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  1. I like the song by the way. Nice driving rhythms. Great solo and vocals. Bass reminds me of Black Swan.
  2. Last one was a nice slice of AOR. Don't argue anymore or I'll send you to your rooms.
  3. The previous album was very good. Looking forward to this.
  4. I think the solo-ing on this one is amazing. The solo on Riders of the Light is my favourite, but all through the album the guitar work is beyond fantastic. And that goes for the whole thing, but the solos takes it an extra step. Also love the driving rhythms throughout. Vocal harmonies also spice things up. In short: I love it.
  5. And dear sweet heaven what an album. Album of the year by a mile. If something tops this, well done.
  6. I saw them live last summer and I was stunned when Rick Altzi and Apollo started speaking Swedish on stage. I thought they were German and Greek respectively.
  7. So is this the "real' Great White or is the other Great White the "real" Great White?
  8. Re: Brunette, it's too bad th wound quality is so bad on their demos because the song quality is awesome. I wish he'd get the group together and re-record it.
  9. I like that song. Never listened to these guys so will check em out. Lettard: Do you mean Danny Bowes from Thunder? If so, I'm not hearing the similarity.
  10. There'll be natural immunity, effective treatments, vaccine, virus will become weaker with mutation etc. That will help the situation.
  11. Two years or more? What do you base that on?
  12. I agree with that to an extent. Some songs are immediate, but some songs grow on you. The former include Gotta Get Away and The Devil Made Me Do It and the latter Warrior and Fire and Ice.
  13. Mine was just a joke baseed on someone else saying that about another album.
  14. This is an album that pops up in my mind from time to time and I go search it on Spotify. And now it's there. Happy days. The opener Unchain the Rain is such a good song. If you haven't heard this one, I urge you to check it out. Will go look for the physical copy too.
  15. Nor here. Was supposed to be at a Magnum concert tonight. 😔
  16. I haven't heard it yet but I know it's album of the year.
  17. Liking this more and more. Finding myself listening to it all the way through, even the intro and interludes. It's a top album.
  18. It's a very un-Frontiers signing. It's not at all my cuppa. For starters the vocals are far too screamy.
  19. Good shout for top songs, I agree with those.
  20. I'm sorry, but this is elevator music to me.
  21. Listening to the album now. Off to a good start with h Gotta Get Away. To be updated. Have to say I really like it. Could do without the intro and the instrumental interludes, but this album is the best of the Stahl era for me. Nothing new being invented, but it rocks plenty and the slower stuff is good too. 5 out of 6.
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