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  1. Starting All Over is one my songs of the year
  2. "Fading like a flower" was my introduction to Roxette. I was lucky enough to see them a few years ago. Marie had to have a few breaks throughout the show... but was amazing overall. She still had a great voice. Crowd went nuts when she was singing....
  3. Anyone else like the Little Drummer Boy cover by Whiteheart? Mega.
  4. Ward pretty much is PC69! Weird. He's in Magnum now? really? who cares. Need some more Khymera..
  5. what he said....for once
  6. Could it be she thought you were a woman?
  7. Great band . Looking forward to the next album
  8. Good news ! Been following these guys for a while now
  9. yep, agree with all you said... Monumentum felt like a step backwards from those previous 3.
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