  7. Always been slightly on the fence with Vega. Each release so far has a solid 3-5 tracks and that’s about it for me. However I’m pleasantly surprised with this one, 2 spins in and really enjoying it. They seem to have upped their game and the production is better. Not bad at all!
  8. Jorn Viggo Lofstad + Michael Eriksen = THE REVIVAL Jorn Viggo and Michael have been eager to work together for many years. It will now finally happen under the name The Revival. Both share the love of melodic rock/hard rock music and are super excited to show the result of this collaboration. Michael says: "This is not “just a project” but a seed we have planted and a band we want to spend time on in the years to come in addition to our other commitments." First six months of 2020 will be used finishing the writing and recording of the debut album. It will be mixed by Jacob Hansen in September 2020. They will then seek partners and aim for a late 2020 release. Stay tuned for the announcement of additional band members and more news. Really hoping this could be in a similar vein to The Magnificent - Incredible debut and one of my favourite Melodic Rock albums. Michael Eriksen dosent release enough music for me, top singer. Surely has all the ingredients so far to be a killer album.. Looking forward to hearing this one.
  9. Agree on H.E.A.T, Degreed, Brother Firetribe and W.E.T I would personally add Reckless Love and Crazy Lixx to that list (Riot Avenue isn’t up there with the others but it’s by no means a weak album).
  10. Better than the first track but still nothing special for me. Would love to hear album number 2 from Endeverafter.. great debut
  11. I like about 5 songs from this release but I’m happy with the final band versions - No desire to check out the ADV demos.
  12. I’ve seen reviews and people on social media rating this very highly - I must be missing something? Weak songs and that production is dire, don’t understand how it’s even been signed off.
  13. Nothing amazing but not bad either. Nice voice and guitar solo
  14. It is on iTunes too Glen - at least it’s different to the one Frontiers posted. They have it opening with Love Of My Life but on media platforms it seems to be Breakout..
  15. Definitely ready for this one. Loved the debut!
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