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  1. Been listening to this and have to say I'm kind of liking it. Vocals are a little bit rough IMO and probably what would be holding me back a little bit on it. But dig the music and overall I've found myself wanting to come back to this with some songs growing on me.
  2. New Maverick tune! Really digging this one!
  3. LOL....I guess there are quite a few. I'm not sure if "chicks" or "cougars" would be the better description though! It was a fantastic time and I'd highly recommend it. I've only been the one time as I also always wanted to go and finally bit the bullet and went. Hopefully will get the chance to go again in the future if things ever get back to normal. It's just amazing having basically 3-4 concerts going on every hour for 4-5 days straight. Also just really cool walking around the ship and randomly bumping into band members everywhere you go. I've told my wife I don't
  4. What I was going to say. I absolutely love this album....Just excellent. What's strange for me thought is that nothing else Lynch Mob ever did really did much for me for whatever reason. Think they just kind of lost me with their constant bickering and lineup changes. This is one album that has seemed to always get pulled off the shelf at least a few times a year for a spin and I enjoy it every time. It still sounds fresh to me as just didn't get overplayed like some other stuff. One thing I really enjoyed on the last MORC was finally getting to see Lynch Mob live with Oni
  5. Saw another tune from this out. Not really sure what I think about it. Think my initial reaction was kind of "meh" but it's interesting....It's got a little different vibe to it. The vocals have a bit of a modern rock edge to them but the music seems more AOR/melodic rock based. Still probably give the album a listen when it drops.
  6. Really was fantastic. Wish they would remaster and reissue the In The Round DVD at some point and do it on Blu Ray with updated sounds codecs. From a band that has reissued basically everything I'm surprised they haven't done this.
  7. tts42572

    NFL 2020

    Agree. It was absolutely brutal. I had to leave the room and go do something else. Amazes me that they can't do something better and that they basically recycle the same types of acts over and over every year. Why not do a rock act one year? Then maybe a country act the next, then a pop act and so on? Instead it's a lame pop act every year. Is the target market for the super Bowl half-time show really like 15 year old girls? Because that's mostly what their halftime shows seem to be geared for.
  8. Surprising about Firehouse. I've probably seen them 5-6 times over the years, most recently twice last year on the MORC, and every show has been fantastic. What made them so bad for you?
  9. First concert - Beach Boys and Jan & Dean lol. Can't remember year...late 70's or early 80's I think. I couldn't have been more than 8-10 yrs old. Was basically told I was going by my Dad lol but really wasn't a bad show. Last concert - H.E.A.T on the Monsters of Rock Cruise Feb 2020. Best concert - Def Leppard in the Round 1988 Worst concert - Think I'd have to say Ratt in summer 2019. It just wasn't good. Pearcy just lacks charisma it was a boring show with all the replacement members. We left with probably 4-5 songs still to go and many others were doing the same.
  10. Thanks for the heads up....Just checked them out also. Agree...sounds killer. Honestly, I think I like the sounds of basically every song more than the one they chose for the first single. After hearing those samples I think this will definitely top their last album.
  11. Doesn't sound like H.E.A.T to me...at least not this tune. I hear some H.E.A.T elements in the production but vocalist nowhere near Erik or Kenny. Do still think this could be a decent album though.
  12. Just got around to listening to the samples also. Hell yeah, gonna be great! Think what stood out to me was there seems to be a bit more variety than maybe they've had on their previous albums. Sounding excellent to me!
  13. Just happened to check this out after seeing a review on the album somewhere else. Not too bad. Definitely would like to hear more.
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