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  1. I bought thunder back in the day. A boring album with a very bad singer. Take it easy and when the rain comes down should have been on this record , without them I find the songwriting very poor
  2. I agree with many of the above comments. I like their music, but they tend to repete themselves, and this is no good. I have the same issues with Steel panther and Crazy lixx. It's the same song but It's a good song. Ac/dc sold so many records playing the same song, I have never been a fan of Ac/dc . Maybe I will buy the record anyway.
  3. Scratch that bitch,another step in the dark and wheels of fire 8european bonus track) are mya favs.
  4. Very good come back, I like it.
  5. Rip, We will remember you. I played beyond the law this evening.
  6. I really like what I hear and the skills of the 2 guitar players. I' m gonna buy the cd.
  7. 1-John Diva 2-Whitesnake 3-Fortune 4-Crazy Lixx 5-Vain Vipers 6-Hardline 7-Queensryche 8-L.A. Guns 9-Tesla 10-Starbreaker
  8. I love this sound. Crazy Lixx always deliver good arena rock. Not always original but very good. Well It's true all their albums sound the same, when they try to change a bit (riot avenue) they get worst.
  9. It all sounds a bit foreseen. I've never been a fan of Owens, I like the melodic solos of Keri Kelli.
  10. Three great albums from this band. I really like 'em.Shame they don't the succes they deserved. Don't turn around was written by Diane Warren, first was performed by a funky/reggae band.
  11. It's a bit dark for my taste. It remids me dysfunctional or Lynch/Pilson, I wasn't a fan of those albums. I prefer Lynch mob's last album to this.
  12. I try to listen, but It's not my cup of tea.
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