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  1. phaffas

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Megadeth - rust in peace
  2. phaffas

    Striker - Play to Win

    Great band. Love the energy they have
  3. With so much great music coming out over past few years... these two songs are just pointless. Downloaded as its my favourite band. Listened. Meh. Back to playing something good.
  4. phaffas

    Gotthard - Defrosted 2

    Silver is the only one i never liked..
  5. phaffas

    Joe Lamont - 'Secrets You Keep' (1985)

    Yep absolutely love this album.
  6. phaffas

    Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days

    I cant agree with you more... so far my album of the year and one i keep coming back to me. It also reminds me of Bad City, however i think this has a more complete mature sound and as if it were plucked from 1991, whereas Bad City had some modern rock leanings. As for this singer? Love his style and attitude.
  7. phaffas

    Care Of Night - Love Equals War

    a few less members....
  8. phaffas

    Diemonds - s/t

    Pretty ordinary stuff. And Yes, terrible album cover.
  9. phaffas

    Arion - Life Is Not Beautiful

    Thats not a bad song..
  10. phaffas

    Angeline - Shadowlands

    I really like this band. Hopefully this is a follow on from the past few albums
  11. phaffas

    State Of Salazar - Superhero

    Very glad this band is still around! Very Care of Night sounding...
  12. phaffas

    Hunter (Chile) - Hunter

    Very nicely played AOR with a traditional sound. English speaking tracks are easily the best.
  13. phaffas

    The Faceplants - Animalistic

    Liking what ive heard so far... if you like your modern rock with a twist...
  14. phaffas

    Taste - Moral Decay

    Cant wait for this!
  15. phaffas

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Tough crowd! ONe of the best and most consistent new bands out there..

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