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  1. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Well done Glen. I applaud you.
  2. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    On the money Glen.
  3. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Lmao. Obama had both houses in the hands of the GOP. Trump ha had the benefit of having both houses and still has to make shit up of things his administration has accomplished. It's sad that some fellow worshipers of the greatest music ever are ignorant buffoons. Glad to see there are some intelligent people too.
  4. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Defending Trump and bashing Obama. Lmfao. Is there an ignore button on here?
  5. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I can't for the life of me understand how someone can have any time for a misogynistic, racist c*nt, who's a pathological liar, with so many skeletons in his closet that a plague burial ground would look threadbare in comparison. It has nothing to do with sheep mentality. It has to do with having sound values in life. But, we'd better leave it there, because this isn't a politics forum.
  6. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    50 % (50+ even!)have no issue with Trump? Seriously doubt those numbers, but ok, then the lyrics shouldn't bother them either. It only bothers those who like him, I would say. The arts is a great way to express ideas, ideals etc. Artists shouldn't censor themselves just because some might disagree. To only listen/read/talk to stuff/people you agree with is stupid.
  7. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    How so? Doesn't it try to send a message? I like that in song lyrics. And Trump is a huge problem not only for the US but the world.
  8. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Sounds great. Really looking forward to this.
  9. Mafisen

    Seventh Wonder - Tiara

    The new album is finally out. It's been a long 8 years since their latest effort, The Great Escape, but what a "comeback". Not too much and not too little prog, just the right amount, or "lagom" as we say in Sweden. What there is an abundance of though, is great melodies and choruses. And great musicianship of course. Sublime album.
  10. Mafisen

    Treat - Tunguska

    On the issue of old albums, the 1992 album with Mats Levén on vocals is a really good Treat album. Can't get hold of it anywhere though.
  11. Mafisen

    Outloud - VHS: Virtual Hero Society

    I rate it 5 out of 6. It's diverse, great vocals, riffing is fine too and there are several songs that have gone on my best of 2018 playlist.
  12. Mafisen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I don't get this notion that things have to be original and new to be considered worthy, and where predictably and staying true to a sound is frowned upon. If it's good it's good, even if the sound has been the same on 100 albums. I actually admire artists like Mårtensson and Axel Rudi Pell. They have found their sound and stick with it. Erik Mårtensson is a tune penning Boy Wonder. He has his sound and I'm glad he's sticking with it. Because of Us is one hell of a song. So what if it's unoriginal.
  13. I feel a bit bad to say this, and maybe it was my fault that I was disappointed, because my expectations were all wrong, but Gary Moore at Sweden Rock Festival in the early 2000's was boring. It was after he went back to the blues but I went to the gig hoping to hear the hard rock classics. It was all blues though so I left 2/3 in to the gig.
  14. Mafisen

    Dynazty - Firesign

  15. Mafisen

    Dynazty - Firesign

    Seen some reviews on other sites that give this 1 or 2 out of 5. Then I start reading the first posts in this thread and I start to question my taste. Because I absolutely love this album. Not a weak track on it. Love the keyboards too. The vocals are out of this world. The choruses are huge! One of my top 3 albums this year. If I have to choose my favourite songs I'm going to pick In the Arms of a Devil, Follow Me, Ascension and Let Me Dream Forever. But all the songs are great. It's not often I play an album from start to finish without skipping a track or two, but this one I do. Great fucking stuff.

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