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  1. Is it possible PayPal filed the charges? Paypal is about as helpful as an asshole on my elbow so I wouldn't bet on it
  2. In the end, just like the rest of his solo stuff...we'd all rather hear a Ratt record.
  3. It is clearly not their best moment but I did like about half of it. That has been the case since they releases Secret Society.
  4. Agreed. Did not like the reunion album, maybe listened to it twice. Balance was the last great album but I even like III. This live cd sounds like shit and his vocals have always been nothing short of talking instead of singing.
  5. Pass the pipe you are smoking brother...pass it on down
  6. I had to snicker a little at your filler choices just because a few of those are so good I can't believe you would call them filler. "Reason" is the only song I ever skip. That track I will give you...is terrible.
  7. There was one filler song on SFTD so I am not sure what you guys are talking about. Secret Society had some good songs but was a huge let down. Eden was very good as well but as much as I hate to say it, I couldn't listen to most of Bones.
  8. I'm looking forward to anything they do but I have to say as well, Start from the Dark is about a 90%. My second favorite from their catalog. I also though Eden was very strong.
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