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Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise


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New project includes Michael Sweet (Stryper), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner), George Lynch (Lynch Mob) and James Lomenzo (Megadeth, Black Label Society, White Lion).


To be released through Frontiers Records. New single 'September' out in, you guessed it, September.


Details to follow...

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Hopefully its better then the pathetic KXM and that lousy T&N record...


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Interesting line-up for sure, but yeah, Lynch hasn't recorded anything decent in a few decades so I hope he goes against the grain with this one.

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It rawks!

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I like what I hear so far. What are the odds that Sweet won't be trading licks with Lynch though? I always liked his back/forth with Oz Fox. Lynch & Sweet would make a good guitar duo I think

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From blabbermouth.net:


A 95-second audio sample of the song "Divine" from SWEET/LYNCH — the new band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER, legendary guitarist George Lynch (T&N, DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James Lomenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (S.U.N., WHITESNAKE) — can be streamed using the audio player below.


SWEET/LYNCH's debut album will be released in early 2015 via Frontiers. The band's first lyric video for the song "September" — a tribute to the victims of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York — will be made available on September 11.


SWEET/LYNCH has just finished filming two videos and an EPK (Electronic Press Kit).


Sweet told Guitar International about SWEET/LYNCH: "It was the brainchild of Serafino Perugino at Frontiers Records. He asked me to basically sing on this record and then I suggested producing it. I co-wrote the songs with George. I called Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo to put the band together. It's an incredible combination of classic '70s and '80s. You will hear some flavors of JOURNEY, BAD COMPANY, DOKKEN, VAN HALEN and STRYPER."


He added: "I love this CD. I'm super excited for people to hear this CD. I'm so proud of it.


"James and Brian are amazing musicians. They tore it up. The drums and bass are just as impressive as the guitars. Everybody really delivered… The musicianship level on this is top notch. It sounds as if we were all in the stuff playing together and we were not. Basically, George wrote some riffs about a minute to a minute and a half long. I wrote lyrics and melodies then arranged them. I cut and pasted them together in the studio. Then Brian and James came out and tracked the drums and bass, as well as some rhythm stuff. We then sent it to George to add the guitars."


Asked if there will be any live dates in support of the album, Sweet said: "We are one million percent sure there will be a tour."


'Divine' & 'Time Will Tell' snippets: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/sweetlynch-featuring-michael-sweet-george-lynch-audio-snippet-of-new-song-divine/

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"September" just doesn't resonate with me.


Love me some Michael Sweet, and naturally I was a huge Lynch fan (in high school during the mid 80's), but I will not buy the new CD based on this track alone.


I know many (most) people here enjoy some good, crunchy rock, but I'm more of a true AOR fan (most of the time now that I'm 45 and not 25, anyway)... I'd be happier if Sweet recorded something along the lines of his solo debut... but those days are gone, I know...

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  • My Little Pony


I know many (most) people here enjoy some good, crunchy rock, but I'm more of a true AOR fan (most of the time now that I'm 45 and not 25, anyway)

Me, too. Most of the time, now that I'm 27 and not 20, anyway.


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