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  1. Well, here is the Japanese bonus track; not the best bonus ever TBH...
  2. Excellent, I'm not fan of Battle Beast, but this is a real beast indeed, contender for track of the year to me.
  3. Baton Rouge, I like their 3 albums. 2nd album (seems is not allowed to embed this one out of Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Lb7DWylrk from the 3rd album (S/T, 1997):
  4. Formed by ex-singer of Amaranthe, Jake E, and ex-guitarist of In Flames, Jesper Strömblad. 01. Out Of My Life 02. No Halos In Hell 03. Battle From Within 04. I Am The One 05. Bye Bye Forever 06. Dreams Gone Wrong 07. Lost In Time 08. Kings Tonight 09. I Had Your Back 10. Blood Brothers 11. Hit Me 12. Man Of Eternal Rain Clip directed by Patric Ullaeus :
  5. This one deserves more attention IMO, solid album:
  6. Didn't know this band, I thought JD Miller was the name of some member, or a homage to the famous music producer J.D. 'Jay' Miller, but is just the result of Jack Daniels whisky and Miller beer, lol. Sounds good.
  7. Debut LP was very good. One to check.
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