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  1. Omg, would love to see Little Caesar live some time. Love them.
  2. Another Mötley Crüe shout from me. I saw them at Sweden Rock early 2000's too, and like 20 minutes of the show were wasted by Tommy Lee doing a tit cam, where he urged females in the audience to show their breasts so he could film them. Total shite.
  3. Blew loads, does that mean it was do awesome you creamed your pants or it was unadulterated shite?
  4. One of my favourite ones is the solo in Firewind's My Loneliness. And also the solo by Bobby Barth in the rerecorded version of Burn The City Down. Another favourite is the long solo in The Journey by Molly Hatchet.
  5. His first solo album was fantastic. The cover of Blowing Up Detroit is marvellous.
  6. First two songs are absolutely amazing. Hoping for an album of the year contender.
  7. Can you elaborate on that please? I've never listened to Skintrade much, mostly Refueled and I like that a lot.
  8. Sounds excellent. Always been a fan of Alfonzetti. One of the best singers out there.
  9. There are so many so I'll probably forget a lot of them, but the ones that spring to mind right away are: Bobby Barth STEVE STEVENS Karl Groom Luke Morley Slash Joel Hoekstra Reb Beach Doug Aldrich Dave Meniketti I'll fill in more when they come to mind.
  10. It's been a pretty disappointing year imo, so I'll stick to a top 3: 1. Gathering of Kings - First Mission 2. Art Nation - Transition 3. Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness Maybe your lists will open my eyes to some gems.
  11. Decent song. Hoping for much better ones on the album. Their last effort Snakes and Ladders was very good.
  12. Normally not huge on ballads but that was a good one.
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