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  1. Actually, MANY of us in the USA love Ted.
  2. I have a cassette tape recording of the Slippery demos that, while sound-wise sucks, is a fun listen as they were basically still putting many of the tracks together nearly from scratch at the time. Hardcore fans of that era of Bon Jovi (like I certainly was... still am I guess... of THAT era) might be interested in something like that if better quality demos are shelved somewhere. Better yet, perhaps vocal commentary regarding their thoughts listening back to the recording themselves. But that would only work (for me, anyway), if Jon and Richie were on-board TOGETHER. I bet there are tons of stories and perhaps some audio and video that none of us have ever heard / seen before. What a magical time 1986 / 1987 was. For those not around to have actually witnessed it in-person at the time (I know most of here were), they were like the freaking Beatles of the mid to late 80's. To think, Bon Jovi (Slippery) and Def Leppard (Hysteria) were criss-crossing the USA the summer of 1987. What a spectacle that was. I'll never forget it!
  3. I said the same thing in the Helix thread a few months back... This sucks, badly... but all of us who were in our teens in the 80's when our music ruled the world are now in our mid-50's (at least) and our music heroes are, for the most part, older than that (some much older). Unfortunately these RIP threads will be posted much more often moving forward. I saw the Warrant / Trixter / Firehouse tour here in Portland, Oregon back in 1991 and I've been a fan of all three of those bands since (Warrant actually a couple years earlier). Two of the three lead-men from that tour are now gone. Life is precious and short. Too short for far too many. RIP, CJ
  4. Feels like the very last nail in the coffin to me. I'm a KISS fan dating back to the fall of 1978 when I started 5th. grade. I've told my story a million times. Kid came to school wearing the KISS logo belt-buckle. I was hooked. My mother started buying all the albums up to that point for me one at a time beginning with ALIVE II. You couldn't find a more dedicated and loyal fan at the time. But this???? This makes silly things like the KISS coffin pale in comparison... and that was embarrassing. It really is simply all about the money with Gene and Paul. Their legacy was tarnished long ago. It's well beyond that now. 300 million? I'm guessing Gene already has that amount in his savings account. It's never enough for that guy. They've lost me. Thanks for the memories.
  5. This makes perfect sense, doesn't it? So much so that it's likely never to happen. What a money-maker that would be, too. "Slave To The Grind 2025 World Tour." But if Gene and Paul can't make friendly with Ace and Peter or Jon with Richie (my gosh what a printing press for money either of those reunions would be), then I doubt Snake and Bach can come to terms. There's not an ex-friend I know I wouldn't be willing to put-up with for a short while for that kind of money! But I'm not them, nor them me.
  6. I really hoped Jon and Richie would reunite if not for an album, a tour... One last hoorah for the fan's sake. If they announced a "New Jersey" tour and played the same set list as they did in 1988 / 1989 they could name their price and I'd be there. But Jon doesn't need the money, and he wrote off his 80's fans long ago. Fairly certain that ship has sailed.
  7. First six seconds were awesome... steady downhill from there.
  8. I've been a fan of these guys dating back to 1989. Not sure how I originally missed Indiscreet in 1986 as it's proved to be one of my favorites from the genre and I was listening to music pretty much 24/7 back then as an 18 year-old. Of course it was hard for any band to get into the rotation of the cassette deck in my Celica the summer and fall of 1986 when 5150, Raised On Radio and Third Stage were literally being worn-out, and then when Slippery was released sometime shortly before Christmas... Forget about it, no one else stood a chance. This new track doesn't suck by any means, but it's certainly not "Other Side of Midnight."
  9. I'm not normally one who enjoys a modern rock band's 80's approach, but I like AT 1980 quite a bit and I'll certainly buy this one once released on CD format. I mentioned on the other page that the vocals remind me a lot of Danny Wilde (Dream A Little Dream soundtrack), and I'll stick by that comment here. Really good stuff.
  10. I vividly remember the Surrender-Saga way back when. Wasn't there a HH member from Russia who aided in the search? Not trying to change the subject regarding Champagne Blonde, but the mention of Surrender brought back vivid memories. Can't believe that was nearly 20 years ago.
  11. First I've heard of these guys. A bit of a Danny Wilde vibe on vocals for me. I like it.
  12. I'll continue to pound the Blue Tears drum as long as even one person will listen. Anytime anyone (not as on-top of our music as we are) asks "Can you tell me about other bands from that era I never heard that you think I'd like?" I always push the BT debut. It's absolutely magical. Like a walk back in time to 1986 / 1987. The cassette tape would have fit so nicely in the glovebox of my 1976 Celica along-side Slippery, Hysteria, Raised On Radio, 5150 and Eat 'Em... all of which got worn-out by me back then. Just a bit too late.
  13. Sucks. Walkin' The Razor's Edge got a lot of play in my various cassette decks back in 1984. Unfortunately, those of us who were in junior high and high school in the 80's when "our" music was dominating the airwaves are now in our mid 50's... which means most of our rock heroes from that timeframe are at least 60, and many are older (and others much older). We will continue to see RIP threads from this point forward WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too often. It really has me thinking about my own mortality. Graduation night in June 1986 really doesn't seem that long ago to me. Obviously it was.
  14. One of the best albums of our genre. If anything, the gal cover would have helped it sell even more cassette tapes. Can't tell you how many cassettes I purchased back then based on the album covers alone.
  15. Oh gosh. I just heard the live version of the new track. Sounds like something from Destination Anywhere. It's a pass for me.
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