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  1. The cover (sucks). BJ version should have been on Slippery! Would have been top 4 on that album. Always loved it.
  2. Edge of a Broken Heart is terrible.
  3. DeCarlo should stick to covering Delp's tunes.
  4. American Anthem obscure? Not for those of us who were the target audience in 1986. The Andy Taylor track alone makes this a 100% MUST OWN for any 80's rock fan. I purchased the cassette tape on day one.
  5. Donnie's vocals take me right back to 1989 - 1992. None of these songs are jaw-dropping, but they're certainly not new-Roxy-Blue-terrible.
  6. Speaking of John Parr... Does anyone know where to find the alternate version of ST. ELMO'S FIRE? I heard it a couple years back on Sirius and it sounded like the studio version, but with dubbed-in audience "cheering" effects (to resemble a live recording). I cannot seem to find that version anywhere. Help and thanks!
  7. gener8tr


    Where's Greg?
  8. AWESOME. The first ten seconds alone is like a time machine back to 1980.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The first two albums, I'd put them up-against just about any others from the 1988 - 1989 time period. So damn good, yet so underappreciated. Had their first two been released in 1985 - 1987 they would have been HUGE.
  10. I recently read an interview with Rob Lowe (of all people) and he stated "Claiming not to be vain is actually the most vain thing anyone can say." Same premise here in my opinion... Don't try and pretend you weren't part of the 80's "Hair Metal" scene when you clearly were. Embrace it... it was fantastic!
  11. I hate to be a downer, but for me this one would sound so much better with Poley on vox , Timmons on guitars and Lance Quinn on the control-board.
  12. Good Lord, this has just gone on WAY too long. Please, Frankie, don't make me burn my Metal Health album.
  13. The new one sounds like Chip Z'nuff covering an early 90's grunge band's ballad attempt. Fucking dark, depressing and as shitty as everything that ever came out of Seattle during that time.
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