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  1. Yeah, I love Seven's stuff and this sounds really good, too. Definitely will pick it up.
  2. Tabe

    Creye - s/t

    New singer sounds a little like Richard Marx on "Hazard". I'm not a fan of acoustic versions of songs for the most part, so this gets a "meh" from me but I'm encouraged that they're working on new material.
  3. I love that song. Big fan of the acoustic version of "Battlegrounds", too.
  4. Good grief. What is this stuff? Bad songs with terrible sound quality. Yikes.
  5. I think it's a good track and it sounds good but it also feels...formulaic and obvious.
  6. Weird - last night when I watched the video, it said "Published June 27, 2019" hence my "it's been out a week" comment. Now I look and it says "Published July 5, 2019". Maybe that's why no one said anything for a week
  7. Been out for a week but not posted here so...
  8. I agree they did a good job. I've got a hundred million nitpicks of it but they did a good job. I just wish they hadn't done the extended intro. I know that was part of the original 12" single version but it's not in the original album or 7" version and it just doesn't fit, IMHO.
  9. I like this one. Eager to hear more.
  10. Not sure I like it or not but definitely want to hear more.
  11. A little different than my normal taste but I dug it for some reason. Look forward to hearing more.
  12. Sounds like a lost track from "Sometimes the World Ain't Enough". That's plenty good by me!
  13. Interesting. I definitely want to hear the House of Lords stuff...
  14. "Let Me Be the One" "You are the One" MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ROB.
  15. Yeah, the first album is full of killer tracks. The second one runs out of gas real quick and ends up disappointing.
  16. For sure. Johnny's brother, Neal Schon, and Deen Castronovo are all gone. No disrespect to anybody who has joined since then but...you're not replacing Schon & Castronovo. You're just not.
  17. Angels or Kings shared a post from Tony Bell on Facebook this morning Definitely a bummer for me. Love their two albums!
  18. This track was a total miss for me.
  19. I think this album is alright but none of the tracks really stand out to me. Pretty much every album before this has had one or more tracks that I thought were killed. Not so much with this one. And I *really* don't get the pre-release hype comparing this to "Double Eclipse". It's not even in the same stratosphere in terms of quality or the sound.
  20. You know it's a high quality production when the "official lyric video" includes misspelled words and incorrect lyrics. The song sucks, too.
  21. If I'm not gonna get a new Rage of Angels album, this will be close enough.
  22. I like that song. Need to hear more.
  23. That one is a lot better. Gives me more hope for the album.
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