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  1. Yeah, it's not exactly a "heavy harmony" but I absolutely love the guitar solos in this one:
  2. I did just now, did not like it. Not a fan of the vocals.
  3. As good a place as any - if you missed the news, Robin McAuley went to the hospital with an E-Coli infection. Nearly died but is on the road to recovery!
  4. Still not loving it but that's a LOT better.
  5. Never heard these guys before. Not a fan. Seems like there's a decent song there but not a fan of the singer at all.
  6. Yeah, see I was a teenager listening to all that stuff in 1987 and I thought "Carrie" was too cheesy for me. But I was a big fan of "High Enough" from Damn Yankees, so go figure.
  7. Not at all what I was expecting - much heavier. Great track. Can't wait to hear more.
  8. Yeah, this is the kind of news we need!
  9. I get the opposition to these seemingly-thrown-together groups but I'm up for anything new from Robin McAuley.
  10. Their first album was incredible, easily one of my favorites. Very disappointed to hear they have a new singer but am hopeful anyway. Can't wait to hear the album.
  11. Continuity fail on the video - the outside-the-cart sequences are filmed on a road with nothing in the near background. The close-up stuff is right next to a mountain or in a tunnel or something, so there's stuff right outside the window. But they alternate back and forth as if the two shots are occurring at the same time.
  12. Yeah, there's some good songs in there but the vocals are pretty bad. I'll pass.
  13. This is an excellent album. Nice mix of sounds. Am really loving the retro tune "Let Me Dream". Has a lot of Foreigner's "Waiting For a Girl Like You" in it, only more up-tempo. There's a couple other bands in it, too, but I'm drawing a blank on who it sounds like. Great song though.
  14. Yeah, that's good stuff. Gonna have to pick it up.
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