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  1. Yep, it's Eclipse and it's a tad formulaic and I love it.
  2. Everything you said about Daughtry could have been written by me. His heavier stuff is what I want to hear. "Dearly Beloved" was a great return to that form with several outstanding tracks. These two also sound great. I eagerly await the new album.
  3. I finally got around to picking up this album and I'm loving it. The orchestra does add to the songs without changing them. And this version of "Never Gonna Stop" is right up there with "Buried Alive" as my favorite One Desire song. Sure hope these dudes, if they haven't already, figure out their issues and get us some new music.
  4. Holy crap, these guys are still around? I got a CD single of "Shout it Out" back in 1989 - for free from my record store job - and dug it. Hated the rest of their stuff though, LOL.
  5. Chez is great but that Loggins cover is a miss.
  6. Man, impressive sound, especially for teenagers.
  7. Yeah, I know he's with Skid Row. Doesn't change what I'd like him to be doing.
  8. Erik does a good or better job on these covers. But........ I don't need Erik singing Whitesnake. Gimme an album back with HEAT or even a New Horizon album.
  9. Sounds like it was recorded in somebody's bathroom. Pass.
  10. "our new album is something new and different and to show you that, here's us doing a nearly 40-year old song" Not a fan of the original, hate this version, baffled by this decision.
  11. I like that. Could've easily passed for a Chez Kane song.
  12. I love Jim Peterik. He's such a positive, upbeat guy that everyone seems to like. But that song sucks. And neither he nor Cronin sounds good. At all.
  13. Not gonna lie, thought the remix of "Only the Young" was awful. Strips out everything good about the song and makes it sound like some genetic Frontiers (har har, the irony) project song.
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