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  1. Bride - Rattlesnakes https://youtu.be/6Me__M3N9Wc
  2. Always liked Gui's voice.. since Auras.
  3. Yep have tried to follow this band but with a revolving door of singers i gave up... this one sounds good though
  4. so this is covers from Meyer's old bands?
  5. I finally gave up with Silver, despite Gotthard being one of my favourite bands. What i dont understand is the complete change in direction from those last few Lee albums, to this standard rock. Why did they not put Nic into a sound like they were producing on Lipservice, Domino Effect and Need to Believe. I actually quite like Bang, and Firebirth. But this and Silver are just.... its very dull and nowhere near their previous quality.
  6. You cant! What a song that was.
  7. I still own and thoroughly enjoy T-Ride. It’s a fun album.
  8. Enjoying this one... even the Savage Garden cover. Great band.
  9. Most of these i cant say if they are bad or not.. simply because i assume all of them are bad and had no interest in hearing. Tesla was ok... some rubbish on it.. but mostly solid.
  10. Starting All Over is one my songs of the year
  11. "Fading like a flower" was my introduction to Roxette. I was lucky enough to see them a few years ago. Marie had to have a few breaks throughout the show... but was amazing overall. She still had a great voice. Crowd went nuts when she was singing....
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