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  1. Invisible_man

    Dreams - S/T

    what is the original release date of these? Anyone know the story of this band? I gather they're from Chicago, no?
  2. new one from VNV Nation is very engaging synth dance VNV Nation - When is the Future?
  3. Invisible_man

    Hank Erix (Houston) - Nothing But Trouble

    lots of great AOR tunes, good stuff!
  4. Invisible_man

    Perfect View - Timeless

    pretty good, thank you for sharing
  5. Invisible_man

    FM - Atomic Generation

    Too Much of a Good Thing is very good, takes you straight back to the 80's
  6. Invisible_man

    FM - Atomic Generation

    one doesn't hurt the other
  7. Invisible_man

    Jon Waite - 'Mask Of Smiles' (1985)

    his name is misspelled in the subject... Don't Lose Any Sleep, These Times are hard for Lovers..... one could count of Diane Warren and Desmond Child for some catchy tunes. There is also Change by Holly Knight
  8. Invisible_man

    Crazy Lixx - Ruff Justice

    fun album, had this been released in the 80's and given some promotions it would have been huge
  9. Invisible_man

    Jessica Wolff - Grounded

    Magic Castle
  10. pretty good melodic synthpop from Electronic Zoo, a project from Sweden Electronic Zoo - Shadows This heart is my own
  11. Invisible_man

    Steve Perry - Traces

    I think his recognizable voice is what's giving these songs that extra
  12. Invisible_man

    Lioncage - Turn Back Time

    sounds great! Love it!
  13. Invisible_man

    Mad Max - 35

    that's harsh... imho overall pretty good melodic hard rock
  14. Invisible_man

    Steve Perry - Traces

    new songs are pleasant, pretty mellow in sound. I wonder if Steve heard some of the new AOR acts out there like Find Me, Work of Art etc?
  15. Invisible_man

    Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t

    All songs listed here are very good. I guess this is like Work of Art with Overland on vocals, good stuff

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