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  1. speaking about food and learning, I remember learning what a vegemite sandwich is from a Men at Work song, though not sure how valuable that is
  2. Barcode Brothers (Slave to Love).... I was obsessed with this one over a decade ago, Eurodance mixed with rock still kicks Infernal (Skanderborg 2017 smukfest festival)....rock, disco, bagpipes all in one, nice one from Lina and Paw
  3. the chorus of these songs is so damn good, San Remo Italian pop classics.... young Romina Power is nice on the eyes too Morandi/Tozzi/Ruggeri - Si Puo dare di piu Ricardo Fogli - Storie Di Tutti I Giorni Al Bano/Romina Power - Felicita Alan Sorrenti - Tu Sei L'Unica Donna Per Me
  4. Nick Heyward - I Love you Avenue..... Nick's foray into lite 80's AOR, nice song Nick Heyward - Warning Sign
  5. Aldo Nova wrote a song for Faith Hill (I Love You) a nice ballad imho, and he also wrote some songs for Celine Dion, and a mid 80's disco track for singer Nicole (Don't you want my love)
  6. girl I must come clean.... that's a pretty engaging tune!
  7. lol the Carmax commercial,.....who'd buy it with the CD changer that's stuck playing Limp Bizkit over and over and over Fred Durst in Carmax commercial
  8. lol, does the "shaft" of steel worry you the song is ok, kind of average
  9. would be nice to see a new album from them Play Dirty (live 2018)
  10. retro 70's Disco/funk vibes live on in 2019, good tune..... and I must say an attractive singer Dua Lipa - Don'ts Start Now
  11. Ready or Not (2019) - pretty fun horror/thriller. Actress Samara Weaving looks almost exactly like another actress Margot Robbie Brightburn (2019) - an alright thriller/horror movie, like evil Superman mixed with Omen
  12. The Fan (1981) - was browsing old thrillers and came across this pretty obscure one. Don't remember ever seeing it. It's ok, not as much suspense and action as I'd like, however the ending is actually pretty sad. Michael Biehn plays an obsessed crazy psycho well. Lauren Bacall, James Garner, and Hector Elizondo are all good too. I wish the movie had more suspense and action.
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