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  1. https://www.sonicperspectives.com/album-reviews/soen-imperial/
  2. Seems this one is out there in this world...
  3. Thank you, love discover great albums I missed!
  4. This is his first album and best, the second one was not so good:
  5. Well, they are more like Cats underwater... (Atlantis). Sorry, had to say it!
  6. Well, here is the Japanese bonus track; not the best bonus ever TBH...
  7. Excellent, I'm not fan of Battle Beast, but this is a real beast indeed, contender for track of the year to me.
  8. Baton Rouge, I like their 3 albums. 2nd album (seems is not allowed to embed this one out of Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Lb7DWylrk from the 3rd album (S/T, 1997):
  9. Formed by ex-singer of Amaranthe, Jake E, and ex-guitarist of In Flames, Jesper Strömblad. 01. Out Of My Life 02. No Halos In Hell 03. Battle From Within 04. I Am The One 05. Bye Bye Forever 06. Dreams Gone Wrong 07. Lost In Time 08. Kings Tonight 09. I Had Your Back 10. Blood Brothers 11. Hit Me 12. Man Of Eternal Rain Clip directed by Patric Ullaeus :
  10. This one deserves more attention IMO, solid album:
  11. Didn't know this band, I thought JD Miller was the name of some member, or a homage to the famous music producer J.D. 'Jay' Miller, but is just the result of Jack Daniels whisky and Miller beer, lol. Sounds good.
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