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  1. Crazysam

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    And now back to the music ...I gave this a listen today and thought it was pretty good. I would agree with some prior comments and say it is a step down in overall song quality from the debut. But there weren't any songs that I'd classify as filler. If you liked the debut I think you'll find it an enjoyable listen as it retains the same style. My initial favorites would be Outrun You, Because of Us and New Life Begins.
  2. Crazysam

    Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

    Agreed, one of the more creative lyric videos I've seen and a solid song
  3. Crazysam

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    Toby has such a powerful voice. Martensson's songwriting may have gotten a bit formulaic of late but for me this new song isn't as strong as the ones he wrote on Mercury's Down. I look forward to hearing the album though and am still hopeful there will be some standout tracks even without Erik's involvement this time around.
  4. Crazysam

    Johnny Gioeli - One Voice

    technically the guys formerly known as Airless, the Robert Rodrigo Band, and if I read correctly their album was released this month, so as Geoff mentioned, that would be 4 albums this year with Johnny on vocals, a very busy man to say the least
  5. Crazysam

    Riptide - Wetter The Better

    Haha! good stuff
  6. Crazysam

    Need help identifying a slow AOR song...

    2 for 2, very impressive
  7. Crazysam

    A nice song...

    nice job, catchy pop song, but I had no clue and don't think I've ever heard of The Quick before
  8. Crazysam

    Blood Red Saints - album #3

    I thought their debut was solid, but the follow up just didn't click for me. Surprised they are releasing new material so quickly. That image in the video made me think this was going to rock, but instead the song is very much on the pop side, reminds of One Republic, until the last minute where they placed a guitar outro.
  9. Crazysam

    Radiant - S/T

    Thanks for sharing. Some solid, old school hard rock/metal on display, even if the lyrics are a bit cliche. I intend to check out the full album, which from what I've seen is scheduled to be released tomorrow.
  10. Crazysam

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    I am in agreement with you guys on that aspect. Tunguska ranks higher on my list than those other three, which I found enjoyable as well. Even when not at the top of their game, Treat is still at another level compared to most bands. It would be hard for me to say their latest is 'miles' behind any album released this year.
  11. Crazysam

    Devil's Hand (Slamer/Freeman) - s/t

    Nice, all three promo tracks have sounded pretty good to me
  12. Crazysam

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    My tastes differ from you guys on that comparison. Tunguska is a good album and will probably make my top 10 for the year, but CDG has stronger songs, in my opinion. If I want to listen to modern day Treat I will pick CDG over the last two. I would even go so far to say that if I were making list of my favorites from the last 10 years CDG would easily make my top 10 while Tunguska likely wouldn't crack the top 50.
  13. Crazysam

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    Not bad, but a bit lackluster for a lead track. It just isn't the style/direction I was hoping for from him. Reminds me of Nickelback.
  14. Crazysam

    Gathering Of Kings

    For those of you who haven't given up all hope on this, a fourth single/video "Love Will Stay Alive" should be out during November with the album now scheduled for release in January 2019. FB

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