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1 hour ago, phaffas said:

I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hope this is better than album #2. Their debut just blew me away. One of my favourite albums for yeeeears! Then the followup came and it utterly bored me.

I'm probably in the minority here as I know many liked that debut but was the exact opposite for me.  I thought the debut was okay but I liked the heavier, modernized direction they went for on album #2.

I'll have eyes on this one.

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12 minutes ago, Crazysam said:

I'm fine with a heavier sound to their music, but the chorus doesn't really grab me.  I'd prefer something more along the lines of the single "Infected" that they released last year.

Kinda feeling the same here.  I personally prefer their heavier sound and musically it sounds great.

Not a bad tune...pretty theatrical and well put together.

Just not really finding it to be all that catchy or a song I'm rushing to listen to again.  

These guys have sorta been a band I've always kinda liked a little but they don't overly grab me.  I mean, I liked a few songs off the debut and 3-4 songs off their second album but for some reason I almost never pull those CD's off the shelf to listen to.  Not sure why that is.  I think that sometimes the vocals get to me just a little bit on some songs with the accent or something.

Not sure if I'll pick this album up or not.  Will probably need to hear something that grabs me a bit more.

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On 1/30/2019 at 5:03 AM, Geoff said:

Doesn't sound too promising (who said Dynazty?!) but I too will wait for more to form an opinion. 


That's exactly what it reminds me of. 

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6 hours ago, AlphaMale said:

That's exactly what it reminds me of. 

Could not have said it better!

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5 hours ago, Glen said:


If the rest is like this, I'm afraid so.

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Absolute shit. The filmclip suits the song to a T. I agree that it sounds a lot like Dynazty. Great if you're looking for something to cure your insomnia, but fucking terrible if you're hoping to listen to good music.

As noted, if the rest is like this, I'd have to agree with Glen. Which would be very disappointing as these guys have shown promise prior to this trash. 

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1 hour ago, Stefan said:

New song 'Firefly'.



not bad, I still prefer the style they used on their prior two albums to this, but I enjoyed this new song much more than I had the first single/video

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