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  1. Hey...I put Midnite City's debut ahead of ITGU a few years back so that's something But yeah, no secret H.E.A.T is my favorite band going right now and they do kinda end up setting the bar by which everything else is measured for me. Either way, still not caring much for this new OD album.
  2. I see people on social media starting to post that they have this even though not officially out until tomorrow....So thought I'd bump the discussion. I've been trying hard to get into this album but it just hasn't clicked for me for whatever reason. For me, basically there are four songs I'm liking but aren't overly blowing me away (After You're Gone, Godsent Exstasy, Heroes and Killer Queen) and a couple others that are okay but I could take or leave (Shadowman, Down And Dirty). Then the other 4 songs are doing nothing for me and I've mostly been skipping those. I really dislike the ballads here...just finding them super boring. Reviews I've seen have all been glowing so maybe I'm missing something. Or maybe I just had too high of expectations after sitting in quarantine all this time. But to me this isn't nearly as strong as their debut. I felt like the debut had a lot more variety and here the up tempo stuff is all starting to feel kinda samey.
  3. I've been doing a lot of listening to older stuff lately with the lack of new releases the past few months. CD's in my car at the moment that will all be rotated this week: Tesla - Mechanical Resonance/Great Radio Controversy Wildside - Under The Influence Def Leppard - Slang Warrant - Dog Eat Dog And H.e.at II
  4. Wildside Under The Influence - Bad Reputation remaster. Had never picked this up on CD and been on my want list for years. Forgot how much I liked this album back in the day.
  5. Definitely sounding better. Saw it was mixed by Bruno Ravel and mastered by Maor Applebaum so it seems like they definitely put a bit more effort into that part of it. I don't harp on that stuff and honestly rarely notice production on most releases. But I noticed it on their debut. And once you notice it, it's hard to "un-notice" it lol. Glad they got that buttoned up.
  6. Samples of all tunes are up on I Tunes Japan... I'm digging what I'm hearing. Sounds like lots of Def Leppard type vocal harmonies and riffs going on....Much like the debut with Put Me to Shame, Done to Me etc. Seems like the tempo slows a little bit in the second half but sounding good to me overall.
  7. I have high expectations for this. I got to have a nice conversation with Steve Brown on the Monsters of Rock cruise and basic gist that I got from him was TMF started out as mostly a project that they weren't sure where it would go. However, it sounded to me like they have put a lot of effort into album #2 and are hoping they can build this up a bit. Steve said with Trixter basically having nothing going on he's had much more time to devote to this and they're hoping to expand the number of shows they're playing and exposure. Obviously this corona business isn't going to help them playing shows much though. Looking forward to this one and really hoping it's good. Steve was so cool to talk to and was just super nice guy. Honestly, it felt like I was talking to a friend from high school I hadn't seen in 25 years or something lol. Thought I saw first single is out this week so hopefully we get a taste soon.
  8. I like it but my reservation is that I'm having a tough time making out half the words the singer says. Will probably give it more listens and keep eyes on it.
  9. Good tune. After Your Gone, Down And Dirty, Godsent Exstasy & Heroes are probably my highlights from this album.
  10. tts42572


    Exactly. I feel the same. I'm honestly kinda enjoying having my weekends free and just getting to relax for a bit. However, I'm also starting to get irritated because I feel like many businesses could get back in operation as long as they keep being smart and keep doing common sense stuff like keeping social distance, maybe wearing masks if dealing with people in closer than 6 feet distances, etc. I mean, my father passed away in February and I've been waiting for 2 months for a local judge to sign off on giving me administrator powers for his Estate but it can't happen because the local courts are closed except for "essential" business and apparently this isn't "essential". In the meantime I also have somebody who wants to buy his house and I'm left having to pay bills personally for it while I wait. So that part of it is getting frustrating as I feel like this court could be operating in some fashion like many other businesses that are working from home or whatever. I guess I just question the blanket approach most of our government officials are taking. I mean, I'm in NYS which is basically the worst place to be for this disease. But I'm in Upstate NY and there are less than 100 cases of this disease in my County of about 60,000 people. And it's similar for many of the Counties surrounding me. So many people here are starting to get frustrated and are left struggling financially because we have to continue sitting idle and pay for what's going on in New York City. And late last week the Governor just extended our lockdown 2 more weeks. So many people are understandably starting to get frustrated, especially if this virus isn't overwhelming their local area. Now don't get me wrong....I think the approaches taken have probably saved a lot of lives and probably should've been done sooner than they were. But I also feel like we need to start slowly getting back to life in areas that aren't hard hit and trying to figure out how to do it smartly so that we keep this virus under control. The sad thing though is that people probably can't handle it. I mean, look at what happened in Florida when restrictions were lifted and one of the beaches opened last weekend. People flocked there like they've never been to a beach before like a bunch of idiots. I guess it's why we need to just keep blanket lockdowns because we just can't trust people to be socially responsible and this virus would probably just explode again because people will travel all over and just start being stupid. Sorry for the long winded rant
  11. Live Nation President. Sure sounding like he's preparing for a length concert absence... https://vimeo.com/407780826?fbclid=IwAR2VtowE_UDUZSvDLnWqpk1M-Jc1-6S-x-XdnNR7fYFU6Htgk9ic8xdN2fg
  12. Guess it definitely depends on how many people would use it and how many albums you want to listen to. I'm the only one in my house that would use it right now. I usually just sample tunes on You Tube to decide if I want to buy and album or not. I'll give a listen to all kinds of stuff but it never seems like more than about 8-10 albums a year end up making it though the sifter. Maybe I'll change my ways at some point if I'm left with no choice but I still prefer the CD experience. I think partly I still just enjoy the collectible aspect of it and like feeling like I actually have something that could maintain some value down the road. I guess overall the important thing is listening however you want as long as you're listening and supporting the artists.
  13. Agree...The news can get depressing really fast. I try to just take quick peaks at two numbers in the USA daily....Total cases and total recovered. Right now that number is still at like 6% which to my common sense isn't good at all. I think that number needs to get closer to 75% before things can be considered "good". And it's tough to get there if 30,000 cases keep getting added each day. As to the whole concerts thing in 12-18 months....I'm not sure how anybody can really have any idea. I mean, how do we know there isn't a great treatment discovered in the next 3-6 months that kicks this things ass? That could quickly change things. If we don't find treatment and/or a vaccine, yeah, it's sure looking like a pretty long road. Hopefully a silver lining is that it's leaving these artists with a lot of time to create new music
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