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  1. gener8tr

    Bonfire - Legends

    I like that track list.
  2. gener8tr

    Treat - Tunguska

    I've had time to listen to this one a few times, now, and I like it a lot. Very similar in nature to the last two albums. Not as "commercial" sounding as Coup, but it stands on its own very well. I'm certainly glad they decided NOT to retire after CDG. I'd love to see these guys play live!
  3. gener8tr

    Stephen Pearcy - View To A Thrill

    Oh yeah, this is the old'skool Pearcy I remember. This CD is on my buy list for sure.
  4. gener8tr

    A new spin on Bon Jovi's Runaway

    I "think" I've finally found the answer. Tune in at about 6:20
  5. gener8tr

    Johnny Gioeli - One Voice

    I can certainly live with that track.
  6. Received my copy yesterday and promptly played it straight through. Just a great record that screams 1986 - 1988. Very time-machine-like. I was happy to hear the "re-mastering" did not squash the sound by elevating all levels into clipping, but the engineer did not do a great job with the end fades... very sudden and choppy. I'm guessing the original demo recordings were not produced by Mutt Lange
  7. gener8tr

    Steve Perry - Traces

    If this was anyone NOT named Steve Perry you'd all be slagging it the same as me... don't lie.
  8. gener8tr

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Brutal. Makes me want to pour a warm bath an open-up a vein. 2018 Steve Perry is not for me. Once again I'll reiterate that I love Journey-era Steve Perry nearly as much as anyone, and I'm perhaps the biggest Raised On Radio fan on this entire forum. I wish I hadn't pre-ordered Traces. Anyone want to purchase my copy of the Blue-colored LP?
  9. gener8tr

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Shout At The Devil was a near perfect album for 1983. Then came the glamier Theater Of Pain and it fit 1985 like a glove. Save for Hysteria, Girls was my favorite album in 1987 and with Feelgood they rounded-out the decade with what certainly should be considered their best album. They were THE quintessential 80's LA band and weren't part of the Sunset Strip, they were THE Sunset Strip, and all others who followed were simply doing that... following Motley Crue. That seven year run was easily as impressive as any other band from that era.
  10. I find this type of stuff far more interesting than most "new" material. Lots of bands out there trying to re-create an 80's sound and vibe... I prefer the real thing. Please continue to post releases such as this one!
  11. Thank you! Available through NEH RECORDS for those of us in the USA. I just placed my order. Love me some 80's Canadian AOR.
  12. gener8tr

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Geoff, Everything through Dr. Feelgood was near perfection as far as I was (am) concerned. Of course I've been a fan since 1983 when I first saw them open for Def Leppard at Jack Murphy Stadium.
  13. Been a fan of these guys dating back to my first days on this site like 15 years ago. I you like F&TK, try Michael Stanley Band as well (if you haven't already).
  14. gener8tr

    Jon Waite - 'Mask Of Smiles' (1985)

    The Baby's were AWESOME!
  15. gener8tr

    State Of Salazar - Superhero

    Very Work Of Art esque to me.

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