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  1. Man, this just not doing much for me. The music itself is pretty cool but these songs just aren't interesting me in the least for whatever reason. I'm not sure if it's wonky titles like Sharoline & Perceval setting me off on a bad foot. Overall it's mostly just reminding me of the last Art Nation album which also didn't do much for me.
  2. Agree Maverick might not be quite as melodic as some of their previous stuff but I I think I'm liking it more than their last album. I guess I don't get that at all with Temple Balls although I suppose I could agree that a lot of stuff out there sounds second rate to Gronwall H.E.A.T For me though, these guys have stepped up their game. I've spun this album a ton and I'd say it's probably my favorite album since H.E.A.T II dropped last year. And Erik is gone from H.E.A.T so I have a void to fill. It remains to be seen what they'll sound like with Kenny on their next album.
  3. Temple Balls #1 for me. Followed by: W.e.t, Maverick, Walk the Walk and Ronnie Atkins. I expect Midnite City to crash that list when it drops later this month though.
  4. Just thought I'd drop this tune in here. Might be my favorite tune on the album. Just sticks out as being something different for these guys and one of those tunes you find yourself humming after hearing it. Believe Erik Gronwall and Jona Tee both had a hand in the writing of this one. Not sure if it might've been a H.E.A.T tune that maybe never got done or if it was specifically written for this album. Either way, digging it.
  5. Have spun this album a lot. The hooks and layered vocals are really what sets it off. But the guitar work here is excellent too. It's too bad about Jason but glad to hear this project will continue as these are clearly well crafted songs. Looking forward to hearing how things sound with the next singer.
  6. For me their last album was really just so-so. I mean, I liked it as a nice, new find but I really only go back to a few songs on it now (Kill The Voice, Distorted Emotions and The End). I think my problem was that quite a few of the songs just didn't grab me for some reason...Stuff like Seven Seas of Wonder, Badlands, Leap of Faith, Hoist The Colors....None of those really had much appeal to me at all. This new one though is definitely on another level from their past stuff. I was even a little lukewarm on the opening single Thunder From The North when it dropped but that song really
  7. Got this CD today and think I have to take back any apprehension I had above. This is some fantastic melodic hard rock and feel like this is probably my favorite release so far this year. I do think Bad Bad Bad is my favorite tune but Long Ways Long Lies is right there too. The ballad If I Only Could is really the only song I'm a little iffy on but it's not a bad tune by any means. Can clearly tell Jona's influence here and there are some H.E.A.T vibes. But these guys still have their own identity. I listened to their last album earlier this week and for me this blows awa
  8. Well...That's a kick in the nuts. Best wishes to Erik for a speedy recovery.
  9. Yeah, think I did lol. My thing is that I'm trying hard not to buy many CD's anymore. I mean, I'm barely listening to them at all. The last couple I've bought I've basically only pulled out the booklet to follow along lyrics while streaming on spotify. I've been working to trim down my CD collection. That said, still trying to buy a few for bands I really want to support or albums I know I'll just have to have. I went ahead an pre-ordered this one. It was only like $11 on Amazon with free prime shipping so really can't go wrong. The more I've listened to the samples, th
  10. I've been listening to samples the past couple days trying to decide if I want to preorder this. I know it can be tough to tell from samples but you can get a pretty good gist of a tune in 90 seconds most of the time... From the samples, I'm really digging 5 tunes: Long Ways, Long Lies, TOTC, Bad Bad Bad, What Is Dead Never Dies and Heart of a Warrior. I have a hunch Bad Bad Bad will be my favorite tune on this based upon the samples but we'll see. The rest don't sound bad either though. The only one I think that I'm not caring much for at all is the ballad If Only I Could.
  11. Really like his first 3 albums but pretty much hated the last two. Just felt like he got too poppy and really lost his edge. That said, the last 2 songs he's released have been excellent with World On Fire and this song. There really wasn't anything like these 2 songs on those last 2 albums IMO. If he indeed gets back to rocking the majority of the time I'll get back on board.
  12. +1 I'd say Got It Bad easily remains my favorite Maverick tune but I'd probably say Big Red is my favorite album. Quid is very good too though and probably their most varied album. For me, I'd put this new one slightly ahead of Cold Star Dancer. As you say, either way a very consistent band and I enjoy all their releases.
  13. Hadn't paid much attention to this for whatever reason. I think mostly because I just didn't care much for the Black Swan stuff and thought this might be more of the same. These tunes are excellent though. Reminds me of the old McAuley Schenker stuff which I always liked. This is on my radar now for sure.
  14. I thought that too lol....Thought everything basically came out on Fridays? Nice surprise though. Agree that it's just a straight ahead rock album that basically just continues what they've been doing. It might be their heaviest sounding album from top to bottom but they're a pretty consistent band IMO. I think Never is probably my favorite song so far and it might be the most melodic/hooky tune. I dig the heavier stuff here too though....some cool riffs in some of these songs.
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