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  1. I liked it a lot once the tempo picked up, not so much the intro section.
  2. That might be the best song I've heard from her, which ain't saying much. At least she remembered she plays the guitar with this one. With her voice and her guitar skills, she really, really needs to be making harder, grittier music, IMHO. Also, that video is horrible.
  3. Lead singer from Work of Art has a new project? Yep, sign me up!
  4. Yeah, based on the teaser, this is a hard no for me.
  5. I like that one. it's light and pleasant. And can we talk about how good Ringo looks? The guy is 80 freaking years old!
  6. Yeah, it's not better than at least half of the last Eclipse album but it's still really good. I like the chorus less than the rest of the song but I dig it. Probably my favorite W.E.T. track so far.
  7. Not just that, they've all gotta come out in February.
  8. Damn you. That's all I hear now, too.
  9. Yeah, that's pretty decent. Looking forward to more.
  10. That new single is great. Not so much a fan of the other songs linked. Definitely want to hear more though.
  11. Two tracks was enough for me. Hard pass.
  12. As expected, this album is fantastic. Great track selection and the boys sound awesome.
  13. This is actually his second album, with "The Mirror of Dreams" coming before this. And then an EP, "Another World" coming before that. You're right, though, "Vanishings" is really good. I went down a rabbit hole yesterday after posting in this thread and I'm now a big fan of Magic Dance. Great stuff.
  14. Never heard anything from these guys before but that first song is great.
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