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  1. I don't think it's really underrated, missed or forgotten in music history, but perhaps not fully appreciated by many of us 80's hard rock fans... at least not by the rockers I grew-up with who didn't think there was life outside of Iron Maiden... Duane Allman and Eric Clapton on LAYLA... I've never heard guitars tell such a painful story anywhere else. It's like Hemingway reading The Old Man and the Sea to you in-person.
  2. Tramp is another artist I was a HUGE fan of back in 1987, but lost interest after BIG GAME. I just don't like his "new" music at all.
  3. This is another song whereby you really needed to be a teenager the summer of 1987 (when the song was in constant radio rotation) to fully appreciate it. I was. I was 19 the summer of 1987, and looking back, CARRIE was damn-near perfect for its time and place. The only way for me to fully describe this type of TIME / PLACE experience is by looking back 25 years (25 years from 1987 in this case). I don't know how LOVE ME DO by The Beatles was so damn popular and set them on their way. Talk about cheesy! And I'm actually a Beatles fan (now). But back in 1987, I'd have turned that song off quickly!
  4. I wish this one had been released on PolyGram Records in late 1986 (like Slippery) or mid 1987 (like Hysteria). Put them on tour with either of those bands on either of those tours and we would NOT be talking about Blue Tears in a "FORGOTTEN ALBUMS" thread... we'd be talking about this band and their debut album as one of the all-time greats of the genre.
  5. I'm not normally of a fan of re-recordings, but they did a nice job here. Certainly NOT something I'd reach-for in favor of the original, but not something I'd turn off if I heard it playing, either.
  6. One of my favorite AOR / Melodic Rock albums of all-time.
  7. The original is great. I don't like the new version at all.
  8. I wanted so badly to like JUICY FRUIT LUCY (for the cover if nothing else), but I never dug it at all... That said, FLY AWAY HONEY is actually quite enjoyable.
  9. Just listened to this one straight through... I LOVE IT! So very 1984 (hard to describe if you weren't actually listening to this style of music as a teen in 1984). Yes, Geoff, a LOT of early Motley Crue vibe. RATT demo as well... VERY Ratt-like! Damn I miss my high school days!
  10. This will be a sure buy for me. Their debut was brilliant. Follow-up was very good.
  11. I purchased this one. Very BLACK N' BLUE esqe musically.
  12. Mine are all old-school (Old's Kool) from my grade school days through my teens. These are the bands that far and away I played the most and or had the most influence. Difficult to narrow it down to four. This is chronological for me. KISS SCORPIONS DEF LEPPARD BON JOVI Edit... I really need to get Motley Crue in there. KISS was so influential to me from 1978 - 1984... but Motley took things to a new level. Man, I need that 5th. band!
  13. Awesome new song. Very "Raised On Radio" type of tune.
  14. So incredibly sad. I'd like to send flowers... does anyone have the address of the funeral home?
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