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  1. The Crue, along with Kiss, Leppard and Maiden, got me into Hard Rock/Metal early on, so they will always be a sentimental favorite. I'd agree that they weren't the most talented band musically, although Tommy could hold his own. I'd also agree with Cure that after the S/T release with Corabi their later albums, while not bad, never quite reached the same level. And they may have been a bit more style over substance, but their influence on the melodic rock/glam rock scene in the mid-80's, especially in the U.S. shouldn't be dismissed. Here are my favorite Crue songs: Wild Side Live Wire Looks That Kill Girls, Girls, Girls Dr. Feelgood Too Young To Fall In Love Kickstart My Heart Piece of Your Action Home Sweet Home Shout At the Devil Smoke The Sky Red Hot On With The Show Misunderstood Dancing On Glass
  2. That's possible, but I don't see the Packers going in to SF and winning. Beating Seattle at home is one thing, especially with the injuries Seattle had to their O-line and at RB. It was mostly Russell Wilson making some great individual plays to keep them in it yesterday. And while Seattle defense is solid it isn't anywhere near as good as it was a few years ago. The 49ers are a much more balanced team and present match-up problems for GB on both sides of the ball. Titans/KC could go either way. As Titans are playing with confidence and Henry and their defense have really stepped up. I just think KC has too many weapons and will pull it out in the end.
  3. I enjoyed the NFL much more in the 80's and 90's myself. But I'm curious, what about this season/post-season makes you feel things were so rigged? The first time in seemingly forever we don't have to watch Brady/Belichik in another championship game (thank goodness). You can't tell me the league wouldn't have loved to showcase media darlings Lamar Jackson vs Mahommes in the AFC championship? Or have Drew Brees win it all and ride off into the sunset. There weren't even any glaring missed calls that directly lead to one team beating another this weekend, like was rightly debated last year.
  4. I'm looking forward to this one as well
  5. Good points, as you mentioned, they were one of the bands that helped establish hard rock as a commercially successful genre and others tried to replicate that formula. I think we're mostly on the same page. I was thinking more or less after Pyromania really started to take off. The guys saw what they could achieve if they followed Mutt's guidance and if they wrote songs that appealed to a wider audience. There was a time when I wondered if they would have kept more of an edge had Pete remained. But years later I heard the Roadhouse album and Girl's music and started to believe the change in guitarist was likely less of a factor.
  6. I am a big fan of the H&D album as well. And I used to think the same as far as Collen vs. Willis. Then later on I thought about Collen coming from Girl and Willis returning to the scene with a very polished, more AOR style band like Roadhouse. Not to mention Vivan's input starting with Slang and him writing much mellower music than he played with Dio. The change in guitarists over the years understandably shaped their overall sound. But I think going in a more commercial direction was more of a decision made as a band especially after Mutt Lange got involved and they realized the success that could be achieved.
  7. Hard to narrow it down to just 10 as they were one of my favorite bands between 1981 and 1991. And on a given day I could probably swap a few out with some other songs that just missed the cut. Photograph Another Hit and Run Die Hard The Hunter Animal Foolin' Hysteria Stagefright Let It Go Gods of War Wasted
  8. thanks for sharing Geoff, had otherwise not heard of these guys, I gave it a spin last night and outside of the track Knuckle Sandwich thought it sounded pretty good
  9. Nice lists guys, as has been said, overall a rather disappointing year. I had high hopes for some new albums from older artists but many were let downs or average. I agree Glen, some really nice singles for upcoming 2020 albums and I am hoping that's a sign of better things to come for next year. 2019 Top 10: 1. The Defiants - Zokusho 2. Cats In Space – Daytrip to Narnia 3. Pretty Maids – Undress Your Madness 4. Rain or Shine – The Darkest Part of Me 5. The New Roses – Nothing But Wild 6. Lovekillers – S/T 7. Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild 8. Work of Art – Exhibits 9. Roulette – Now! 10. Forever – S/T Honorable Mentions: · 91 Suite – Starting All Over Again (EP) · Darkwater – Human (Progressive Metal) · Flotsam & Jetsam – The End of Chaos (Heavy Metal/Thrash) · H.E.R.O – Humanic (Modern Pop/Rock Band) Other releases I enjoyed and think are worth checking out: Gathering of Kings – First Mission, Nitrate – Open Wide, First Signal – Line of Fire, Find Me – Angels In Blue, Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood, DeVicious – Reflections, Deaf Rat – Ban the Light, Temple Balls – Untamed
  10. sad news indeed, those Roxette albums were filled with wonderfully catchy pop songs, she will be missed by many fans around the world
  11. I'm a big fan of TNT and Tony as well and agree with your overall take. There are some really good tunes. "Hurricane" and "Higher Again" remind me the most of TNT. While Heavily Broken, which doesn't really sound like TNT, might be my favorite. I think what initially takes this down a notch for me is the track order itself. The two tracks ("Ball and Chain" and "Who Can We Run To") that I really didn't get into are placed one right after another. I also thought there are too many slower paced tracks (most noticeable with Across the Ocean being followed by Bring Me Back). I'll need to give it another spin but similar to you, I think this one might make it's way into my top 10, purely on how much I enjoyed, what I'd consider to be, the standout tracks.
  12. Nice choice once again. I actually just gave this a spin last night. If I recall correctly I first heard them on a local radio station in Milwaukee, WI back in '92. New, melodic rock releases were becoming scarcer at that point, so I rolled the dice and purchased it and was not disappointed. The album became one of my favorites from that year.
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