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  1. If this album had half the guitar crunch of Perfect Plan, it would be album of the year. This stuff could be in Eurovision. Songs are catchy as hell, but the severe lack of guitars in there is too big an obstacle for me to overcome.
  2. Whitesnake Baton Rouge just off the top of my head.
  3. For me, BF have gone downhill since Diamond in the Firepit. Don't get me wrong, still good but that album was amazing.
  4. I'm going to make a melodic rock playlist. I'd like suggestions of what songs to add to it. To give you an idea of what kind of music I'm after, the two first songs in the playlist are: Perfect Plan - Better Walk Alone Landfall - Rush Hour Let me hear your input.
  5. Ok, that's a killer song in my book. Driving guitar and the vocals are very good. The solo passage was almost orgasm inducing. I'd go so far as to say this is the best song I've heard this year.
  6. Silence of Your Head - Dare Hope I did it right.
  7. What a shit band name. Not my cup of tea, but I really dig the singer's voice.
  8. Mafisen


    No-one is offended. But if you are so tolerant, surely you must accept that people can call out things they don't agree with? It's everyone's absolute freedom to make any kind of joke they want, but then it must also be everyone's absolute freedom to speak against it?
  9. Mafisen


    I did not call him a misogynist. I said the joke was, and I do believe that one can tell such jokes without being one. It's perfectly possible to slip up and tell a joke and not consider what roots it might have. I'm no stranger to putting my foot in it myself from time to time. That said, I'll keep out if these threads from now on and stick to the music part. It's clear that folks are pretty entrenched in their stands (I'm no different in this case) and it will only be one endless circular discussion where no-one moves an inches. Pointless. Edit: I don't believe I owe him anything
  10. Mafisen


    Go where? It was a crude joke about a woman's appearance. There's plenty to criticise Clinton for other than her appearance. Jokes and comments about women's appearance is what Trump does and it says a lot about a person's view on women. Jokes like that are signs of misogyny.
  11. Mafisen


    Hello Trump supporter. Misogynistic jokes aren't really funny.
  12. Mafisen


    Well said.
  13. Mafisen


    To be honest, saying nothing for ten minutes is far better than Trump speaking inane stupid bullshit for 2. What's speaking your mind worth when your mind consists of hate, lies and sheer stupidity?
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