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Fighter V - Fighter


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Produced by Jona Tee (H.E.A.T) and mixed by Tobias Lindell (H.E.A.T), the debut album 'Fighter' out October 11th.

From New Wave of Hair Metal's FB:

“Here’s some melodic hard rock from Switzerland. They used to be known as Hairdryer, but they changed their name as well as their sound is more mature, and in my opinion, improved. There is very nice 80’s influenced vibe to it. They’re called Fighter V. This is their first single from their up coming album due out on October 11th. It’s not sleaze metal, but I think a lot of you might enjoy it. Let me know what you think of this video in the comments.”


Fighter V:

David Niederberger - Vocals
Marco Troxler - Guitar
Luca Troxler - Bass
Lucien Egloff - Drums
Felix Commerell - Keyboards/Synthesizer






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1 hour ago, heavyharmonies said:

Music and looks: yes.

Vocals: no

Could the vocals be better? Yes. But that will not stop me from checking it out and liking it.

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10 hours ago, zacharyamelie said:

Music is cool, vocals are terrible. You get Erik from H.E.A.T. singing this and it would be magical.

Get Kenny Leckremo on vocals and then it would be magical.

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Just getting to some threads I hadn't got around to yet due to time constraints and horrific band names, and finding many quite enjoyable. This sounds good too. Don't love the vocals, but they're not too bad. Sounds like something to keep an eye out for, for sure. 

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This is a good album. I listened to it alongside the new Eclipse album and this album both sounded better and I enjoyed the songs more. Not all of them - there's a second half dip... but the first 6 are great. And 'Into the night.' 

'Dangerous' and 'There she goes' are my favourites. 

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There She Goes and Into the Night ended up being the only keepers for me.  I probably would have liked the album more with a different singer as most tracks had catchy melodies and sounded good musically.  The singer just didn't seem to be a good fit.  He reminded me more of a musical theater performer rather than someone fronting a melodic rock band.  With that said, if you don't mind his vocal delivery in the promo videos, then you may find this to be an enjoyable album, as I believe the band does have potential.

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