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  1. pretty catchy rock from Denmark, I like this song Volbeat - Last Day Under the Sun (2019)
  2. new 2020 song is called Atlas Falls, pretty pop sounding ballad
  3. to me it just seems Nickelback became scapegoats for backlash against that particular commercial rock sound of that time
  4. never really understood why so much hate towards Nickelback and why people pick on them? what did they do different from other similar post-grunge bands around that time, like 3 Doors Down, Hoobastank, Creed, Lifehouse etc
  5. I just read that the songwriter of Mental as Anything Andrew "Greedy" Smith passed away in 2019, very sad. RIP Greedy is the songwriter of this 80's classic Live It Up
  6. new song from the upcoming album Caution (2020)
  7. this band makes me think of the 90's, nice to see them still releasing material Collective Soul - Right as Rain (2019)
  8. actually they're British... nice track, never heard it before, thank you
  9. this was everywhere in early 2000's and a pretty obvious choice for me, almost 20 years ago so maybe not so "modern" anymore but song has a nostalgic feel.... the comment on Youtube about voice and puberty made me smile also The Calling - Wherever you will go
  10. and since then there was a 2015 release, interesting to note singer Jude Cole is a co-writer on some of their songs Hurricane
  11. haven't heard Garbage in a while, didn't know they had an album in 2016. I felt like some darker rock, a nice tune for that style. Went back and also listened to some of their older stuff that was on the radio back them, like Only Happy When it Rains, Queer, Stupid Girl Garbage - Magnetized
  12. Is that guy from Vertical Horizon Matt Scannell in the Front Row Seat video?
  13. Saybia is soft alt-rock, but I think The Second You Sleep should have been a bigger international hit... Saybia - The second you sleep Saybia - The day after tomorrow
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