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  1. Mass is not Christian metal. Never has been. Great band though.
  2. This is a good one. CD came pretty quick from Canada.
  3. https://atomicned.com/download-salty-dogs-unreleased-album/
  4. I'm curious if this is a new recording or if it matches the mp3's I have of this. Here is the tracklisting I have:
  5. Lost track of these guys after Songs of Iron, which I thought was excellent. Need to check this out.
  6. Just bought the EP, about $10 with shipping to the US.
  7. I ordered it a couple of weeks back, got it in 2 days.
  8. I like the song. I do agree with the general consensus that we have 2 average bands out of this whole mess. I'd love to see new XYZ material.
  9. Great album. I'm sad we didn't see more from them.
  10. Really like the new song. Seems to fit in well with tracks from the 1st album. I went and preordered the vinyl.
  11. CD copies will be available soon. He said he took the CD page down until he gets them back in stock.
  12. EDIT: he must have sold out. I got a copy 2 weeks ago. You can get a cd copy of this through Davy Vain. https://davyvainstore.ecwid.com/
  13. FYI preorders for the vinyl version of Jail are up. http://www.diabolicmightrecords.com/
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