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  1. Very tough question, but I got time now. Very interesting poll, everybody should answer to it. 2010 1-Treat- coup de grace 2-Pretty maids- Pandemonium 3-Crash diet-Generation wild 2011 1-Fate-ghost from the past 2-House of lords-Big money 3-Whitesnake-Forevermore 2012 1-H.E.A.T.-Address the nation 2-Dynazty-sultans of sins 3-Eclipse-Bleed and scream 2013- 1-The Poodles-Tour de force 2-Reckless love-Spirit 3-Place vendome-Thunder in the distance 2014 1-Winger-Better day scoming 2-Crazy lixx-self titled 3-Steel panther-All you can eat 2015 1-Black star riders-killer istinct 2-Osukaru-Transition 3-The poodles-Devil in details 2016 1-Defiants-s/t 2-Kee Marcello-Scaling up 3-Bon jovi-This house is not for sale 2017 1-Mr.Big-defiyng gravity 2-One desire-s/T 3-Ten-Gotica 2018 1-Shiraz lane-Carnival days 2-Treat-Tunguska 3-Osukaru-The labyrinth 2019- 1-Jon Diva &the rockets of love-mama said....2-Spread Eagle-Subway ot the stars 3-Crazy lixx -forever wild
  2. Hardline win hands down. I quote Streetheart for writing the song, but their version has not the power of the other ones. Bonfire arrived too late and made a version really similar to hardline.
  3. I like the kee of hearts album. In my opinion they changed the name 'cause they part ways with Frontiers. Chris Laney and not Ale D.V. for the production says it all.
  4. Y&T- Contagious Bon jovi- livin'on a prayer Kiss- crazy crazy nights Europe -the final countdown Heart- Never Savatage- Chance Aerosmith -Rag doll Whitesnake- straight for the heart Van halen- Jump Danger danger- don't blame it on love
  5. Agree with Geoff. This one sound much like Gotthard or coreleoni. If many bands are fronted from the same singer, they tend to sound similar.
  6. Something reminds me about Savatage here. Nice song. They are waiting very long for a full lenght album.
  7. Mine is silver pressed too. Bought it long ago from Terry as well.
  8. Kane Roberts win , the worst come back Imo. Too much heavy and modern, I enjoi the video with Alice Cooper. I didn' t like the latest from Steelheart. Spread Eagle was my of my favorite 2019 release, I' m surprise the get 3 votes. I enjoy the new Tnt ,.
  9. I like the whole album.
  10. I like it. Typical silent rage/jdamon track. Very good riff.
  11. 1-John Diva & the rockets of love 2-Spread Eagle 3-Crazy Lixx 4-The defiants 5-Platinum overdose 6-Whitesnake 7-Pretty maids 8-Tony Mills 9-Fortune 10-Tesla
  12. Bought it and enjoied iy from demon dolls (toghether with Blonz and wild boyz). Great album. My favs are "Out on the run,Broken boulevard and need your love". My less favorite is "Rise up". Aeriel Stiles (ex pretty boy floyd) is involved in the songwriting. He wrote tons of glam anthem back in the 90s.
  13. I bought thunder back in the day. A boring album with a very bad singer. Take it easy and when the rain comes down should have been on this record , without them I find the songwriting very poor
  14. I agree with many of the above comments. I like their music, but they tend to repete themselves, and this is no good. I have the same issues with Steel panther and Crazy lixx. It's the same song but It's a good song. Ac/dc sold so many records playing the same song, I have never been a fan of Ac/dc . Maybe I will buy the record anyway.
  15. Scratch that bitch,another step in the dark and wheels of fire 8european bonus track) are mya favs.
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