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  1. yeah The Hunt is very fun I watched Ghosts of War (2020), WWII supernatural horror with a weird twist at the end, but overall it's ok. It had a little different plot from another recent WWII horror movie Overlord (2018)
  2. two of them says unavailable, what are the names of songs and aritsts?
  3. this one from their last album is nice, starts out slow but it builds up My Own Soul's Warning
  4. Dance Macabre sounds like some old 80's song, very catchy and fun good band!
  5. nice track, good to see them back.
  6. yeah very good mhr, I was just listening to some songs from their debut
  7. this also, Kylie brings Disco back Kylie Minogue - Magic (2020)
  8. i don't know if I would consider Letters to Cleo a "guilty pleasure", I guess only because they're outside of AOR/Hard Rock and are part of 90's grunge era. I guess I like some Soundgarden, The Sundays,Cranberries, Matchbox Twenty.... that would be along the same lines now this is a guilty pleasure and it rocks in a different way Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
  9. pretty catchy rock from Denmark, I like this song Volbeat - Last Day Under the Sun (2019)
  10. new 2020 song is called Atlas Falls, pretty pop sounding ballad
  11. to me it just seems Nickelback became scapegoats for backlash against that particular commercial rock sound of that time
  12. never really understood why so much hate towards Nickelback and why people pick on them? what did they do different from other similar post-grunge bands around that time, like 3 Doors Down, Hoobastank, Creed, Lifehouse etc
  13. I just read that the songwriter of Mental as Anything Andrew "Greedy" Smith passed away in 2019, very sad. RIP Greedy is the songwriter of this 80's classic Live It Up
  14. new song from the upcoming album Caution (2020)
  15. this band makes me think of the 90's, nice to see them still releasing material Collective Soul - Right as Rain (2019)
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