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  1. One of the positives of getting older is that I won't have to deal with the whole streaming thing for too very long and I'm glad I was around when music was a physical product. I just loathe the whole streaming thing. Spotty bluetooth connections, annoying ads, randomly playing stuff I don't want to hear, having to fumble around trying to find specific stuff in my digital library while driving, compressed, low quality tin can sounds....Really not much good to say about it.
  2. tts42572

    Worst discs of 2018

    I have a tough time responding to this....Mostly because I know what I like and generally aren't buying or listening to stuff I don't like. I guess one that sticks out for me is the Dallas disc. I thought I'd really like that but found it pretty terrible outside of a couple songs.
  3. tts42572

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    Heard this album....I was initially a bit on the fence after the first two songs...Thought they were okay and I kinda liked Forever Out Of Place. Well, after hearing it I feel like those two first songs are clearly the best on the album and the rest is all downhill. Lots of modern-ish effects ....Not really very melodic, not really very heavy....Not really very AOR. I'm not sure who this is really geared towards. I guess mostly it's very Nickelback-ish. No longer on the fence....easy pass.
  4. tts42572

    Tesla - Shock

    Didn't see a thread started for the new Tesla album.... New song out there....looks like the title track. I need more listens to decide how I feel about this one....Initially not overly blowing me away but kinda like the groove and vibe....little different than maybe I was expecting. Could see this one being a grower.....Kinda depends on what's around it on the album. Loved the first few albums from these guys but really haven't been into their past few albums at all. So not sure if I'll be picking this up or not. Will probably need to hear some bigger rocking and more melodic tunes to consider buying.
  5. tts42572

    Tora Tora - Bastards Of Beale

    I liked these guys back in the day but maybe my tastes have changed as I'm just not liking these 2 new tunes at all. Doesn't sound anything like like Walking Shoes, Guilty, Love's A Bitch, etc to me.
  6. tts42572

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    I haven't really been into these guys over the years. I don't know why....Just haven't really caught my eye for whatever reason. Lots of negative comments above but I'm kinda liking this new album. Some fun, pretty catchy type of stuff. I'd agree that it's definitely simple stuff and pretty sugar coated and can see why people that loved some of their past output may not like this. By the same token though, I've been going back to their earlier stuff and still not finding a whole lot that's grabbing me. I like a couple songs here and there but not enough to say so. The only other album maybe I'll consider picking up is their greatest hits album that came out a few years ago as that would probably hit their highlights.
  7. tts42572

    The End: machine - s/t

    Lol.....Yeah, pretty much
  8. tts42572

    The End: machine - s/t

    My thoughts too. I'm kinda on the fence with this tune. It's okay but isn't really wowing me by any means and not really finding myself wanting to go back for repeat listens. The guitars sound great and Mason sounds pretty good. Just would've liked it to be more melodic with harmonies, backing vocals, etc. I'll need to hear stuff that grabs me more to convince me to buy the album.
  9. tts42572

    The End: machine - s/t

    Sounding pretty good to me....Basically like Lynch Mob to my ears. I've grown to like Mason's voice and he sounds right at home here.
  10. tts42572

    Degreed - Ruins

    Love these guys but not loving that tune.....Fairly boring to my ears. I guess it's the kind of song that could be better if it were on an album surrounded by some bigger rockers. But not doing much for me as a stand alone tune.
  11. tts42572

    Burning Rain - Face The Music

    It's okay....not very melodic though. I kept waiting for a chorus and none really ever happened. Still a decent rocking tune. I'll probably keep eyes on this but not sure it'll be something I purchase.
  12. tts42572

    SteelCity - Fortress

    Interested as well to hear this. Personally, wasn't really into Bryan Cole's voice so the debut didn't do much for me. Will check this out with the new lineup.
  13. tts42572

    Pretty Maids - Kingmaker

    That's a pretty good list and I'd probably have most of those on my list as well. I'd probably add Last Beauty On Earth, Bullet For You and Sad To See You Suffer maybe in place of Iceman, Nuclear Boomerang and Hooligan. Would be pretty darn similar though
  14. tts42572

    Gin Annie - 100% Proof

    Found two more songs on this album.

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