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  1. Ok for something different I guess but honestly can't say acoustic reworks like this interest me much. For me, the original version is much better so why bother? It's kind of like Def Leppard doing that Drastic Symphonies thing....Why bother redoing songs that were fine to begin with? I know these guys are working on new music so that's what I want to hear from them. And hopefully it's new music that's more in the style of Carnival Days and Vibration.
  2. New song out. I'm not generally huge on ballads these days but digging this one.
  3. Yeah....Now they're basically the same as bands like Warrant, Great White, Skid Row, Foreigner....and the list could go on. Also kind of surprised they're back at it so soon. I'm not sure if this was a scheduled gig already or not. That Peck dude has been playing with them though for months so I guess he'll just continue. To be honest though, I have very little interest in seeing them without CJ. They'll likely keep going though and they'll probably still draw decent enough crowds as people eat up this nostalgia stuff. And half the time people are so clueless that they'll probably think it's the same band. I mean, I've had 2 stories in the past couple years that illustrate the types of people that attend some of these shows. One was a few years ago at a festival after Warrant performed. Some dude sitting next to me looks at me and says "Man, that Jani Lane can still sing!". I had to tell him Jani died 10 years ago....he had no idea. Then last year I was walking out of a Skid Row show and hear a guy in front of me say "That Skid Row singer still sounds as good as he did 30 years ago!" Yeah, those people are out there lol. At the end of the day, I guess Firehouse and these other bands with "new" singers are just sort of paying tribute to themselves more than anything else and a lot of people are fine with that.
  4. Same here. I've been going back to some of their earlier stuff to see if I just dropped the ball but still nothing really grabbing me much at all. I feel like their earlier stuff is generally a bit too raw sounding for me or something. Not sure I'll feel the need to purchase but I'll at least check this album out on Spotify.
  5. Agree. I had posed that question to CJ a few years ago on social media and he responded to me saying that he didn't think people wanted to hear new Firehouse music and that he didn't feel the time/effort/cost to do new music was worth it as a result. However, I feel like there was a bit of a revival of melodic rock somewhere around 2012 and forward. Granted, nowhere near it was in it's 80's prime but I feel like it was somewhere around there it started to become a little cool again. Maybe that's when all us 40+ year olds were hitting mid-life crises and looking to relive our youth lol. Either way, I feel like even a band like Firehouse saw some resurgence. I mean, I remember seeing them live back around 2012 and there couldn't have been more than about 250 people in the place. However, the last few times I've seen them they were playing to substantially larger crowds than that....probably 10 times bigger. I feel like somewhere in the last 5 years was ripe for them to put out new music. I think sometimes these artists just focus on the sales not being there like they were back in the day but I think there's a lot of other intangibles that new music provides. It just gives people something to talk about, do interviews about, share around and just bring positive attention to a band. CJ still sounded phenomenal....I think they could've been capable of putting out one more killer album with a bit of focus and desire. Such is life though and no use crying over spilt milk so to speak. Will just enjoy what they did create.
  6. New song out. Kinda like this one too....dig the riff driving the song.
  7. There was the Rubicon Cross project he did....only one album I believe....
  8. Was able to chat with him a couple different times. Yes, first was after a concert back in 2013 when they did a meet n greet after the show. Also bumped into him on the 2020 Monsters of Rock cruise in an elevator lol. I said hello to him, told him I was a Firehouse fan and thanked him for the great music he created. He was very gracious, asked me my name and he commented on a H.E.A.T shirt I had on and said that he caught some of H.E.A.T's show on the cruise and that they were awesome. I remember asking him if he could hook it up so Firehouse could play some shows in the USA with H.E.A.T and he said that he'd love to do that. He even jokingly tabbed a name for the tour saying they could call it the "Firehouse Brings The H.E.A.T Tour" lol. Back in 2021, I also had him do a cameo video for my wife as a gift. He did a nice couple minute video where he said some stuff and played a bit of When I Look Into Your Eyes on the piano dedicated to my wife. Not sure how many times I've seen Firehouse live over the years but I think they're probably 2nd on my list behind Def Leppard as I've had to have seen them somewhere around 10-12 times as they always seemed to be at festivals I've attended or playing near me. And I think their debut album was probably my greatest totally blind purchase ever. I remember just picking that off the rack in my local music store as I'd often just buy CD's then when I wanted something new to listen to and that one caught my eye for some reason. If I were making a list of my top 20 all-time albums, that one would definitely be on it. Just sucks. I kept hoping we'd get new Firehouse music in the future but no chance of that now (unless it's with their new vocalist and that surely won't be the same). CJ left behind some timeless music though. Like was said above though, we're going to see more and more of this sort of thing in the coming years. This just serves as a stark reminder that life is short and need to get out there and enjoy it while you can.
  9. Bummer. Agree....very shocking. Had no idea he had cancer. I knew he'd had some surgery but details were obviously kept under wraps. Just too bad. CJ always sounded fantastic and was a super nice dude from what I could tell in my brief interactions with him. Really enjoyed Firehouse over the years...this one stings. RIP.
  10. Agree. They're about ready to hang it up. To me, this is basically like George Lucas selling the rights of Star Wars to Disney. Why not pocket the profits from what you created and have something more tangible to secure your future as well as your family? Personally, though....That whole Avatar thing is bonkers to me and I don't ever see that working. The day will probably come though when there are probably machines you can buy that project these avatars right in your own living room and you can watch your own personal concerts. Heck, you'll probably be able to even pick your setlist lol. Either way, kudos to them though for creating something so huge. Yeah, it turned into being about the money but don't most of us work for the money lol?
  11. Agree with most also. I really don't think Erik wants to be with another band, for exactly what you mention. If he does anything, I'd bet he forms his own band where he can be in control of what happens. I think he wants to just create some music, and do some smaller, shorter tours and be home often for his health and family. What's ironic to me is that I feel like it seems what Erik wants is basically what he had in H.E.A.T lol. I mean, that band didn't play a ton of shows. They were mostly about creating music, putting out albums and when they do tours they would do them for a week or two and then be back home. Most of their touring was in Europe for shorter trips and they didn't have to ride around in a tour bus for a month like Skid Row does. And I'm sure Erik could've been more involved with writing in H.E.A.T if he wanted to. As for Skid Row, I think they're royally screwed. Erik was easily the best singer they've had since Bach and I feel like their popularity was as high as it's been since Bach. For the first time in years, there was a buzz around that band. I mean, a buddy of mine saw the Skids locally 5 or 5 years ago and there were literally about 250 people in the crowd (I skipped the show as I had no interest in seeing it). However, I saw them 3 times with Erik and each time the crowd seemed to be bigger than the previous show. I think the last show had a crowd somewhere around 4,000-5,000 which is quite an improvement from 5 years ago. I don't know where they go from here. They'll probably try to bring somebody in but in all likelihood that person isn't going to be as good as Erik was. And even still, one of the things I think helped sell Erik as the singer was that they got a good new album out with him. How long will it be before they're able to get another album done with a new singer? 2, 3, 5 years? Bach coming back would be the only thing that would probably interest me at this point and save that band. I'm really not interested in seeing anybody else sing for them at this point and don't really care who they get.
  12. I like that new tune. Have to say though their debut album didn't have much staying power for me and I never listen to it now for whatever reason. Anyways, plan to check out the album.
  13. Good new song! Sounds like somebody else doing some vocals in spots? Not sure they had a guest or maybe if it's Ryan? Good song though.
  14. I posed him that exact question on his discord page as to what his future plans are.... He said he plans to relax for a bit, do his You Tube thing, keep writing new music and then will decide how to release that music. He said as of now he's thinking he'll either do a solo thing or form his own band. He didn't say this but I'd sort of envision a Daughtry type "band" where he kind of puts a band behind his name. So essentially, I think you're right on with his plans. Ultimately, I think like you say, the control is a big part of it. I think he wants to be able to operate on his own schedule to maintain his health and family obligations. It'll be interesting to see what sound the new material takes on. It would seem logical to think it would be rock/melodic rock of some sort since that's really the type of music he's built his following with but he certainly has shown he can dabble anywhere from AOR to metal.
  15. I'd have to agree. Certainly bummed about Erik but it was apparent the travel back and forth was taking a toll on him. It was a fun ride while it lasted and re-kindled a lot of life in Skid Row. But Skid Row now has to really look in the mirror as I don't think they'll find anybody better than Erik and all the gains they made over the last couple years are in danger of being lost. There would be no better time than now to finally make that reunion and ride the wave into the sunset. I'm really not sure if their split with Bach is repairable though.
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