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  1. Ok song but not really exciting me much. Based upon samples I think there will be some better stuff on the album.
  2. tts42572


    Not really seeing stats on breakdown between unvaccinated and vaccinated for the new cases. I've seen many different reports though that a very large percentage of cases ending up in hospitals are unvaccinated people and something like 99% of all deaths these days are unvaccinated people. What you say is basically my opinion. I'm okay with masks in schools because kids haven't been vaccinated. So we do need to protect them still. But every where else should be business as usual without masks and restrictions.. The jab is available to everybody who wants it. And I would be requiring proof of vaccination or negative tests to enter large gatherings of people at sporting events, concerts, etc. And more and more Companies here are starting to require their employees be vaccinated and I applaud that too. I don't want my business being impacted because a bunch of unvaccinated employees contract COVID and start spreading it around the workplace. I find it hard to believe that the 90 million unvaccinated people here are all really that afraid of the shot. I mean, really? There's been like 4 million deaths worldwide from this disease and people are really worried about a vaccine that over a BILLON people have gotten without any issues? How much longer before those people change their minds? I think a big part of it is that people aren't really scared of the effects of the shot. Mostly, it's either a political stand or just not liking anybody telling them what they should do. I have a neighbor and I know that's his deal. He's still mad Trump lost so is basically anti-society with everything.
  3. tts42572


    Now this is true! I actually read a post on FB recently where somebody who is anti-vaccine posted that it's obvious the vaccine doesn't even work because cases are increasing again so no reason to bother getting the vaccine. This is the mentality we're dealing with here.
  4. tts42572


    Sounds like the CDC here in the US is getting ready to announce masks should be required for everybody indoors, vaccinated or unvaccinated, with cases now rising again to 50K daily. We had a window to beat this thing and substantially put it to bed but we blew it. We had enough time these past couple months to probably get 80-90% of eligible people vaccinated if they just would've taken it. Now we're turned around and heading in the wrong direction again. Frustrating but knew this was bound to happen with so many here refusing to get poked. Maybe on the bright side though, we apparently have 100+ million people here in the US that think they're smarter than some of the best minds in the world that have tried to develop this vaccine and save lives so maybe we'll all be just fine
  5. New album would be interesting and I would guess it would be something Frontier's would be on to. Although, I'd be approaching it with very cautious optimism and probably fairly low expectations as you never really know what you're going to get when bands have been away this long.
  6. Checked the 90 second samples on this today and gave them all a good listen. Sounding pretty good to me and think it could exceed the past couple albums. Not that I didn't enjoy the past couple albums but I feel like the formula got a bit tired on the last one. First few songs seem pretty good but I think for me this album might pick up steam in the second half. Twilight, Poison Inside My Heart and We Didn't Come To Lose all are kind of jumping out at me. And Bite The Bullet is growing on me....dig the heavier riffs. I like that they went with a different type of album art too and got away from the same tired design they'd been using. Had been a bit lukewarm initially but looking forward to this one now. This and Crazy Lixx could make a good close to the year.
  7. tts42572


    I also am willing to respect people's decision to get vaccinated or not. I don't understand it, and don't really understand why somebody would rather get this disease with the complications it has PROVEN to cause than get a shot that over 100 million people in the USA alone have gotten without any big issues....But willing to respect it. My big thing though is that the Government shouldn't be stepping in and putting restrictions on people anymore. Stop with lockdowns, stop with mask mandates...just stop with it all...at least in areas where vaccine is readily available. I just tired of how this thing is impacting my life. I'm tired of masks. I'm tired of prices of things skyrocketing because supply chains are disrupted and people aren't working like they used to. I'm tired of being at my job and having to cover for people that get sent home with the sniffles because they think they might have COVID and they've refused vaccination. And they still get paid for sitting home! I'm annoyed I recently received notice that my my medical insurance premiums are going to be increasing like 15%-20% likely also a result of all the sick COVID people that went and got treated who didn't have insurance so everybody else ends up paying for it. I'm just tired of not being able to live my life the way I was pre-covid. I could really care less if somebody gets vaccinated or not as long as my life isn't impacted. But my big annoyance is the that their choices keep finding a way to impact my life in tangible ways.
  8. So very cool! Great to hear Erik singing and for me, this is 10 times better than the original. This guy was just born to sing so hopefully we see more music from him. Although, I'd prefer original music instead of covers. Also, really cool seeing him work with Jona and Dave and that they are still good working in some capacity together. It be pretty cool if we could get an Erik solo hard rock/rock/metal type album of original material with Jona/Dave helping him out sort of like Robin from Degreed is doing.
  9. Agree. Dig the heavier riffs. Not a song that overly "wows" me but sounds pretty decent to me. Here's 30 second samples of the album: https://us.7digital.com/artist/eclipse/release/wired-16530024 Gave them a quick listen and sounding pretty good to me. It's tough to tell a lot from only 30 seconds though. Will have to check out 90 second samples on I Tunes when I get a chance. Yeah, maybe a little bit samey but at this point I think you just know what you're going to get with these guys. At least there's no songs with "Blood" in the title
  10. tts42572


    All good points. I think we mostly agree on one thing....that this won't end anytime soon without more vaccinated people...plain and simple. To be honest, if it were up to me, at most businesses and/or at big events like a concert, sporting event or whatever, I'd be making people prove vaccination before being allowed in so odds are I wouldn't be standing next to somebody with COVID. There's been a lot of backlash here in the US with places that have tried that because everybody here starts screaming about their rights anytime stuff like this is mentioned. Yeah, people have the right not to get vaccinated and I do respect that. But as a business or event organizer, I should also have the right to keep unvaccinated people out if I so choose and have a safer environment for patrons and workers. But businesses are too afraid to lose profits and customers so they just let people do what they want. I mean....we've basically done that with smoking. When I was younger, people could smoke basically anywhere. Now, most places I go in the US don't allow smoking inside even though everyone still has the right to smoke. But we finally determined that people who don't smoke shouldn't have to be subjected to the perils of smoking. Should be the same with this....Not vaccinated, then stay out or in some designated area and don't subject me to possible COVID. For me, that's the big problem here in the US. All these unvaccinated people are running around with no issues piling into stadiums and wherever else so they don't care. To take it farther, they're supposed to wear masks if they're not vaccinated but nobody does. I honestly can't even tell you the last time I went somewhere and saw somebody with a mask on. And we know only about 1/2 the people here are vaccinated. I attended a weekend festival in June with a couple thousand people....Think I might've seen 1 mask all weekend. I actually think it might be the last time I saw a mask somewhere. So it's pretty easy to see why cases are increasing. Just a bunch of selfless idiots that don't care enough about people around them to do the right thing.
  11. tts42572


    Couldn't agree more. At least in terms of here in the USA where there is vaccine for everyone who wants it and they're literally begging people to go get it. I mean, I like my odds. I've got a vaccine that by all accounts is 90-95%% effective. So that gives me a 5-10% chance of even coming down with COVID to begin with. And most reports/studies so far seem to say that even if you are among the unlucky ones to get COVID after being vaccinated, your symptoms are likely reduced significantly. And on top of that, we have a disease that 99% will survive and treatments have improved significantly over the past year. My odds are probably way worse that I'll die in my car on commute to work than from COVID. Now, unless the facts change like the vaccine isn't working as we thought or hospitals get so crowded they can't treat people anymore, it should be business as usual. We bought enough time to formulate plans to combat this thing and solutions exist. Let people move forward with the choices they've made. But stop trying to protect people that don't want to be protected. I mean, if they really want protection, they'll get vaccinated. Otherwise, they're basically saying they're willing to roll the dice. So let them. I have a feeling when unvaccinated people see a friend or family member either die or struggle badly with COVID they might change their tune like a family I know who was anti-vaccine until somebody came down with a bad COVID case and the rest all ran out to get vaccinated when the other was in the hospital.
  12. For those in the US, here's a site selling the new CD at a more reasonable price: https://www.impulsemusic.com/catalog/cds_browse.asp?letter=D No idea on how long delivery might be but might be worth a shot.
  13. tts42572


    Well....here in the US I'm seeing more and more articles suggesting mask requirements need to be put in place again and we might need to start restricting indoor activities as cases have started escalating again. I have no doubt that the CDC will be recommending vaccinated and unvaccinated people start wearing masks indoors very soon. I don't have a link to the article but I know the "official" said something like...."We need to protect unvaccinated people" and it won't hurt vaccinated people to mask up and add an extra layer of protection. Why should I be concerned about protecting somebody who absolutely refuses to get vaccinated? I get it maybe for schools with younger kids that aren't able to be vaccinated but that's about it. I have a guy I work with who refuses to get vaccinated because he claims he's not convinced it will be good for him and that we don't know about the side effects down the line. But yet, this same dude smoke like a pack of cigarettes a day that is surely beating the crap out of his lungs and we KNOW it's not good for him? And he walks around work, never wearing a mask when he probably should be since he isn't vaccinated. These are the kinds of people we're dealing with here in this Country.... I really think you're going to see a lot of vaccinated people really starting to get pissed off if we start having to take big strides backwards again after we "vaccinated people" basically have had the freedom to do as we please without masks or restrictions the past couple months.
  14. Exactly the same for me. First single was pretty decent but second song really didn't do much for me. I like the edge in this new tune but still not really grabbing me at all. I'll probably try the album when it drops but pretty much already have in my head it'll be a pass. Mostly I just don't think the vocals are doing much for me.
  15. tts42572


    Well said. The way I feel now (at least here in the USA) is that the vaccine is there for everybody that wants it. I don't want to hear more about tests. I don't want to hear about restrictions being put back in place because COVID is spreading. The only way I'd welcome those things is if it's proven that the vaccine is not effective and swarms of vaccinated people are coming down with COVID. If that happens, I'm good with rolling things back to protect people. But as it is now, there is a protection for people out there. If they don't want it, well....then not much more we can do for them. They've made their choice. Most reports here in the USA are that the increasing COVID case spread is among unvaccinated people. Maybe I'm just a mean SOB but it's tough to feel sorry for people that chose to not get vaccinated when given the chance. They're the ones that are keeping this COVID bullshit alive by not getting vaccinated. But hey, I'm willing to respect their choices. Just let me go about life as normal then without having to have restrictions to "protect" the people that choose not to get vaccinated. I guess I'm just to the point where I want my life to stop being inconvenienced by this thing because I feel like I've done my due diligence. And even if I do come down with this as being vaccinated, I'm confident the effects probably won't be nearly as bad as they could've been if I weren't vaccinated. Sorry for ranting but I'm just sick and tired of seeing COVID reports in the news every day. This thing should be gone by now.
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