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  1. I like it. Typical silent rage/jdamon track. Very good riff.
  2. 1-John Diva & the rockets of love 2-Spread Eagle 3-Crazy Lixx 4-The defiants 5-Platinum overdose 6-Whitesnake 7-Pretty maids 8-Tony Mills 9-Fortune 10-Tesla
  3. Bought it and enjoied iy from demon dolls (toghether with Blonz and wild boyz). Great album. My favs are "Out on the run,Broken boulevard and need your love". My less favorite is "Rise up". Aeriel Stiles (ex pretty boy floyd) is involved in the songwriting. He wrote tons of glam anthem back in the 90s.
  4. I bought thunder back in the day. A boring album with a very bad singer. Take it easy and when the rain comes down should have been on this record , without them I find the songwriting very poor
  5. I agree with many of the above comments. I like their music, but they tend to repete themselves, and this is no good. I have the same issues with Steel panther and Crazy lixx. It's the same song but It's a good song. Ac/dc sold so many records playing the same song, I have never been a fan of Ac/dc . Maybe I will buy the record anyway.
  6. Scratch that bitch,another step in the dark and wheels of fire 8european bonus track) are mya favs.
  7. Rip, We will remember you. I played beyond the law this evening.
  8. I really like what I hear and the skills of the 2 guitar players. I' m gonna buy the cd.
  9. 1-John Diva 2-Whitesnake 3-Fortune 4-Crazy Lixx 5-Vain Vipers 6-Hardline 7-Queensryche 8-L.A. Guns 9-Tesla 10-Starbreaker
  10. I love this sound. Crazy Lixx always deliver good arena rock. Not always original but very good. Well It's true all their albums sound the same, when they try to change a bit (riot avenue) they get worst.
  11. It all sounds a bit foreseen. I've never been a fan of Owens, I like the melodic solos of Keri Kelli.
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