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Gotus - s/t


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On 11/20/2023 at 5:19 PM, Stefan said:

New song 'Take Me To The Mountain'.




From musictrespass.com:

Gotus - To a release a self-titled album

January 19th 2024
Musicians you know in a new incarnation!!!

Gotus will release a self-titled debut album on 19th January 2024 via Frontiers, with a first single from it entitled ‘Take me to the Mountain’ available from today. Describing the song, guitarist Mandy Meyer (Krokus / Unisonic / Ex-Gotthard Katmandü and Asia) alludes to philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in stating "I climb upon the highest mountains, laughing at all tragedies - whether real or imaginary. This track encapsulates the essence of Gotus' music".

Formed in 2019, Gotus initially emerged as a live project conceived by Meyer and drummer Pat Aeby. The band, boasting current and former members of Swiss Rock giants Krokus, Gotthard and Storace, regrouped in 2022 after a pandemic-induced hiatus with a solidified line-up that includes frontman Ronnie Romero, bassist Tony Castell (Ex-Krokus / Crystal Ball) and keyboardist Alain Guy to create a dynamic and powerful quintet. The rhythm section had played a pivotal role in one of the most successful periods of Krokus' career with the 2003 album 'Rock the Block’, which topped the Swiss chart, while Meyer’s subsequent return after more than two decades away had further solidified their powerhouse line-up.

'Gotus' delivers heartfelt Hard Rock that showcases the evolution and musical maturity of each band member. It not only pays homage to Meyer's extensive discography with stellar renditions of the classics 'When the rain Comes' (Katmandü) and 'Reason to Live' (Gotthard), but explores new terrain with tracks like 'Beware of the Fire' and 'Weekend Warriors'. The album also features epic power ballads such as 'Without your Love' and 'Children of the Night', plus the captivating opener and new single 'Take me to the Mountain'.



'Gotus' tracklisting Below:

01  Take me to the Mountain
02  Beware of the Fire
03  Love will find It's Way
04  Undercover
05  Weekend Warriors
06  Children of the Night
07  When the rain Comes
08  Without your Love
09  What comes around goes Around
10  Reason to Live
11  On the dawn of Tomorrow

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio, Patrick Aeby, Mandy Meyer


Mandy Meyer - Guitars / Ronnie Romero - Vocals / Pat Aeby - Drums / Tony Castell - Bass / Alain Guy - Keyboards


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  • Stefan changed the title to Gotus - s/t
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2 things, 1.Ronnie should be singing for Gotthard, and 2. This is what Gotthard should be sounding like.

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Just given my copy a spin, bloody brilliant.
As much as I was disappointed that Dino was replaced by Ronnie "I Sing On Everything For A Short While" Romero, I think it's the best album i've heard him on.
Hoping they continue and it's not a one-and-done.
I know the project is focussed on Gotthard and Krokus, but i'm hoping some Cobra and Asia get the GOTUS treatment too in the future.

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14 minutes ago, Captain Cowardly said:

Just given my copy a spin, bloody brilliant.

Totally agree , very good indeed.

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Terrible band name, but yeah, pretty good album. Gotta say, I heard this blind and I assumed it was the current singer for Gotthard on vocals. Does Ronnie Romero usually sound like this? He's one of those dudes who's name I hear a lot, but I don't actually really know much about him. Assume he's just generally not on albums I like? But yeah, this sounds ten times better than anything Gotthard have released since Steve Lee's tragic passing. 

'Love Will Find Its Way,' 'Undercover,' 'Without Your Love' and 'Reason To Live' are my picks. 

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