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  1. Invisible_man

    Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: EYES - "Eyes"

    according to Wikipedia Tina Turner first performed it... later Ace of Base version was popular too
  2. Invisible_man

    Song of the Day

    Well Well Well - Back to you (1988), good if not so known 80's song
  3. Invisible_man

    Perfect View - Timeless

    some very engaging tracks here, good melodic hr, I like a lot lol is it me or does the singer in that video look like Jeffrey Jey (Gianfranco Randone), the singer of Italian Eurodance band Eiffel 65 (remember Blue Da Ba Dee song?). I had to check to make sure it wasn't him
  4. Invisible_man

    Two Of A Kind - Rise

    definitely some edgier songs on there than the first single, I liked it
  5. Invisible_man

    State Of Salazar - Superhero

    I think this band has AOR formula down just right, and I think all songs have good melody hooks and good vocals. Nothing average here imho
  6. Invisible_man

    Terra Nova - Raise Your Voice

    good band, pleasant song
  7. Invisible_man

    State Of Salazar - Superhero

    this album is a real treat for anyone who likes classic AOR, good stuff
  8. Invisible_man

    Michael Oakley - Control

    I loved it, wonderful electropop ballad! Thank you
  9. Invisible_man

    Stone Broken - All In Time

    it's ok, similar to some post-grunge bands that were popular a decade or so ago
  10. Invisible_man

    Find Me - Angels In Blue

    Good song No Tears in Paradise (Official Video)
  11. Invisible_man

    Dreams - S/T

    what is the original release date of these? Anyone know the story of this band? I gather they're from Chicago, no?
  12. new one from VNV Nation is very engaging synth dance VNV Nation - When is the Future?
  13. Invisible_man

    Hank Erix (Houston) - Nothing But Trouble

    lots of great AOR tunes, good stuff!
  14. Invisible_man

    Perfect View - Timeless

    pretty good, thank you for sharing
  15. Invisible_man

    FM - Atomic Generation

    Too Much of a Good Thing is very good, takes you straight back to the 80's

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