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  1. kethdredd

    Mass - When 2 Worlds Collide

    Mass is not Christian metal. Never has been. Great band though.
  2. kethdredd

    Love Razer - Border City Rebels

    This is a good one. CD came pretty quick from Canada.
  3. This came out of nowhere! I'm digging the single.
  4. kethdredd

    Salty Dog - Lost Treasure

  5. kethdredd

    Salty Dog - Lost Treasure

    I'm curious if this is a new recording or if it matches the mp3's I have of this. Here is the tracklisting I have:
  6. kethdredd

    Trucker Diablo - Fighting for Everything

    Lost track of these guys after Songs of Iron, which I thought was excellent. Need to check this out.
  7. kethdredd

    Love Razer

    Just bought the EP, about $10 with shipping to the US.
  8. kethdredd

    Joker - Cool Deal

    I ordered it a couple of weeks back, got it in 2 days.
  9. kethdredd

    GREAT WHITE - Full Circle (2017)

    I like the song. I do agree with the general consensus that we have 2 average bands out of this whole mess. I'd love to see new XYZ material.
  10. kethdredd

    WIG WAM - Non Stop Rock'n'Roll

    Great album. I'm sad we didn't see more from them.
  11. kethdredd

    Riverdogs - California

    Really like the new song. Seems to fit in well with tracks from the 1st album. I went and preordered the vinyl.
  12. kethdredd

    Vain - All Those Strangers

    CD copies will be available soon. He said he took the CD page down until he gets them back in stock.
  13. kethdredd

    Vain - All Those Strangers

    EDIT: he must have sold out. I got a copy 2 weeks ago. You can get a cd copy of this through Davy Vain. https://davyvainstore.ecwid.com/
  14. kethdredd

    Confess - Haunters

    FYI preorders for the vinyl version of Jail are up. http://www.diabolicmightrecords.com/
  15. kethdredd

    Junkyard High Water

    I haven't spun it yet, but from the samples it seems that they are headed in a more punk direction. Their roots are punk but what attracted me to them was their hooks.
  16. kethdredd

    Junkyard High Water

    New Junkyard! I'm pumped for this one. Pre-sale starts today for Junkyard's "High Water! Only 500 copies of killer Limited Edition CD Gatefold cover, numbered and signed by members Junkyard, available exclusively though the Acetate website. Includes 5 bonus tracks! In stores April 21 - Pre-sales ship mid-April - Get some here http://www.acetate.com https://soundcloud.com/acetaterecords/cftsc
  17. kethdredd

    Junkyard High Water

    I hope so, I had high hopes for this one.
  18. kethdredd

    Whitecross and Guardian team together

    You're missing out Keith. I think you'd really dig Guardian's Fire and Love. Whitecrosses 1st 4 albums are really good as well, if not a bit derivative.
  19. 1/2 Whitecross , 1/2 Guardian. I was pretty excited about this until I realized they are recording old material. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/guardianwhitecross
  20. Love this band. I'm surprised more people aren't turned on to them.
  21. kethdredd

    buying Christian Melodic Metal

    Also check this guy. He has everything or he will get it for you. http://brentschristianrockmetal.com/
  22. kethdredd

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    CD's should start shipping next week for backers.
  23. kethdredd

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    Quite possibly the worst band name ever.
  24. kethdredd

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    I wonder when backers are getting their cd?

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