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  1. What a run Dave had from late 1983 through mid 1988 (VH and solo).
  2. Sounds like something from a Creed or Thee Doors Down album to me. I don't like the music one bit, but I give Wolfie all the credit for re-assembling VH with Dave. Something I NEVER thought would happen. Had Eddie been healthy, I think a reunion with Sammy and Mike could have happened as well. I'd have paid nearly any amount to see that lineup do a 5150 reunion tour. That album front-to-back and then the standard Greatest Hits would have been awesome.
  3. You got that right! I remember seeing WARRANT, TRIXTER and FIREHOUSE in the fall of 1991, and the music of the 80's was still standing tall at that point. Just a few short months later and it all came crashing down.
  4. Any new information on this one? Sound samples anywhere?
  5. I've been a regular customer of NEH Records dating back to the very beginning (like 1999 or 2000). Mike is a great guy and he and NEH will be missed. Best wishes my old friend.
  6. Oddly enough, for at least 20 years after Slippery was released I'd use the term "Nothing A Shot Can't Cure" several times per week.
  7. Anyone know why JSS seems to have no love for EYES?
  8. For me, it's akin to "Sugar" from Leppard. Meaning quite possibly considered the band's magnum opus... when neither Wanted nor Sugar should be considered as such in my opinion. I loved Sugar when first released... then after hearing it for the 10,479th during the summer of 1987 alone, it started grinding on me a bit. I could actually go without ever hearing Wanted again and not lose any sleep... but 35 years later and I still never turn the dial should Bad Name come on.
  9. The first time I've defended BON JOVI in years (maybe decades). Two MONSTERS of the genre. SLIPPERY and NEW JERSEY are both so damn good, and were released at the PERFECT times. Late 1986 for Slippery, that extended into the summer of 1987 for the massive tour, and fall of 1988 for the release of NJ and a spring / summer tour in 1989 that included Skid Row on the ticket (at least here in Portland, Oregon). Maybe it was just the "perfect time" in my life... at least for Slippery... that added to the "ambiance" of the whole thing? I don't know, but I look back with such adorat
  10. Electric Boys were also there... can't remember who went on first.
  11. I saw them open for MR. BIG in Salem, Oregon September 1992.
  12. BRILLIANT album. Right cast of characters even if their timing wasn't right as far as this genre went. They never recaptured this glory again... a 1995(ish) follow-up with the same crew would have been awesome.
  13. I read this comment and I thought... BS, Danziland just came out about 7 or 8 years ago. Umm, no, that was 2003. I cannot believe that's nearing 18 years ago. I remember the hype over that one like it was just a couple years back.
  14. PLAY DEEP was such a great album, and "Your Love" was a perfect mid-80's tune. Terribly sad news.
  15. Jon really should change the band's name to Bongiovi. Bon Jovi simply is no more.
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