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  1. PLAY DEEP was such a great album, and "Your Love" was a perfect mid-80's tune. Terribly sad news.
  2. Jon really should change the band's name to Bongiovi. Bon Jovi simply is no more.
  3. Just hearing about this now... This one really sucks for me as I love Brighton Rock. Young, Wild & Free is such an awesome album, and the two after were very good as well. It's all starting to hit home for me as all the members of my favorite 80's rock bands are well into their 50's now. Seems like just yesterday it was 1986 and I was 18 years-old. My have we've all grown old.
  4. I saw MOZART open for Mr. Big back in like 1993 or 1994 here in Portland, Oregon. I remember liking them quite a bit that night, so I purchased the debut CD. Studio versions didn't do it for me nearly as much as seeing them live.
  5. I'll always have fond memories of METAL HEALTH. That one was in constant rotation in just about everyone's cassette deck the fall of 1983 when I started high school. Great memories of the band. RIP Frankie.
  6. https://metalplanetmusic.com/2020/07/fortune-the-guns-still-smokin-live-new-live-album-by-cult-us-melodic-aor-rock-act-out-07-08-20-via-frontiers/ They still sound great all these years later. I will purchase this one for certain.
  7. You're simply too young, Geoff. This stuff is brilliant!
  8. Ron's voice is still awesome and the ONLY one I associate with Lillian Axe. If only that debut album would have been released a couple years earlier... BIG difference between 1986 and 1988 for newcomers to the scene. 1984 and it would have been even better. By 1988, MTV was more into game shows than actual music videos. Our music (while still popular with those of us who grew-up with it) wasn't attracting the 14 year-olds any longer, and within 3 years, a darkness fell over the earth.
  9. It was from Terry. I don't think he trying to be scrupulous at all... he probably doesn't realize that some of us are collectors, and not just listeners. 90% of the people in the world probably care less... I'm one of the 10%'ers. BTW... the package is all very well done and nice... but lipstick on a pig..............
  10. Making mention of it on the sales page (in this case Ebay) would, if nothing else, be the right thing to do.
  11. The ones on ebay right now are the greenish / blue tinged back CD-R. No barcode. Not happy about this. It's not the money... not like I'm a millionaire, but I'd start a fire with a $20.00 bill and not stress it... it's just the feeling of being "ripped off."
  12. Perhaps I just don't know how to use the SEARCH function properly, so forgive me. Was this release always a CD-R (albeit with nice packaging)? I recently purchased this one, and that's exactly what it is. Very well done, but a CD-R none-the-less. As a collector (not just a listener), this bugs me a bit. I wouldn't have paid $25.00 for a CD-R. The songs are easily obtained elsewhere. I hate that practice and never do it, but I don't make a habit of buying CD-R's, either. Please let me know if anyone has any insight.
  13. I don't think it's really underrated, missed or forgotten in music history, but perhaps not fully appreciated by many of us 80's hard rock fans... at least not by the rockers I grew-up with who didn't think there was life outside of Iron Maiden... Duane Allman and Eric Clapton on LAYLA... I've never heard guitars tell such a painful story anywhere else. It's like Hemingway reading The Old Man and the Sea to you in-person.
  14. Tramp is another artist I was a HUGE fan of back in 1987, but lost interest after BIG GAME. I just don't like his "new" music at all.
  15. This is another song whereby you really needed to be a teenager the summer of 1987 (when the song was in constant radio rotation) to fully appreciate it. I was. I was 19 the summer of 1987, and looking back, CARRIE was damn-near perfect for its time and place. The only way for me to fully describe this type of TIME / PLACE experience is by looking back 25 years (25 years from 1987 in this case). I don't know how LOVE ME DO by The Beatles was so damn popular and set them on their way. Talk about cheesy! And I'm actually a Beatles fan (now). But back in 1987, I'd have turned that song
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