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  1. first prize of a tongue bath from Geoff will have to be done via Zoom this year due to COVID protocols. Awesome, I'll be looking forward to my prize.
  2. Nice first single, looking forward to hearing more
  3. I'll give it a shot - Palace Dynazty H.E.A.T. Unleash the Archers One Desire
  4. Agreed, I am a big fan of the first Karate Kid movie but I wasn't expecting this series to grab my attention like it did. I like how they incorporate moments and characters from those original movies and toss in a nice dose of 80's rock from time to time.
  5. Crazysam

    NFL 2020

    it's been a pretty competitive game, Colts missed opportunities might be too much to overcome though, with the 1st half failed 4th and goal and then the missed FG, odd choice to go for 2 after that last TD, kind of deflating for the team after getting back into it with the nice drive
  6. sounds good to me, thanks for sharing
  7. I didn't realize that about the High Vaultage version either, I used to have it on cassette years ago, it's one of those albums I was really into when I was younger and still enjoy. Would be interested in knowing your opinion of the No Remorse version as far as how it sounds and compares
  8. It didn't help matters when the mayor of DC requested that the national guard be deployed as a preventive measure leading up to the rally but insisted they not wear body armor and be unarmed. For whatever reason the local authorities and Capital police failed to assess the situation properly leading up the rally. Even though it seemed to be common knowledge that some of the people attending planned to walk to the Capital. I did get a kick out of that LEGO satire. Although, I haven't seen many photos or videos where anyone inside the Capital was actually walking around with gun in hand. I
  9. Finally! Not his best song by any means, but a solid track. I'm pretty sure this was one of the tunes originally mentioned as being part of this album that's been shelved for awhile. Not sure if he updated the lyrics but it's interesting to see how it relates a little to some of what went on in 2020.
  10. Not bad, will be interesting to see if they stick with it and put out a full album
  11. Crazysam


    Glad you are doing better. Hopefully you'll be able to return home soon.
  12. I enjoyed the debut and this one makes a few slight improvements as the production seems a little better and vocals stand out more. First track was just ok for me, but after that I thought the rest of the songs were all pretty good.
  13. This was a pleasant surprise as I had found their last two albums a bit disappointing. As others have mentioned, similar weak production as those last two, but a little more guitar oriented this time around. Of their more recent albums Worlds Collide is still my go to choice, but this new one is definitely worth checking out.
  14. nice, these guys have a knack for putting together mash-ups that work and this track is no exception, glad to see them back with some new material
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