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  1. Got that same email today. I ordered from their merchant shop. Hopefully it travels quickly.
  2. Pretty cool album. Admittedly, I was never big into metal type bands back in the day like Judas Priest, Dio, etc so wasn't quite sure if I'd like this or not. I feel like this sort of bounces along the metal/hard rock barrier almost in a Turbo-era Judas Priest kind of way IMO. Anyways, do like this album and for me, I'm gravitating toward the more melodic tunes like Daze of Delirium which is just fantastic and the one that really jumps out at me the most. Other highlights for me are We Fall, Loves Got A Hold On You and Killer At Large. All a pretty solid listen although I'm not really into the 2 ballads here for whatever reason. Solid stuff though.
  3. Anybody check this album out? Hitting streaming this Friday. I'm not a huge metal guy but pretty good album....sort of has Judas Priest meets Dio type vibes but still pretty melodic. I think Daze Of Delirium, We Fall, Loves Got A Hold On You and Killer At Large are my highlights so far. New tune that was released:
  4. Yep...dig that new one. Listened to all 3 of these singles in order this morning and kind of a nice contrast between them.
  5. Totally agree on the bonus track garbage. I get the point to try and push sales with Japan and such.... But honestly....if it was about money which it clearly is with the "exclusive" vinyl bonus track, wouldn't they make more money just making it a one off single that people could download rather than chucking it on a CD or vinyl that people who want those media are going to buy anyways? Or if you're going to use bonus tracks to incentivize physical purchases, put the same bonuses on every physical product. Do try making a fan buy both a vinyl and a CD. It's just irritating. I'm surprised Frontiers didn't put another exclusive bonus track on the cassette to make people buy that too.
  6. Streaming and CD had Dead Inside as a bonus. The vinyl has the track Ain't No Fun instead of Dead Inside. I think the Japan version includes Dead Inside and the Japan bonus track is a stripped down version of Carved In Stone. I could care less about the Japan track but would like to hear the vinyl bonus track. Haven't found it anywhere for listening yet.
  7. Yeah...I've come back to this a few times and tried to like it. I've liked a lot of these guys output so thought maybe it would grow on me or something. But it hasn't at all. The way I look at it, I Can't Find My Way was a perfect leadoff track because that pretty much describes the rest of the album as it just seems to lose it's way. The 3rd track Do You Really Want To Fall In Love Again is pretty good and I guess Believe is okay. But the album has basically lost me before it get's to Believe anyways. I'll give them a mulligan for now based upon liking a lot of stuff they've done. But I'm not sure I like where they're trending.
  8. Was able to give this album a listen.... I hate to say this as I've been a big supporter of these guys and dig a lot of what they've done. But this album isn't doing much for me at all. For me, I Can't Find My Way is far and away the best song on the album. Do You Really Want To Fall In Love Again would probably be my next song worth a mention even though it kind of feels a little out of place at the start. And there's maybe 1 or 2 other songs that are decent but not overly exciting me enough to mention. Overall this feels like a very mellow album. Couple ballads, some mid tempo stuff. I wanted an album with a handful of up tempo rockers like I Can't Find My Way, All You Need Is A Heartbeat, Are You Sleeping Alone, etc as to me those types of tunes are where this band excels....and not hearing much of that here. It almost feels like they're trying to be more like a classic rock sounding band like a Steely Dan or something. Either way, not feeling this one and kind of bummed to say it. Maybe it didn't help rocking out to Eclipse all day and then listening to this.....
  9. Got this a day early and gave this album a spin. Only been a couple listens but really dig it. Now I didn't find myself caring all that much for their last album and for me, Paradigm was my least favorite of their last 4 albums. I know a lot has been said about their sound and formula getting stale but I'm not sure that's exactly why I didn't care much for the album...even though I've had just about enough of their songs about Blood, Kings and battle lol. I think it was more that I just didn't get into the songs themselves all that much. I really only find myself going back to a few tunes from it. While the sound on Wired doesn't deviate much from their typical formula, to me these songs are just melodic, catchy, hook filled and easy to get into. And I don't find myself listening and wondering what the heck the song is even about like I did a couple times on Paradigm. Need more listens to see how it settles but think I'm digging this way more than Paradigm and a bit more than Monumentum also. Definitely will be landing somewhere in my top 5 this year.
  10. I have high expectations for that one. I was a bit down on the last release and for me it was my least favorite of their releases since Bleed & Scream. Not so much for the same formulatic approach....more because I just didn't find the songs all that interesting outside of a few. I've really dug the 3 songs so far and samples sound excellent to my ears. Think I'm feeling like it's going to be catchier, maybe more upbeat/melodic and just easier to get into than the last one. We'll see though.
  11. Sorry...Was just looking for it in the "Best of lists" forum and didn't see it. But I knew I remembered seeing one somewhere! Maybe we can delete or merge or something.
  12. I know there was a thread already somewhere for this (I think maybe in the AOR forum) but didn't see it in this section so thought I'd toss one here as we approach the last quarter of the year for "final" discussions. I always like seeing others lists to see what I might've missed. Really feel like it's shaping up to be one of the strongest years for new music in quite some time. Pretty clear many artists spent time creating during the pandemic which has been one positive from this whole mess. As of now, my personal top 5 favorites currently sits as: Midnite City Temple Balls Dangerous Curves W.e.t Maverick Honorable mention: Walk The Walk, Ronnie Atkins I fully expect Eclipse, Crazy Lixx and Nestor to mess with that top 5 though and betting I'll like all 3 of those more than W.e.t and Maverick based off what I've heard so far. We'll see.
  13. I saw the band respond to somebody's question on Facebook asking about a Japan release and they said info on that should be coming soon. So that could be another option. It looks to me like at least from photos that the main release might be a digipak. I thought about waiting to order from Japan but ordered from their merchant store. Always hated digipaks and tried to avoid them whenever possible. I guess they don't bother me quite as much as they used to mostly because even when I buy CD's I hardly pull them off the shelf anymore. I find myself mostly just using the booklets for lyrics I can't make out while I stream the albums on Spotify. Still like supporting some artists though.
  14. I had kind of dabbled with some Kiss back in the late 70's and a little bit of AC/DC. But I was listening to a lot of stuff then. But I think what really got me diving in was hearing Def Leppard during the High N Dry era, specifically probably Bringin' On The Heartbreak. And then when Pyromania dropped, I was really all in.
  15. Just noticed this is now available for order through the bands website with shipping anywhere. I think previously they had posted a link that only shipped to limited places in Europe: https://shop.merchants.se/nestor/?fbclid=IwAR1dV8PtXBHrdTePClfuTMVmGFYzJUhExxlsIJLwPHAPlcM-3xmyULa9LBQ I don't buy many CD's anymore but think I'm going ahead with this one. It's a little pricey with shipping as it ended up being about $25 to the US but I suspect it could turn into a tough one to come by and I just felt like supporting the band. Anyways, these songs so far have been just excellent and even the ballad has grown on me after initially being a bit lukewarm on it. I think watching this review got me a bit juiced up also
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