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  1. tts42572

    Breaking music news

    Excellent. Also heard recently that Eclipse is aiming to have their next album out in May or June 2019. Defiants and Eclipse are 2 good ones to look forward to.
  2. I had never gotten this album and really never spent any time checking it out much in the past. Digging the album quite a bit. Really some good backing vocal and harmony type stuff on this album and now see how it perfectly led into New Religion. For me this album might be third on my list of CL albums behind Ruff Justice and New Religion. I'd put it ahead of Riot Avenue and the S/T.
  3. tts42572

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Love Tunguska and agree.....Better than Coup for me. Not a single song on Tunguska I get the urge to skip past while there's 3-4 songs on Coup I skip. And honestly, I'm not even sure what I'd say is my favorite song on Coup. I'd probably say We Own The Night or Paper Tiger. Don't get me wrong...I like Coup and it's a solid melodic rock album. Just not much that overly stands out for me. Part of my problem though might be that I was very late to the party on Coup and didn't go back to listen to it until after GOG had come out. There are probably 4-5 songs on Tuguska that I like better than my two favorite songs off Coup. For me Tunguska is easily my favorite of the past 3 albums. I'd rank them Tunguska, GOG, Coup. All are basically 90+ albums for me though and a great collection of music.
  4. tts42572

    Incognito - new release on Kivel Records

    Yeah, appears it was taken down. I looked around a bit and can't seem to find it anywhere. Sample was good....Basically sounded like old Tyketto if I remember right.
  5. tts42572

    Incognito - new release on Kivel Records

    Got an update on this project today. Will not be released by Kivel Records but will be released independently. See Duane Morano's FB page for info. Think pre-orders will be starting next week. Have this on my watch list as I liked the first tune I heard.
  6. tts42572

    Wild America - Gasoline

    Feel the same. Like the second song more than the first but not overly grabbing me. Not bad though and could be something that grows if I hear a couple other tunes I like.
  7. tts42572

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Updated list....Might be my final one for the year unless I go back and find something I missed. 1. Midnite City - There Goes The Neighbourhood 2. Kissin Dynamite - Ecstasy 3. Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days 4. Treat - Tunguska 5. Maverick - Cold Star Dancer 6. W.e.t - Earthrage 7. Nordic Union - Second Coming 8. Nitrate - Real World 9. Station - More Than The Moon 10. Hearts On Fire - Call Of Destiny Honorable mention just missing the cut - Halestorm, Dangerous Curves, Perfect Plan.
  8. tts42572

    Dallas - deal with AOR Blvd Records

    This was an album that I just seemed to find myself liking less the more played it. It was strange...kept feeling like I should've liked it more than I was as it had all the elements I normally like. I think a big part of it was the demo quality feel like you mention. And the vocals bothered me a bit with how screamy they were in parts. Also was put off a bit by some of the poppy effects. It does start off pretty good with the first few songs and the ballad is pretty good....but for me it just tailed off quickly in the second half and really didn't find myself having any desire to return to it. I sold off my CD and didn't even want to keep it. I do think the production impacted my views here. There's some good songs and potential but production and vocals just knocked it off my radar. I don't think it's helped either that I've had a lot of good new stuff to listen to in the past couple months that really just tossed this on the back burner quickly.
  9. tts42572

    Hearts On Fire - Call Of Destiny

    Agree with you on this one...Good, solid album. Yeah, not a ball tearer but still a solid listen and I was pleasantly surprised with it as it was a bit better than maybe I was expecting. Well, actually wasn't sure what to expect lol. Second half definitely stronger than the first. I almost feel like the first half is a bit more AORish and the second half gets into a bit more balls going. Ends up being a good mixture of stuff I guess. Currently sitting at my #10 album this year.
  10. tts42572

    PRETTY MAIDS writing new album

    Agree! Last album was pretty good but I didn't care for the last 1/4 of it. Didn't like Sickening and Civilized Monsters back to back....Both skips every time for me. Motherland had a few songs too that I never listen to. So excellent stuff spread across the 3 albums though. I think each one has 5-6 absolutely killer tunes.
  11. tts42572

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I'm with you here Falling was my favorite tune off the album....Followed by Every Heartbeat, Go, Wide Awake, Hypocrisy. Every Heartbeat is pretty awesome and a great ballad. I do think New Life Begins on the new album follows along with the same vibe. I'd probably say True Love Awaits is my least favorite song on the album lol. Just bores me and one I normally skip past. Didn't really care much for the Other Side either. Basically, I got a little lukewarm on the second half of the debut outside of Falling and Go. With the new album, I'm not sure I'm feeling any stand out tracks like I did with say Falling from the first album. As I said above, New Life Begins is a solid ballad. Breathtaking is a pretty good mid-tempo number. Outrun You has an interesting arrangement that I like. Final War sounds like a heavy PM tune. Rocks Still Rolling I find myself kinda liking as it has a little different vibe. I can understand the safe and formulatic comments on the new one though as it pretty much is. Not sure much really stands out but it's still pretty good and listenable and nothing I'm really getting the urge to skip. By the same token though, not sure I'd take more than 3-4 songs to my "best of" USB playlist that I have in my car. By comparison, I just put 10 songs from the new Midnite City on that playlist. Still some decent melodic hard rock though.
  12. tts42572

    Hearts On Fire - Call Of Destiny

    Not a bad tune...One that I like in it's spot on the album after 3 more upbeat songs. Still like this album quite a bit. Good, solid melodic rock/AOR album IMO. Glenn's probably right above....Bit safe, pretty solid. I also felt like the second half was a bit stronger than the first....Falling Into You might be my favorite tune and like how it seems to pick up the pace a bit in the second half with Rainbow's End, Lost In Paradise and Live and Learn. I still like this album though and finding it enjoyable to listen to.
  13. tts42572

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Those are most of my favs off the first album.... Not really feeling like my favorite songs off the new one are quite as strong as those songs. I'd probably say New Life Begins, Because Of Us, Breathtaking and Outrun You are my early favorites. I get where Geoff is coming from here though. It is a little bit like everything is pretty good and listenable but nothing really stands out and overly grabs you. By the same token though, nothing here I find myself disliking either. It's still an enjoyable listen but not overly wowing me. I do think some of it has to do with the over-saturation of Martensson's style. I mean, 5 years ago I probably would've thought this album was beyond awesome. But now as we've had a couple new Eclipse albums, a Nordic Union album, a couple Pretty Maids albums, a recent W.e.t album....It sorta just becomes a bit safe/predictable. Still good stuff though and I happen to dig Martensson's song crafting style so not a big deal to me. At this point probably feeling like it'll fall in the 6-8 range on my top 10 for this year.

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