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  1. Yeah, I believe this was the name of their tour for the album. So, almost certainly a live album.
  2. Can't say I've ever heard these guys before but I like it. Lead singer songs like Richard Marx. Will definitely be looking into more of their stuff.
  3. Ok, yeah, that's terrible, too. I feel like there's a foundation for a good song in the music in there somewhere but the overall package is just awful.
  4. Sounds like Bonfire. Not exactly what I was expecting but great track. Love the heavier sound.
  5. New track is really good. Can't wait to hear more, sucks it'll be 2021
  6. OK, yeah, I'm digging that track. LOVED the debut and this has me fired up for the new one. Can't wait!
  7. I didn't hate it on the first spin through but it's definitely not among their best. Feels more like a James Christian solo album, missing the oomph of an HoL release. Not terrible but nothing special.
  8. My guess for the last one is "Danger Zone" from Top Gun.
  9. Not really a fan of this one. Definitely the worst of the batch so far.
  10. Not really getting the HEAT vibe from these but that track is great. Definitely want to hear more!
  11. I thought that was pretty decent song but, yeah, not a good mix. His voice is way too low in the mix.
  12. "Power of Love" might be their best one yet. Really, really good.
  13. Solid track. I'm good with pretty much anything Jerome Mazza does.
  14. Here's the thing about Treat, at least the last couple albums - it's like they're imitating the faux-intellectual, pseudo-deep lyrics that Rush & Yes spit out on 90% of their stuff (NOTE: I *like* Rush and Yes). And so you get nonsense like that. Still a tremendous album though!
  15. Overall, I love this album. "After You're Gone" is definitely my favorite track. I do think it drags a bit in the middle but is overall really good. I will agree with those mentioning some of the tracks are too long. I'd also mention, I could really, really do without the voiceover/talking during "Shadowman". Just gimme the song, not the dumb talking, thank you.
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