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  1. New 2-CD album from Yes, due out October 1st. Track Listing, Disc 1: 1) The Ice Bridge 7.01 2) Dare To Know 6.00 3) Minus The Man 5.35 4) Leave Well Alone 8.06 5) The Western Edge 4.26 6) Future Memories 5.08 7) Music To My Ears 4.41 8) A Living Island 6.52 Track Listing, Disc 2: 1) Sister Sleeping Soul 4.51 2) Mystery Tour 3.33 3) Damaged World 5.20
  2. "Dearly Beloved" is definitely a return to form for Daughtry or, at least, close to it. He actually remembered to bring guitars to the studio with this one. No, it's not the level of the first three albums but it's a LOT better than the last two. If you're a fan, pick it up.
  3. I don't hate the song, it's alright but... I'm actually from Pontiac, MI, the town the song is about. And, well, Pontiac doesn't look anything like that. There's no cornfields in Pontiac. I mean, it's one thing to not film in Pontiac. It's a whole 'nother thing to not even get close to the place you're singing about.
  4. Thanks man. Because of this post, now I'm nauseous, too. What a horrible song.
  5. Redeem themselves? Tunguska was fantastic. If we get something like Tunguska or Ghost of Graceland, I will be one extremely happy listener.
  6. Ho hum, just another quality track from NFO.
  7. That is a quality track.
  8. Yep, that's Eclipse. I dig the song but it's nothing special in their catalog.
  9. 100% agree on all of this. Kept waiting for the uptick and it never came.
  10. I will never for the life of me understand how official lyric videos can get the lyrics wrong.
  11. If that was going to happen, it would have had to be last year when Foreigner wasn't touring. Now they're back on the road again, so he's busy. He did release one album of new material with Foreigner but...it's not great.
  12. Good point. I'd actually forgotten about his cancer.
  13. OK, yeah, that's A LOT better. That's right in Erik's wheelhouse. Heck, he could probably replace Sebastian if Skid Row ever needed a new lead singer (obviously, that situation would never happen - you get my point).
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