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  1. kethdredd

    Mass - When 2 Worlds Collide

    Mass is not Christian metal. Never has been. Great band though.
  2. kethdredd

    Love Razer - Border City Rebels

    This is a good one. CD came pretty quick from Canada.
  3. This came out of nowhere! I'm digging the single.
  4. kethdredd

    Salty Dog - Lost Treasure

  5. kethdredd

    Salty Dog - Lost Treasure

    I'm curious if this is a new recording or if it matches the mp3's I have of this. Here is the tracklisting I have:
  6. kethdredd

    Trucker Diablo - Fighting for Everything

    Lost track of these guys after Songs of Iron, which I thought was excellent. Need to check this out.
  7. kethdredd

    Love Razer

    Just bought the EP, about $10 with shipping to the US.
  8. kethdredd

    Joker - Cool Deal

    I ordered it a couple of weeks back, got it in 2 days.
  9. kethdredd

    GREAT WHITE - Full Circle (2017)

    I like the song. I do agree with the general consensus that we have 2 average bands out of this whole mess. I'd love to see new XYZ material.
  10. kethdredd

    WIG WAM - Non Stop Rock'n'Roll

    Great album. I'm sad we didn't see more from them.
  11. kethdredd

    Riverdogs - California

    Really like the new song. Seems to fit in well with tracks from the 1st album. I went and preordered the vinyl.
  12. kethdredd

    Vain - All Those Strangers

    CD copies will be available soon. He said he took the CD page down until he gets them back in stock.
  13. kethdredd

    Vain - All Those Strangers

    EDIT: he must have sold out. I got a copy 2 weeks ago. You can get a cd copy of this through Davy Vain. https://davyvainstore.ecwid.com/
  14. kethdredd

    Confess - Haunters

    FYI preorders for the vinyl version of Jail are up. http://www.diabolicmightrecords.com/

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