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  1. mrbandwidth

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Listened; well, I like it but is clearly below the debut. Glad to hear Atkins still in great fit, it's just the tracks are weaker this time IMO. Favourite track: Walk Me Through The Fire (even being predictable is the catchiest)
  2. mrbandwidth

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    True love for 'True Love Awaits You' awaits you, mate. Maybe you'll get 'When Death Is Calling'.
  3. mrbandwidth

    Dynazty - Firesign

    Impossible, I reserve my musical opinions to HH.
  4. mrbandwidth

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Update: Kissin' overcomes W.E.T., and enters Dynazty; bye bye Lucy, see you in the Sky with Diamonds... 1. Kissin' Dynamite 2. W.E.T. 3. Maverick 4. Dynazty 5. Shiraz Lane Also listened: Midnite City, Hank Erixx, Hearts On Fire.
  5. mrbandwidth

    Dynazty - Firesign

    Hmmm, I spoke too soon... Enters in my Top-5.
  6. mrbandwidth

    Play Rough - S/T (2018)

    Not exactly my coup of tea but I suppose could appeal some of you here: http://sleazeroxx.com/play-roughs-self-titled-album-consisting-of-16-songs-released-via-fna-records/
  7. mrbandwidth

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I don't disagree but it's a matter of degrees: to stay with your sound is OK, but there has to be some innovation because when your audience notice your songs are predictable means they are very similar, hence people will become tired or bored soon. On the other hand, if your innovation is too much that you leave your original sound completely, your fans will feel alienated and will retire their support to the band. The ideal point is to be near to the middle. Martenson is in the side of little innovation, and certainly some of his tracks are becoming predictable as Glen said, which is not good. It's not yet a really serious problem but undeniable, IMO. Also the fact that Erik composes for several bands does this more apparent than with other artists. By the way I qualified the debut of Nordic Union as my favorite album of 2016, so not precisely a hater. I like nearly all Erik does but I think it's time for him to evolve his sound a bit.
  8. mrbandwidth

    Dynazty - Firesign

    I'm enjoying this one; not Top-5, ok, but solid.
  9. mrbandwidth

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Well, as you probably know at first didn't like it too much but with each listening had more and more tracks remaining in my head. Now I like it from the start to the end; even the two bonus tracks are great, specially Wild Wind. Has really infecting tunes IMO. In fact to be honest I'm listening this one far more than W.E.T. which rarely play by now.
  10. mrbandwidth

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Minor swap. 1. W.E.T. 2. Kissin' Dynamite 3. Maverick 4. Shiraz Lane 5. No Sleep For Lucy Listened Nitrate, Treat, Sapphire Eyes (like them but not for Top-5), and currently Creye (this one has potential).
  11. mrbandwidth

    Sapphire Eyes - Breath Of Ages

    +1, good sophomore in the style of the debut.
  12. mrbandwidth

    Treat - Tunguska

    Glad to hear this, thanks for the info mate!

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