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  1. They supposedly had a new album coming out Christmas of 2017.
  2. I have always loved this album. Bought it back in the day when it came out. The group name on my CD was "Siren" not "Red Siren", FWIW.
  3. That's good stuff! Definitely looking forward to the full album.
  4. Yeah, not liking those two songs. Also: Late 2020, eh?
  5. Yeah, this is good stuff. Robbie is such a great singer.
  6. To be specific, this is what Deen said: Hey everyone! I am so happy to announce that Frontiers and I have made amends, and are moving forward with some amazing new albums like Gioeli/Castronovo, Revolution Saints and more!! I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this renewal of our relationship. Serafino supported his belief in me not only as a drummer, but as a lead singer many years ago. Revolution Saints gives me that platform, and I’m excited to share my voice with the world. Stay tuned for updates and more exciting news as we bring all of this to new life.
  7. Deen's announcement of this group on Facebook included a comment that he'd settled his differences with Frontier Records. Anybody know what that's all about?
  8. I liked this way more than I thought I would. Good stuff.
  9. I love the original version. Be glad you bought the CD single - there's a really, really good reason Miss Paige was a one-hit wonder, LOL.
  10. Yeah, I'm liking both of these singles.
  11. I keep hoping that Kelly will reunite with Hurrcane and release a new album or, at the very least, convince the rest of the Foreigner guys to do a Hurricane song or two in concert. Yeah, about the same odds as me winning the Powerball but I'll keep hoping!
  12. This whole album is amazing, an absolute classic.
  13. I don't know what I would call it but it's awful.
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