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  1. Loved this album....especially the songs mentioned. Skin on Skin always made my mixtapes......
  2. New OMD is pretty good....a bit of a throwback to some really early stuff. They are a favorite band of mine and I think their prior album was better than this one....bu this one is still good!
  3. One of my favorite small label releases of all time.......a 10 out of 10 in my book! And I STILL jam to this one!
  4. I picked it up and enjoyed it. Some good tunes! And I'm glad they're still kickin'....always good to see bands from back in the day still putting out good stuff.
  5. That's so cool, Martin! I would go with the Men at Work guy, too! lol
  6. It was called...."This shit sucks"..... Seriously though.....some bands change singers and I can get on board. This didn't do it for me. I guess I'll check this new batch out and see....but I'm just not feelin' it. This is one band that needs their original singer....or someone who actually sounds like him.
  7. That's excellent....and the video is old school awesome, as well!
  8. They are just such a consistently good band......gonna enjoy this release, for sure!
  9. Excellent tune.....love me some Night Ranger!
  10. Yes sir! Time does fly.....it's crazy how quickly....I guess we're 'old' now...lol
  11. Martin! That is so awesome!!! Great for her!! And...it's quite obvious that you've influenced her musically throughout her life with your love of it too!! Awesome!
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