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  1. crazynights

    TNT - XIII

    I like this album because you got the tipycal Tnt sound. Bardot Bulsara really sound like Harnell and I'm a fan of this singer. I prefer this to the albums with Tony Mills. People come toghether is another good song. Everybody scream against the lyrics of "get ready for some hard rock", Well, Def Leppard and many others used lyrics like that but everybody like them.
  2. crazynights

    Snakes In Paradise - Step Into The Light

    This is a must buy anyway. Very happy of the new record. I enjoy these songs.
  3. crazynights

    Osukaru - House Of Mirrors

    I love this track, It sounds so 80s.
  4. crazynights

    Osukaru - House Of Mirrors

    Yeah I agree with Invisible man. Eugenia has gone? It looks like Fred Werner is the only singer on this. I loved the mix between female and male vocals. Anyway I'm gonna buy it.
  5. crazynights

    Best of 2017

    Geoff know so many bands. Great hard rock knowledge, chapeau! 1-Mr.big Defying gravity 2-One desire 3-Osukaru- The labyrinth 4-Ten-gothica 5-Kee of hearts 6-Kriptonite 7-Tokyo motor fist 8-Steel panther- lower the bar 9-L.A Guns-the missing peace 10-Pink cream 69-headstrong 11-Eclipse- monumentum 12-H:E:A:T- into the great unknown 13-Lynch mob- the brotherood 14-Pretty boy floyd-pubblic enemies 15-Black strar riders- 16-Nightranger-don't let up 17-Janet Gardner 18-Warrant - louder harder faster 19-Gotthard-silver 20-Place vendome-close to the sun 21-Adrenalin rush 22-Midnite city 23-Raintimes 24-Stephen pearcy 25-Wildness 26-Davinci
  6. crazynights

    Best Crashdiet Album

    Rest in sleaze , but Generation is very good too. The worst is "The unatractive revolution". I'm a fan of Reckless love, but this is what I think.
  7. crazynights

    Adrenaline Rush - Soul Survivor

    The first was better Imo. In this new one almost all the songs are written and played from Fredryk Folkare (A swedish metal man that used to play music haeavier than this). I really like Tave and the band. Hope they could write their own music in the future. Saw them on Frontiers fest they are really cool and easy going.
  8. crazynights

    Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days

    I really love this new song ,It reminds me Mr. Brownstone. The singer reminds Jessie Harte (the guy from Southgang). I really love what they did before. Saw them at Frontiers fest and I really like the show.
  9. crazynights

    Wildness - s/t

    This is my cup of tea. I enjoied these songs.
  10. crazynights

    Snakebite - Two Desperate Hearts

    I enjoied, the chorus , the style and the look are ok. Nothing new but all sound good.
  11. crazynights

    Osukaru - The Labyrinth

    I agree, transition is their best album for me too. Rock it up is very good, but It's a compilation with 3 new songs. I think it's not as easy to find the "rock it up album" if you want to buy it.
  12. crazynights

    Lynch Mob - The Brotherhood

    I like Lynch mob since they are back with Logan I appteciated their efforts. This new song is ok. I didn't know about Robertson/Logan. The solo from Oni was too much pop for my ears (not bad anyway).
  13. This project seems interesting.
  14. crazynights

    Osukaru - Last Call: The EP Recordings

    Nice release. I really love rock it up and I want a copy.
  15. crazynights

    The Ferrymen - s/t

    I was a fan of Last tribe ( I think they have been overlooked) . Ferrymen sound heavier but I will give this one a spin.

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