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  1. Hmmm...anything with Robbie LeBlanc intrigues me but that first track was pretty "meh".
  2. Hot woman and a hot car on a rock album cover - what else do you need? Lose the dumb balloons and we're good.
  3. That first single is pretty decent. Nothing spectacular but gives me hope for the rest of the album. Sounds like another song and can't put my finger on which one...
  4. Never heard of these guys but I dig Harem Scarem so I'll be checking it out...
  5. First song up above, I like. The ballad? Terrible.
  6. Careful. He might spit on you for saying that.
  7. I agree. I thought it was a terrific cover of a great song.
  8. Not liking that first track. And could definitely do without the gasp or whatever it is that Overland is doing at the end of every line.
  9. Thank you. The bonus tracks are almost always a complete waste*. * - exception is the bonus tracks on the Deluxe version of Armaggedonize from Eclipse. Those are great.
  10. Yep, sounds like a new Work of Art album. And that's great!
  11. Awesome stuff. Definitely want to hear more.
  12. Yes, she joined in 2011
  13. Good song but not as good as "No Tears". Still very pumped for the full album.
  14. Every time I watch a video from Treat, I have the same thought. Dude looks 150 years old.
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