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  1. Me either. Wonder if they are a new label that's trying to make some headway in this genre or if they've been around awhile. Either way, this should get 2021 off to a good start.
  2. Not sure about everything on the last album but definitely better than a lot of it. This tune just has more going on to make it more interesting. This is more like the kind of stuff Eclipse needs to do instead of rewriting the same 3 minute melodic rock song over and over again.
  3. Spinning the album today. Basically what you'd expect which isn't a bad thing. One thing that stands out a little is some of the backing vocals....Think they did a pretty good job to add some melodies in spots. And Through The Mists of Time is sort of a different vibe. Overall pleasantly surprised. I'm just a casual fan of these guys and haven't paid much attention to anything they've done since about Razors Edge....But I've spun this one a few times now and think it's pretty good. I give these guys credit for still cranking out music though and for sticking to their classic
  4. Sounds good to me. I like the sharing of vocals with Jeff and Erik and would like to see more of that on this album in spots. What kills me a little though is this tune would've also made a great Eclipse tune. This is the kind of song with a little variety I'd like to see Eclipse adding into their albums. Either way, good tune and sounds fine as a W.e.t tune also.
  5. Never heard that one but I dig that! More like that would be good!
  6. Good read on that interview. I've spent the last couple days digging into the first 2 albums as I honestly never really gave them much of a chance because they weren't very instant for me. I first got wind of this band after ATN launched and trying to go back to those first 2, they never grabbed me like the Erik albums. But I'll admit I also didn't give them much chance either because I figured Kenny was done with the band and not much reason to fret over it. Anyways, I do like some of the songs on those albums. Yeah, they're still nowhere near the last 4 albums for me but still s
  7. Agree. The first album wasn't too bad but definitely had some nails on chalkboard moments. Hannes has really matured and learned to control his voice though and these guys are seemingly really on a roll. Carnival Days, Vibration 1 and this new tune are all excellent. Looking forward to the next release and expecting we hear some news fairly soon. And I know I've said this, but also some of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet which makes it even easier to root for them.
  8. I'm struggling a bit with the album my first couple times through for whatever reason.....but there's a few good tunes. This one definitely one of them and probably would be my favorite on the album.
  9. I with you....exactly how I feel. I feel like there's some good songs. But the production on some of them makes them sound like 80's demos or something IMO. Of course Kenny isn't a bad signer. But he's definitely different than Erik and I guess that's my point. And to me they are VERY different. Kenny to me made the band sound more like Survivor or Toto or something while Erik made them more like 80's Def Leppard/Warrant/Bon Jovi, etc IMO. Almost sounds like two different bands in two different spots on the melodic rock spectrum. It'll be interesting to see where e
  10. I'll agree on the production....Maybe Kenny with their updated sound will sound better. I tried again today to listen to those albums and just really struggling. Basically, I think it's stuff I might've liked if I had really started getting into them back in 2008 when it first came out, but that's not when I caught wind of them. I came on board when Address the Nation dropped and was blown away with what I heard. I tried over the years to keep going back to listen to those Kenny albums and they just didn't compare for me. To me, those albums sounded like a completely different band.
  11. They could do that but very few would sell
  12. Exactly. I don't think his voice fits songs like Bastard of Society, Inferno, etc. He's a totally different singer than Erik and I think he'll sound pretty silly trying to do some of those songs. I mean, part of it for me was was almost visualizing Erik on stage with his energy while even listening to studio versions of the songs. You could almost feel his energy oozing through the speakers if that makes any sense. It just brought something intangible to the music. Kenny is a "nice" singer, but he doesn't bring that to the table. It won't surprise me either if they fade away
  13. For me, not good Kenny is replacing Erik. I'd rather see a fresh voice since I already know I don't care for Kenny... They've already been there and done that. They had moved forward and increased their popularity without Kenny. I'd have preferred a fresh, new start. Feels more like 3 steps backwards to me.
  14. Probably not the best day to be listening to new music as I feel like I just got run over by a semi after the H.E.A.T news, but gave this album a spin and just not doing much for me. I like the vibe of the music itself but not really getting into the singer for whatever reason. There's a couple okay tunes but nothing I got the urge to add into my playlist. Maybe I'll try it again when I'm in a better mood.
  15. Mother F$$$$$%%%%k!!!! I feel like my best friend just died. Just when I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse....Can't freaking wait for this year to be over. Just gutted today. These guys had become my favorite band and just like that can now stick a fork in them. I know the Kenny/Erik debate has been done many times but for me Kenny can't hold a candle to Erik and they aren't even in the same league. Erik is what made H.E.A.T interesting with his power, energy and stage presence and he's the reason I became a fan. I never really cared for what they were doing with Kenny and sti
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