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  1. crazynights

    Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: EYES - "Eyes"

    Three great albums from this band. I really like 'em.Shame they don't the succes they deserved. Don't turn around was written by Diane Warren, first was performed by a funky/reggae band.
  2. crazynights

    The End: machine - s/t

    It's a bit dark for my taste. It remids me dysfunctional or Lynch/Pilson, I wasn't a fan of those albums. I prefer Lynch mob's last album to this.
  3. crazynights

    Cats in Space - Daytrip to Narnia

    I try to listen, but It's not my cup of tea.
  4. crazynights

    TNT - XIII

    I don't believe what Tony says. Every ex member of a band lies when he speak this way.
  5. crazynights

    The Poodles are no more

    I read an interwiew with Jacob Samuel where He explain that he doesn't like demential stuff like Steel panther. The name was inspired by great bands with animals name like Scorpions, white lion or whitesnake. My fav was Sweet trade.
  6. crazynights

    Best Of 2018

    Gonna check your titles. I agree about s.lane and treat, from Roxanne my favorite song is "Go f..k yourself".
  7. crazynights

    The Poodles are no more

    Sad news. I was lucky enough to see them live years ago. One of my favorite band. Hope for new project from Samuel (anoter Kryptonite).
  8. crazynights

    Best Of 2018

    I agree with Curethesane about Reincarnation by S. Lane, best song of the year. I saw them live (2 weeks ago) and they didn't play it. Anyway great show.
  9. crazynights

    Track list of the year

    1-Shirazlane -reincarnation 2-Treat- undefeated 3-Osukaru-Inception 4-Roxanne- go fuck yourself 5-Stryker-Headstrong 6-Tnt-we gonna make it 7-Snakes in paradise-wings of steel 8-Lee Aaron-American high 9-The radio sun-Hold on tight 10-Ammunition- Eye for an eye 11-Gianluca Firmo-Rehab 12-The poodles- Crazy Horses 13-w.e.t- watching fire 14- Sunstorm- the road to hell 15- Nordic union- becuse of us Sure I've forgotten some good songs, but this is what comes to my mind now.
  10. crazynights

    Lipz - Scaryman

    Cool video , hot girl and good song. I have not yet checked the whole album but I like the singles.
  11. crazynights

    Ten - Illuminati

    Gotica and Albion were very good. This new one, in my opinion ,don't see so bad like you say. I still appreciate their epic style.
  12. crazynights

    Fifth Angel - The Third Secret

    Kourosofsteel3 is right, sometimes this one sounds more like RJ Dio than Fifth angel. Especially the first single "the third secret".
  13. crazynights

    Palace - Binary Music

    IT looks like a solo project. Mike sings and play all the instruments, eccept the drums (Flores).
  14. crazynights

    Palace - Binary Music

    I prefer Kryptonite and Cry of dawn ,where Mike is involved, than his solos stuff. I agree with lettard, sometimes the sound became to much pop (to have and to hold ).for my taste.
  15. crazynights

    Snakes In Paradise - Step Into The Light

    I like this album, Strfan's voice still brings good emotions. Why did they choose a cover so similar to slide it in?

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